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  • What dropper post for an On One Inbred frame?
  • I have almost got everything together to build up my first 29er SS based on the Inbred SS frame. What dropper posts are around that fit it? And has anyone any experiences of them good or bad?

    For 27.2 droppers you’ve got Gravity Dropper (high price £180+, high quality, low weight), X-Fusion Hi-Lo (£130ish, medium quality), and the unknown brands like Forca, Traildrop and some others for under £100. Oh and the KS i7 post which is similar to the Hi-Lo in that it’s hydraulic and mid quality.

    GD and the last bunch operate with a sprung pin which engages in drilled holes: simple but you have to click it into place for any position between up and down if it has them. The Hi-Lo is hydraulic and stops anywhere in it’s travel.

    Having a setting of only 1″ drop as well as all the way is far more handy than you may expect. I wouldn’t bother with a post that either is dropped or up. Also get a remote, levers aren’t all that.

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    You can get the KS LEV is available in 27.2mm also – full hydraulic and remote on the handlebars. Gets good reviews also.

    Not cheap though…



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    I’m using a 27.2, 100mm Drop HiLo on my 456.
    It does the job, didn’t cost reverb Money, sounds to be better built than the cheap German “Forca” type ones or indeed the Jopins (Which it’s based on) and pretty easy to take apart clean / service when you need to…

    However It’s not lightweight (Steel upper shaft, full of 5wt oil) and you will eventually need to take it apart for a good cleaning, (mine requied taking apart after about 20 odd months), quick job some handy guides on the interweb…

    GD are more Pricey but are also mechanically very simple which ot my mind is a good thing on any MTB component… Would you pay an extra £50 for a bit less weight and a simpler mechanism to maintain/ that’s your basic debate IMO…

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    My Gravity Dropper is ancient and hammered but still going strong- at some point it’ll need new parts, and when it does, they’re easy to find and fit. In the meantime, it gets cleaned out and regreased maybe once a year (or, admittedly, if I ever knock the rubber boot off while riding!). They’re not bombproof but they’re excellent, and if they fail they fail well.

    OTOH they look like a Dalek’s knob.

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    Whereas the Hilo is more of a Cyber-sausage

    OTOH they look like a Dalek’s knob.

    That’s sold me already! 😉

    This is the current debate for me. Do I go for a pricey number or a cheaper as 1 I am not 100% sure 29ers are for me yet and 2 if I do like them I will probably upgrade the frame to something a bit more boutique like a Niner. Actually does anyone know off hand if the diameter of the 456 (steel) is the same as the Inbred? If so I could always swap the seat post over if I do sell the 29er frame.

    One last question. Do the cheaper posts suffer from movement when pedaling as I am sure that would drive me nuts?

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