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  • hicksville

    Well pretty much as the title, lot is made in the mags that under 30lb bikes are all dayers and anything over is ‘heavy’…see mbr…….I was chatting to a bloke at a conference who through the ‘ice breakers’ found out was a mtber and started chatting he got tosaying that his 07SC Heckler with Fox 36 Van and heavy wheel set was under 30lb, to be honest I did not believe him.

    Do we con ourselves with bike weight………….and does it matter??

    Litespeed Kitsuma 29lbs on a good day
    Other bike 36lbs


    Giant NRS – about 32lbs with light tyres IIRC.
    SS – not sure, no scales to weigh it here, I’d guess at 25 though. Must buy scales.

    Premier Icon steveh

    The only one I’ve ever weighed is my dh bike. Iron horse sunday with the DT cheese race wheels on 38lb.

    ti456, 26.6lbs.
    hummer, 27.2lbs
    helius AM 32.2lbs.
    6 pack 35.4lbs

    all weights certified.

    i’m no further or faster on either of them although the 6 pack on big tyres does drag a bit more 🙄

    Premier Icon firestarter

    old bike just under 24lb

    new bike just under 28lb

    new bike rolls on the flats slower but the tyres are much bigger on it and ive not gone tubeless at the min, but it decends much better – longer bike tho and more travel. but what did shock me as it weighs 4lb more is that it also climbs better . how much of that is down to the bike or the fact the shock is pushed where on the anthem it wasnt im not sure but its a much better all round bike even tho it weighs more


    inbred 28lbs (ss, reba sl’s)
    meta 5.5 34lbs.

    weighed on pretty crappy aldi fishing scales!

    Premier Icon Mr Agreeable

    Never weighed any of my bikes, I just try and keep things sensible when I buy bits for them.

    Not sure of the weights but my carbon fibre Scott is quite light but noticably heavier than my rigid Ti SS. I do notice a big difference between them but not sure if it is the suss, the gears or the weight.

    Assuming my digital scales are roughly on the mark;

    Inbred – 27.5lbs
    Five (setup for XC) – 29.4lbs/(setup for Alps etc – 33lbs

    I physically find it a real drag to ride XC on anything over 30lbs because I’m quite light myself. But a mate whose a couple of stone heavier merrily rides all day XC on a Heckler that’s over 30lbs. Horses for courses I reckon.


    Mine is 22.4lb

    New one should be under 19lb

    Lighter bikes are good for XC.

    Using bathroom scales and deducting me from me+bike: TranceX – 27.5lbs

    I’m in love with that Anthem.


    Steveh – that’s a light Sunday, what’s your build spec?

    only bike I Have under 30lb is my roadbike.

    Roadbike 23
    BMX 30
    Hardtail 31
    Mini DH 37
    DH 42
    other DH 49

    only weighed on bathroom scales so dunno how accurate they are

    a sub 30lb Heckler with strong rims sounds entirely feasable to me



    Giant NRS – 27lbs
    Felt Redemption – 34lbs

    Ride the Felt on all days in the Peaks/Wales/Trail centres etc…
    NRS is for Local Sherwood Pines duties.

    Yes My Felt is heavy, but tbh i’m fitter and have more fun on a bike because of it, and it climbs better (on rough stuff) than my NRS.

    btw – weight isn’t an issue for me – knowing them’s a consequence of my dealers’ curiosity – he likes to weigh in regularly !


    Specialized Enduro SL (S-works) = 28.9lbs all in… not too shabby for a 6″ travel bike 🙂

    Premier Icon aracer

    Scott Genius ~21.5lbs
    Pedalforce QS2 ~14.5lbs


    Giant Anthem 0 24lbs
    Whyte E-120 26lbs
    Specialized Enduro 33lbs


    09 Nomad DHX 5 Ti Coil
    09 36 Vans
    Hope/DT 5.1d/Rubber Queens
    Thomson etc.


    Premier Icon molgrips

    Kona Heihei FS 21lbs
    Orange 5 26lbs
    Orange Patriot 31lbs

    The Patriot is way slower up hills than the 5, which in turn is significantly slower than the Heihei. Weight really does make it a hell of a lot easier. Yes I know you can take a crap before you ride, but you have a light bike you can still take a crap before you ride.

    The Heihei has an 80mm fork and is great on XC and even enduro races, but at the Kona Mashup I really did take a hell of a beating on the arms on the sustained downhills. It could take a 100mm fork though without pushing the weight up much, which I am sure would help.

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    I recently sold a large scalpel frame and weighed it at 5.2 lbs on digital bathroom scales. Not the most accurate maybe, but thought that was heavy for a dedicated XC race bike.


    think this came up at 24/25lbs? not bantamweight for rigid ss but ride makes up for it


    i’ve only wieghed two of my bikes and both were heavier than I had estimated.

