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  • What else sounds/feels like a dodgy bottom bracket?
  • Pedals? Bearings and if they’re SPDs then I’ve had very creaky noises from the SPD mechanism itself before.

    I’ve just fixed these issues on my road bike and all it’s done is unmask the squeaky jockey wheels on my rear mech! If it’s not one thing it’s another.

    Loose chainring bolts had me thinking my BB was on the way out recently


    yeah pedals would be my first thought. How many miles have the bearings in your pedals done and what kind are they? I have v12’s and find I have to replace the bearings about every 6 months riding about 40-60 miles a week.


    Pedals was one thought I had.

    I’m running the 2011 versions of these – http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Models.aspx?ModelID=16097

    Probably about 1,000+ miles in them over two years.

    Sounds daft but—–creaky seat-Bel Air Titanium needs a drop of lube on the rails at the nose end. Can feel & sound uncannily like a bottom bracket/pedal/loose crank/duff bearing. Had this happen last week as it happens, was driving me nuts.


    My bottom bracket started to feel rough and made noises I’ve known to be rattly bearings in the past.

    I replaced it and the noise/feeling went.

    Now part way through just one ride the feeling came back.

    Could I have simply got a duff bottom bracket or is there anything else that gives the same feel/sound – possible a wheel hub?


    another vote for pedals – try swoppping them

    *assumes are riding a bike that is – “What else sounds/feels like a dodgy bottom bracket?” could think of a few things but if involves frozen meat it will stop when if defrosts properly and so should you


    see if you can get new bearings for your pedals, normally they’re only like 5-10 quid so an easy cheap check to see if it is the pedals. Or try swapping them for a mates pedals and see if the noise is still there.


    Jockey wheels… was convinced my BB was knackered, stiff to turn & grindy, turned out to be the JW…

    Tad surprised, was I


    im having the exact same issue! two weeks back i had a creak under power (left hand side), so thought it must be BB, so i changed it – but the noise cotinued… So then i gave my superstar pedal a service and its solved it! however now its come back, and is also on the drive side now!!

    so that was a wasted 26 quid on a new bb – at leat ive got my other as spare!
    time for a proper bike service

    Unlikely, as I’m sure you check it regularly, but a loose rear QR?

    You need a methodical approach to this,start by greasing saddle rails,taking pedals off and greasing threads and reinserting,and cleaning rear dropouts and greasing,these are all common and easy and cheap fixes,cleaning and lubing seatpost if apoplicable too.After this it starts to get expensive.

    I’ve had this before and it turned out to be the seatpost. Easily diagnosed by pedalling whilst standing and seeing if it stops!

    A light dab of grease on the post cured it.


    grit between the bearing seal and your pedal arm/spider.

    Thought my BB was knackered mid ride, turned out I just needed to get the sandy grit out that was trapped and it’s still running smooth a year later.

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