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  • what downhill bike do you have !!
  • norcosix

    I am looking to get a second hand downhill bike but struggling to make my mind up as to which kind i want.

    i was just really wondering what all you downhillers are using. my mind is floating between a giant glory, orange 224 or even a trek session.



    The 3 you mention there are all very capable bikes, but all completely different! You’d be better off getting a go on a few bikes, so that you can at least decide if you want a linkage bike or a single pivot

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    mondraker prayer:

    all the right geometry, 160mm travel, granny ring if needed, fully adjustable saddle height.


    perfick i reckon for the uk:

    i don’t live near a chair lift, so i need to be able to pedal/push it to the top of the hill.

    i’m not actually that fast, so i don’t need 200mm travel.

    very cheap.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    do you want a real downhill bike, or a freeride bike like the one above? there is no place for a single crown fork or granny ring on a DH bike.


    Iron Horse Sunday.

    Very low bottom bracket which has caught me out, other than that great.


    Santa Cruz vp-free. Might be persuaded to sell it, too…


    Premier Icon turboferret

    This is my DHi, pretty old now, bought 3rd hand off a mate and built up with bits and bobs, but good fun for chucking down a hill.

    Cheers, Rich


    trek sessions are nice and light but there where frame denting issues with the ealier ones.
    the orange(ive got one) is single pivot. it is plush and low maintance but not the best at pedaling or braking.good shock wil help though.
    the older glorys are slightly heavy but plough through stuff but the new one has lost some weight i but dont know how that rides.


    Kona Stab, bought about 98th hand.

    Other than being insanely heavy, it’s great. Perfect for my use (chairlift Apline stuff) but too much for the UK, I’d suggest.


    i prefer a mini DH bike though like the new transition tr250 or the morewood kalula or intense ss. more fun.


    any excuse πŸ˜€

    Premier Icon HansRey

    marin quake. 6.8” rear and 6.3” front. Nice angles, good pedalling too. I’d question the need for a true DH bike unless you’re going to be riding it very often. That mondraker looks great,… the nukeproof mega looks to be getting good reviews too.


    the mega looks very nice!!


    do you want to “RIDE DOWNHILLL!!!!!” and be a proper DHer?

    or do you want to play?

    a Glory would be fantasmic, but uttery useless for anything that isnt a DH track, and it has a MILLION bearings to look after.

    if you want to dick about, ride the local tracks etc, i would suggest going for a simpler, slighty shorter travel, more “FR” bike.

    a granny ring may have no place on a “DH!!!!” bike
    but it would let you winch back up the climb.

    i ride Gawton and the Qs Dh tracks on an Orange 66 in slack mode, and love it.

    batter down capability, but not a proper DH bike, as im not a proper DHer!


    +1 on the orange patriot 66. i used to have one set up with a dhx5 coil and single front ring. it was like a mini 224 and it alway kept up with the big bikes on any track πŸ˜€


    I’ve got a Summum and a BigHit3. I’m not a ‘Downhiller’ but use them more than my other bikes- if that makes any sense.

    Both are total opposites – BigHit is really nice and plush and good for very tech stuff and the Mondraker just wants to go balls out fast.

    If it is a last gen Session have a damn good look at the frame.
    Forks are as important as the frame in a lot of ways. Pay for the RC2/R2C2/mission control/Team/posh damping; it makes a huge difference.

    IMG_0003 by Flamejob, on Flickr


    Soon to be this, just got to get the forks sorted.

    ufost by ianpindir, on Flickr

    norcosix – If you’re interested in a Session 88 I have a frame that I’m about to put in pinkbike. Bought new Dec 2009. Also got all the bits you could want for a full build, deemax’s, boxxers, point1 racing… it was a very pimp bike…

    neilfarrow – are you proud of that bike? πŸ˜†

    I know one of the team riders who had absolutely nothing positive to say about them! have you not cracked it yet?


    Cove Shocker.

    Although, the Cove Peeler DH and Playmate FR are under a grand at CRC at the moment.

    Spesh Big Hits are great value but all the bikes mentioned so far are good.

    I second getting a ride before you buy though.


    Spesh Big Hit, got it very cheap brand spanker. Upgraded everything on it apart from wheels, cranks and shifters, put proper E13 guide on now, cheap ones are a real pain. Great for local play & mates racing (we have a few 1 minute odd DH tracks) & I want to start doing a few uplifts this year. I was going to get boxxers for it but they all seem knackered or Β£alot so went for Totems off the classifieds.

