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  • What events do you have lined up for 2014?
  • gazerath

    Got myself a few such as the Cannock Chase Winter Classic and the Hell of the North Cotswolds, but wouldn’t mind getting a few more in my calendar.

    Just about to buy a 29er so any excuse to disappear off on it are welcome.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    http://wildsidemtb.com/ January 4 days 200km across the wild bits of Tassie
    https://www.facebook.com/pages/Blue-Dragon-MTB-Challenge/329619363747522 Maybe this one just after as cool down
    http://www.riderotorua.com/ Holiday here
    http://www.hellfirecup.com/ Round it off with the 2014 Hellfire Cup – hopefully less rain than last time (race report)


    Attending may rid in a few:

    Margam Madness enduro
    Bristol Bikefest,
    Stw weekender (if they run it)
    Black Mountains 3 dayer
    maybe a few gravity enduros
    and Iron bike (roadtrip (!) with family and few few team chaps and ladies) 😀

    Premier Icon kilo

    Brass Monkeys in early 2014 and Sani2c in May.
    Sani2c 2014

    A 29er would be ideal for Sani, long flowing trails, can’t wait


    Single speed european and world champs, I’m organising the uk’s next year so wont be riding. Lots of other stuff including the odd cannock race, and some endurance events.


    Hoping to do the Lozerienne VTT around the Gorges du Tarn: http://www.lozerienne.com/indexvtt.htm

    It’s like the Enduro format, but for XC (so the timed specials go up as well as down).

    edit: just noticed that LoCo listed IronBike… Good luck, that looks amazing, and incredibly hard!

    Premier Icon lunge

    London to Paris in 24 hours in July is my main goal. I’d like to do the Singletrack Weekender as well if it is run this year.

    Premier Icon davetrave

    Mate of mine did Iron Bike this year – destroyed his bike in the process but enjoyed it, Scale 29er with a Reverb…

    For me, 3 Peaks ‘Cross with a vengeance as I missed it this year due to injury a few weeks beforehand. Apparently the conditions were much more conducive to an enjoyable event compared to last year…


    Ironman UK 😈


    If anyone is organising any events that they think would benefit from us being there to provide suspension tech. feel free to mail us details 😀


    Big event for next year is the arrival of a second blobby jr in Feb (LoCo, I don’t think I’ll be needing any suspension tech!) I suspect that will pretty much wipe out the rest of the year.

    Heaven of the south
    Bontreager twentyfour12 (12 hour solo with team sumo!)
    Big bike bash – as an organiser I have to 😉

    That’s enough for me!


    Big event for next year is the arrival of a second blobby jr in Feb (LoCo, I don’t think I’ll be needing any suspension tech!)

    We can offer child care advice too, having had 2 of my own fairly recently 4.30 start this morning, congrats! 😀

    Puffer, and manx100. Got an 800mile 5 day Scottish madness event on the roadie in July.


    Absolutely nothing. I’m considering doing something though as I could do with some motivation to do more pedally rides. Maybe the biggest CRC Marshbrook marathon? Seems a bit boring though but I do fancy pushing myself a bit either mtb or road, so any suggestions?

    Theres talk of doing tough mudder in the summer.


    Not entered anything yet, but I’m planning a one day solo c2c mission combining paddle boarding/mtb (possibly fat biking) and running, beginning and ending with a surf to raise money for surfers against sewage…..


    SSUK – I’m sooo looking forward to this (again)
    ANOther Fat Bike weekend – I want to go to a Charlie TBM organised one. 😉
    Cross Spring Series (Wessex)
    The Hangars Way
    The Ridgeway
    SDW (over and over again)

    No big events as such, but would like to fit in a Gorrick “round Hampshire” event..


    Wow thanks I’ve copied all the links to the events everyone has said, trying to sneakerly look at work isn’t working so got them all saved in an email to look later.

    Can you do the 3 peaks ona 29er? always wanted to do it.

    Premier Icon Bregante

    The Monday Night Pub Ride series 🙂


    having got a new job, bought a house, new car,and Hopefully touch wood, no other big bills/financial inconviences….


    Other than that, see what happens and what is on that interests me. I might try and get a club place on HONC this year for a change. But really depends on the weather as to whether i can be arsed.

    Nig E5

    Riding both stages of the Tour De France in Yorkshire over 2 days in May,
    7 of us doing it


    ^ I did stage 1 a couple of months back, it’s fab, you are gonna love it.

