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  • What else eats up your disposable income ?
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    Bloody kids………….


    I have a wife and 2 teenagers. The concept of “disposable income” takes on a new meaning.

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    Just bikes. Problem is, outgoing is usually greater than incoming.


    My two dogs, and my effing car which has gobbled up literally thousands of pounds in the last two years 🙁



    Weekends away

    Being active is expensive,I need to couch potato more 🙂

    Premier Icon thetallpaul

    40th birthday prezzies/getaways and EuroDisney 8O.

    Bike tools are costing a bit at the moment as I gradually upgrade the kit on the Clockwork.

    Premier Icon Stoner

    fixing that rear axle is going to cost you MrP

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Restaurant food and nights out seem to be an increasing drain on resources.

    New bike time I think, that way I’ll be too skint to eat and drink all my money!


    Disposable income?? i remember that concept . i have a 22 month old son today disposeable income is a concept from the distant past. i am havind a shop bought sandwich today if that counts.

    scuba diving – jeez, you think biking burns holes in your pockets?
    bee-keeping, just statring but at least that should turn round some cash next year


    nothing. there is only bicycles.


    Dogs, kids and house.

    Lovely old cottage in an idyllic position… Reality eats fuel, needs new windows, repainting, internally decorating, new bathroom and then new kitchen…

    We often talk about moving to a modern house and actually having the time / money to ride bikes 😕

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    Sitting in cafes.


    Climbing, wine, board games, books.


    Climbing. Travelling. Just bought a MX5 with my flatmate (for a roadtrip), so that took a chunk.

    Premier Icon Stoner

    New tools, Defender parts, VW T4 parts, Frelander parts, oils and filters etc. But I do save a fair bit by doing must of the greasemonkey stuff myself now.

    Premier Icon The Pinkster

    After the bikes it’s got to be (in no particular order) –

    Pooch (thinking of getting another soon as well)
    Caravan & associated trips away
    Chickens – they keep laying eggs so I have to buy more baking ingredients to use them up (it’s a terrible life).
    And after paying the best part of 300 quid to get the car through its MOT today I think I can add that to the list. Normally doesn’t cost much at all other than fuel though.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    I’m thinking of getting my salary paid directly to Tesco, it’ll cut out the middleman.



    Oh, and wine 8)


    Kids and wife don’t eat into your disposable income, they eat into your actual income.


    6 year old daughter who has Ballet, Jazz and Tap dancing lessons, goes to drama classes, swimming lessons and rainbows.

    2.5 year old daughter who does Ballet and tap lessons.

    Large childcare bill for before/after school.

    Weekly demands for money from school (tickets for XYZ/sponsor money/trips out)

    240k Mortgage

    Still paying my student loan off (circa £135 PCM)

    when the little one starts school I’m hoping some of the disposable income is going to get eaten up by either a Toyota Landcruiser or a Nissan Patrol, as I want to do an overland trip to Morocco.

    Premier Icon cr500dom

    Motoring at the moment…..

    New Family Car bringing up to scratch/MOT/Insarnce etc, My Van, Old family car getting ready for sale…..

    Oh And My “Project” Supercharged Kadett but that money is hived off already in a separate fund

    Kids and Family don’t really come under “Disposable” income, as they come first….

    Blade went last autumn 🙁


    Savings for holidays (NYC in September), eating out/nights out, F1 tickets (I’ve never been to figure it’s time to go), car service and soon to be car tax, replacing damaged bike clothing after an off while commuting (for no sensible reason, the off that is, I just fell over). Stuff in general, I like money, but I am very good at giving it away too.

    I’d like an expensive hobby too apart from cycling but I don’t seem to need one, I already spend a fortune monthly.


    I have absolutely no idea where it goes. I have my suspicions about me supporting various arms of my wifes family as well as definately supporting Littlewoods catalogs.

    The bits that fall out of that, well, it’s much like the hobbies thread. Bikes, computers, family, just generally enjoying ourselves. I don’t need to spend a lot of money to be happy..which is good.


    We don’t really have any disposable income, in a few years time when the wife gets back to work perhaps. When that day comes I might treat myself to a new t-shirt and a couple of pairs of undercrackers.

    Tom B

    Holidays, food and wine, Mrs B has just started horse riding and I’ve just started snowboarding.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Music. And petrol for the Mondeo 🙁

    The dog (dog walking while we’re at work, vet bills, special diet pooch food)and the car mainly!

    We do go to a few gigs, a few times a year, guess those aren’t cheap either, and we always spend more than planned on holiday.

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    Erm. if not the mtb, then its the other mtb, or maybe the road bike. And my son’s bikes. And my wife’s. And any other bike-realted ideas I may have. (you get the picture)

    Some goes on on household goods etc if they need replacing.

    We have a sensible car, we have a sensible TV, we have a sensible house. They’ll be upgraded one day when necessary (ie broken), but not before.

    Holidays are usually cheap affairs with the family, although skiing needs planning (but not been for at least 5 years now).

    Anything left over gets put into savings of one sort or another.

    Kind of boring really. But my bikes are really nice 🙂


    No idea where it goes but some of this is surely to blame:
    Bike bits
    Weekends away
    Guitar stuff
    The pub
    Land rovers and audis
    The restaurant
    The other pub
    Springer spaniel
    Garden centre
    Savings account
    Holiday funds
    Tk maxx

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Just seeing what STWers are ‘into’ and where their money goes if it’s not cycling/bikes/kit.

    For me personally i’d like a 2nd bike, but currently my spare cash each month is going on my KTM Superduke and motorbike trackdays. I’m not neglecting the Spearfish having put a new HOPE BB in there just last night, but there’s not the spare cash at the moment to buy/build a nice commuter HT and winter type bike that i keep thinking “i’d like….”


    Titanium frame, Custom build.


    Disposable income eh? What a lovely thought!


    Unfamiliar concept.
    We seem to dispose of quite a bit of the Halifax’s as well as our own!

    Premier Icon mikejd

    The wife’s horses – over £3000 vets bills in the last 6 months and one of them is still not fit to ride. And that’s without the feed bills!


    Lol at above , my other halfs four legged hay eating pet consumes far more money than I ever imagined add in bills for the landrover she got to tow the horse box etc etc.

    Just as well I like riding riding to work

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