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  • What events do people wan to do?
  • crikey

    I think the cyclo-cross style short course, and above all local event format holds promise. It depends on your local access and terrain, and a concentration on womens racing and children and juniors would be my ideal scenario.

    Premier Icon weeksy

    For me it’s longer distance XC stuff that float my boat. The sort of stuff where you start and then finish 10-12 hours later (some may finish in 6 but they’re not humans).

    I’m old (in a relative context) compared to the youngsters who want to go flat out for 45-90 mins… i want to see the scenary and enjoy the countryside.

    The Maxx Exposure, Brecon beast, Afan Monster etc etc are the things i like.

    Would love to try more short course xc racing so long as categories remain as separate races. I’ve tried a few in the past and having three categories of rider on the course at the same time makes it impossible to gauge your position in a race as you don’t know who you’re racing against until the race is finished. Might as well just ride the course and upload to strava.

    Long point to point stuff would be great too.


    1. Shorter (1hr) XC events – moderately techy
    2. Longer endurance (not enduro!) XC possibly multi-day but less techy and more stamina challenges
    3. Orienteering/AR races – less bloody tape littering the countryside!! Rely on map reading instead.

    Do not have the balls or the skills for DH!

    Different formats for variety. But at my level, “racing” is simply,have I finished given everything I have got? (hence the name!) Quite simple that way.

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    short-course xxc*.

    2k loop, jumps and tech and stuff, 5 laps or so.

    i’ve tried it, it’s ace fun.

    (*apologies for the cringe-worthy term, but i think it’s important to distinguish what i’m on about, from yer usual dull-as-***k xc course)


    xc duathlons, preferable with navigation and corners to weed out the triathletes.


    Sort of hybrid mtb-cyclocross thing. Multiple short cyclocross length laps but much more technical ( you’d need a mtb to do well ).

    Premier Icon sefton

    1 hour XC MTBing at grass roots (like the cyclocross format)

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Following on from
    But leaving all the politics an practicalities at the door.
    Any chance of a poll on the front page after we get a resonable list?

    I’ll kick off
    Gravity Enduro’s outside of trail centres (Race)
    Long Point to Point stuff (Race for some challenge for others)
    Multi Day Stage Races (on all stuff trail, BW’s and the rest) (Race for some challenge for others)
    DH (Race)

    Over to you?

    Premier Icon roger_mellie

    Very limited experience so far of events, but here’s what I’d like:

    1. Endurance – I’ve taken part in the ‘puffer as part of a 4 man team, and I’d do it again either as part of a quad or pair.
    2. Long distance point to point – I’m about to take part in Heaven of the South, and I’ll probably do it, or something like it again.
    3. Orienteering – I fancy a go at the Welsh Ride Thing at some point.

    3. Orienteering – I fancy a go at the Welsh Ride Thing at some point.

    Well you’re in luck … you’ve still got until midnight tomorrow to enter 😉


    Ideal event would include a weekend of:

    Races for all levels.

    Riding my own bike (challenge or competitive but preferably the former)

    Drinking heavily

    A big £$(%ing disco


    Basically something like the Malvern Hills Classic

    Premier Icon offthebrakes

    teamhurtmore – did you do the Peaslake MTBO (orienteering) yesterday?

    If you’re into that kind of thing, the next Gorrick Trailtrax is from Tilford on 19th May. Likely to be covering Hankley Common, Thursley Common, Punchbowl, Puttenham Common etc.

    Starts and finishes at a pub 🙂

    Details here.

    I just want to do the WRT . . . .

    In my dreams the Tour Divide and RAAM, in reality I’ll probably give a 24 hour solo a go at some point and I WILL do the Paris-Brest-Paris audax when the kids are a bit older

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