    Premier Icon MSP

    4peaks 4 dayer (german/austrian border) in june http://www.bike-fourpeaks.de/en/home.html

    Trans schwarzwald 5 dayer http://www.trans-schwarzwald.com/index.php?lang=en

    and hopefully the bearded man 3 dayer if I can squeeze in a trip back to blighty.


    Suprisingly 😉

    Premier Icon Hells

    Nottingham Off-road duathlon
    Silverstone Half Marathon
    Grizedale Duathlon, bike leg only assuming my cousin gets an entry in.
    HONC, if I can get an entry which is unlikely as I may be travelling back from Switzerland when they open. 🙁
    Stilletos on Wheels, assuming they run it again 😀
    Ironman France (training kicks off on Monday)
    Xterra UK, maybe!

    See what else catches my eye!!

    Plus volunteering at various events

    Premier Icon tthew

    10 minutes ago, until I saw this thread, none.
    *mourns demise of HTN for 2014*
    But now the Cannock Chase Winter Classic, Singlespeed category. 😀 😀 😀

    Oh and probably a few rounds of

    The Monday Night Pub Ride series


    Highland Trail 550, again. Hopefully get beyond mile 150 this time though.

    Cairngorms Loop as training for the above, and to try and drop a couple of hours off my time this year.

    There’s also a plan forming to ride the West Highland, East Highland then Speyside Ways as a single tour over 4 days later in the year. However, most of my riding is going to be training for the HTR550, lots of bivi trips and general discomfort.


    Currently have the following pencilled into the calendar;-
    Scottish Downhill Series
    British Downhill Series
    Some UK Gravity Enduro Series
    National DH Champs
    DH World Masters, Hafjel
    Mega Avalanche
    Etape Caledonia
    Manchester Cycle
    Polocini Sportives

    For the bikepackers and would be adventurers.

    May 3rd / 4th / 5th Welsh Ride Thing

    Oct 11th / 12th Bear Bones 200

    3 pistes Sportive in June; looks very tasty indeed.
    Catch the Giro while on a tour right round Ireland and later the Tour in Yorks.
    Cross the Eastern Highlands twice in a 300 mile road weekend in August.
    Ride my bike as event medic at several Ultras.
    Ride the WHW as part of a slightly longer tour.
    Spend time in Kinlochleven, Torridon, Skye, up on the Cairngorms.
    Think I’ll avoid the Century Sportive in Fife this year. They’re mad competitive, that lot….


    24hr World Champs
    Manx 100 (if it doesn’t clash with the Mega…)
    WHW ‘race’.
    Gorrick 12hr
    Maybe Margam Madness
    Maybe the 24hr in the Algarve, budget and work hols permitting
    1x 24hr time-trial
    3x 12hr time trials
    Local road stuff
    Is the Classic Weekender happening again next year? That was good fun.


    3 pistes Sportive in June; looks very tasty indeed.

    That does look tasty! Pity it falls on Jnr’s half term 😕


    Oh how could I forget the welsh ride thing?! definatly doing that again. My list is getting bloody long!

    Premier Icon davetrave

    Can you do the 3 peaks ona 29er? always wanted to do it.

    ‘Cross bike only I’m afraid…


    SPAM Erlestoke12 will be back again on Saturday May 25th.

    Hob Nob

    A few this year.

    Some of the euro Enduro World Series rounds
    Super Enduro’s
    UK Gravity Endur’s
    Mountain of Hell
    And probably a hand full of various DH races.

    Better start getting fit!

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Nothing booked yet but plan on doing all of the scottish enduro series, the tweedlove enduros and glentress seven (and possibly 10 Under the Ben even though I said I never would again) and the no fuss endurance downhill if it goes ahead. And then anything else that looks fun.

    Would love to sign up for the mega but I can’t make the numbers work, maybe for 2015…

    Premier Icon tthew

    Oh aye, I’m doing the Ronde de Valanderen (presume that’s not the correct spelliing) as well with a gang from work. How did I forget that!

    Mary Hinge

    Outlaw Nottingham – Iron distance triathlon.

    Everything else will hinge around prep for that, so a few big rides, half marathons, open water swimming events 🙂

    Andrewh- Good luck with your WHWRace application. First time, or done it before? I’ll be there, at the start, the finish and several places in between..

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