    Now i concentrate in trying to get my own weight down and try to get fitter.


    i’ve wondered this recently,
    the bike weights quoted by manufacturer’s i think are a bit optimistic,
    usually without pedals and without any paraphernalia such as bottle cages/light mounts/curd catchers (real world things)

    jumped on my bathroom scales and subtracted my weight and found my hardtail to be 27.3lbs, took off said paraphernalia and came down to 27lbs
    was a little bit shocked as im running r7’s platinums and very light finishing kit and lightish wheels,
    i think(i know) a lot of weigh is hiding in the drive train,

    anyway since my change off wheels and tyres my bike has definately felt a bit more spritely up the hills,
    so i think its where the weight is that is probably most important,


    My nomad is about 35ish give or take a pound. Fine for all dayers.

    Premier Icon Simon

    On-One 456 32lbs
    Mongoose Teocali Elite 33lbs
    Both weighed at work on calibrated scales.

    Premier Icon Mr Agreeable

    Lighter bikes are good for XC.

    Depends what you mean by “XC”. 😉


    Meta 5 / Pikes / XT etc – 31 lbs
    ChiTi / RC31s / XTR – 21 lbs

    Calibrated scales

    I agree that many of the published weights are hopelessly optimistic and I’ve often expressed surprise at some folks estimated weights.

    Premier Icon Simon

    Does anyone know why we still weigh bikes in pounds? 😕


    EU directive……imperial for weight…..meteric for travel????

    Manufacters are optomistic with weight I would agree

    Agree that there is lots of BS going on with weights. Manufacturers omit the pedals, use the smallest frame etc.

    People are also too optimistic or have rubbish scales – aracer you quote 21.5 lbs for a Scott Genius. Sorry, but rubbish – Scott website shows Genius 10 carbon which goes for about £3500 as 25 lbs.

    The issue of weight is way overdone unless you race. Pedalling efficiency, comfort, cost, longevity of frame and components all have to be thrown into the mix. Do you buy a car on the basis of what it weighs?

    Blur LT2, RP23, Pikes, X9, Hope Minis, DT 4.2 – 30lbs

    853 Inbred is about 26-27
    Jake is about 21

    I could easily make either lighter if I wanted to waste money and / or make them weaker

    I try not to worry too much and concentrate on how they ride

    Premier Icon molgrips

    The issue of weight is way overdone unless you race. Pedalling efficiency, comfort, cost, longevity of frame and components all have to be thrown into the mix. Do you buy a car on the basis of what it weighs?

    No, but you factor performance into the mix, which is basically the same thing. You will go loads faster up hills on a nice light bike. Whether or not you have to compromise on other things you may like is another matter. It all depends on preference and how you ride, but don’t knock light bikes (or those who like them) unless you’ve tried a good one.


    My 456 is 33lbs but then I couldn’t really care less about weight 😀

    Although shaving weight by not having bar end plugs 😉

    Premier Icon aracer

    People are also too optimistic or have rubbish scales – aracer you quote 21.5 lbs for a Scott Genius. Sorry, but rubbish – Scott website shows Genius 10 carbon which goes for about £3500 as 25 lbs.

    Sorry, but that is on an accurate hanging scale. How do you know how I have my bike specced to pass judgement on it (given the Genius is still one of the lightest FS frames)? The Genius on Scott’s site is of course a MC 6″ travel freeride bike, whilst mine is one of the old RC 3.5″ travel race models and specced as such – oh and that weight is with not only pedals and bottle cage, but also computer.

    I also race on it – though I’d suggest that for most people racing weight doesn’t actually make that much difference. However my races often involve substantial amounts of lifting and carrying the bike, which is the point you really notice the difference!

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    Sub 5 at about 27lbs all in (approximation due to bathroom scales).

    Premier Icon FOG

    Srange to have this topic come up as I have just been out on my son’s Felt Virtue which weighs around 28-29lbs and have been moaning about how heavy it feels compared to my 24.5lb HT. It is set up for himand not at all how I would have grips bars etc so is it the weight or is it the unfamiliar set up that made me feel that my legs were windmiling but going nowhere?


    Dialled PA:30lbs
    04 S/works Enduro:31.1lbs
    06 Turner RFX:33lbs normally,but in current “mini dh”mode,37lb
    Giant Faith:46lb


    My 2004 heckler is 31 pounds and thats with a 32 talas and heavy-ish wheelset. Other bits are a mix of hone/xt/xtr/thomson. think that guy was talking mush. cant see how it’d be less than that with a vanilla 36


    28.6lbs (13kg)
    20″ Kona easton framest
    RS Reba SL
    Mavic 719
    XT/XTR/Deore mix


    Solo MTB about 26 – 27 lb with bottle racks and mudguards and b1g tough wheels

    Tandem around 50lbs

    My commuter around 30lb. Mrs TJs commuter around 26lb

    All weighed on bathroom scales so accuracy will be low.

    As for weight making little difference I was surprised how much it does make. a mate has a lightweight 22+lbs bike and a 30+lb bike I can keep up with him when he is on the heavy one but not when he is on the light one when climbing. This difference is about 4-5% of the total all up weight of rider and bike.

    All my bikes have to be carried up 106 stairs at the end of each ride so weight is important to me. 25lbs is the ideal weight iIMO – 30+lbs is far too heavy

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