    A few mates have bought decent enough 2nd hand bikes off Pinkbike for Β£600-700.


    I have got an Intense Socom, which in riding terms surprised me quite a bit in that its basicaly a trail bike but with 8.5″ travel, great fun. With the VPP it actually climbs damn well compared to some 5″ travel bikes I have tried, as long as I can push the single ring up front.

    Damn light too for its capabilities, probably 36lbs or so, wasnt a cheap build by any means though!

    Socom is now discontinued, but if I was buying now probably would look at the UZZI?


    Specialized Pitch for me. I ride the same places as Scruff which aren’t the biggest or baddest DH trails around and with a coil shock and 180mm 66s (plus single ring and guide) it’s spot on. Reckon I will break before it does.

    Other than that Big Hit or even a Kona Stinky for having fun on DH trails rather than becoming a full on downhill dooood.

    Full on DH bikes need pushing hard on decent trails, I’ve had a coupld of old second hand “proper” DH bikes and never really got into them.

    Premier Icon Stopadoodledoo

    Sunday World Cup here, love it to bits although you do have to manhandle them a bit to get the best out of them, if that makes sense. Sure, Iron Horse went bust but if you can pick a Sunday frame up, Pearce Cycles have all teh bushings & bearings you need to keep them in tip top condition.

    Oh, you also need to run 165mm length cranks and thin pedals because the BB really is that low.


    BFe πŸ˜›

    Premier Icon swavis

    I’ve got a Yeti ASX with 36 Floats, not the quickest going up but great fun on the downs. πŸ˜€


    My Trek Session 8 2010 although i really need to get an updated pic up without the high seat :roll:, and love it to bits. Everything just feels so good and smooth. The denting issue was more with the 2009 version while the 2010 version seems to be less and the 2011 has the new downtube guard.

    Premier Icon thv3

    After trying one, I picked up an older Session 10 cheap and love it. Completely different kettle of fish from the 88, but its been faultless since day one and feels indestructable.

    Can’t justify replacing it with something more expensive tbh.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    i have an 06 kona stinky and i love it, ive yet to ride anything in the uk it cant handle!

    Premier Icon Stopadoodledoo

    Yep, there probably isn’t but it depends on what you want to do and how competitive you want to be. I also have a Patriot 66 and there is nothing I can think of that I wouldn’t ride down on it, although the Sunday is quicker, handles better and more predictable. Not saying that your bike is crap in any way, it’s more a comparison of your average ‘freeride’ bike and your average DH bike – for Downhill, the DH bike will be quicker.

    If, as mentioned before, you (the OP) want a DH bike to mess about on, then you’d probably be better off getting a freeride-orientated bike as you’ll get more use out of it whereas if you want to race DH or just use it for uplifts and the like, then a DH bike is the one to go for.

    To qualify that a bit better, if I go to Woburn, I (usually) take my Patriot but for an uplift at Caersws, etc., I take the Sunday.

    i got my commy supreme dh 2009 and love it!!!!!

    cheap enough… and great handling. i love it!!!

    i can sort you out a kona stinky or stab deluxe for about 800 pound, if you want. youd be the second owner.

    email me ; nick_christy@hotmail.com


    i already have a norcosix which is set up for all mountain and gets used for free ride.

    was looking for a full DOWNHILL bike as the norcosix took a bit off a pounding on the fortwilliam world cup course.

    yhink a giant glory is possibly going to be the purchase.

    thanks for all the info. great help


    Devinci Wilson πŸ˜€

    Now with direct mount stem and different bars

    Premier Icon ART

    norcosix – if you are at all tempted by stopa’s endorsement of his Sunday, I have an immaculate Sunday (WC frame/ WC boxers and all nice bits DHX with titanium spring etc) for sale Β£1300 for the complete bike; in the south west. Ta.


    art pictures please to my email in my profile. thanks

    Premier Icon Pridds

    Just bought an 09 Glory and here it is

    Just to need to bleed the brakes, cut down the seatpost a bit and fit the maxle dropout when it arrives. got the frame, forks and cranks secondhand, the brakes and wheels I already had and the rest bought new. It weighs an absolute ton but I can’t wait to get out and ride it


    Sunday/Boxxers combo

    Premier Icon steveh

    Intense 951 for me too…


    Cove Shocker.

    A bit too short for a large and way too heavy but rides fantastically,is insanely durable and utterly reliable. I believe they just redesigned it to be lighter, prettier and a bit longer.

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