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  • fergal

    Doing the push up at Innerliethen certainly makes you sweaty and gives you time to ponder the meaning of life and the universe.
    Do you think the chairlift will happen and if it does, how will this affect the trails, with increased traffic, they are quite natural feeling, does anyone ever do any maintenance work?
    What are the FC’s future plans regarding the forest, are we going to see felling affecting the trails, or is it a no go area, that has been put aside for leisure activities in this respect, as it looks like the trees are ripe for harvest/ thinning and finaly are any new trails planned for the future, answers on a postcard please.


    Half of me really likes the idea of a lift, the other half likes the fact that I usually have the place to myself.
    And I can ride my big bike to the top, although it’s not as fats as some on the way down again.

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    a chair lift would be awesome, but would cost millions, and then many tens (hundreds?) of thousands every year to staff, run, and maintain.

    And then of course there’s the cost of extra trails on top – otherwise you’d not get the families etc. that you need to keep a cafe going, and the increase in traffic you’d need to justify the chairlift would knacker the existing trails in a short time.

    Innerleithen would see more financial return from a single, £500k, 10km, swoopy blue route for kids, partners and noobies.

    climbing is only hard work and boring on steep boring trails – and since we’re talking about building stuff, build better trails.

    (then a chairlift…)

    The whole tweed valley would attract more biking families* with a second swoopy blue, as there’s only one at the moment – not enough for even a weekend.

    *and that’s where the money is. Dh’ers are happy to sleep in the back of their van, eating cold beans, and drinking a couple cans in the car park while they burn a sausage on a disposable BBQ. Familes need accommodation, cafes, restaurants, wet-weather options, baby-sitters, etc.

    but, what do i know? almost certainly nothing.

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge

    I can’t see the chairliftrollercoastertypethingy ever happening, sadly.


    they are quite natural feeling, does anyone ever do any maintenance work?

    Sadly the main trails at Inners are absolutely bolloxed these days with cut through lines all over the place. Bits of the Matador are just a joke with smooth lines that allow people to mince round entire sections. Other than the occasional corner being repaired if the ground fell away during a race, I can’t remember the last time I heard about any maintenance


    Does seem a bit crazy to have a small railway going up the hill. If they do get a chairlift they would probably make more money from day trippers. Like the heights of Abraham in the peak district.

    Premier Icon bigjim

    cut through lines all over the place

    slightly ot but couldn’t believe how many corners have been cut at glentress on my first visit there for a while recently, especially noticed it on zoom or bust. Surely can only be strava riders, I can’t think why you would want to cut out corners otherwise, might as well just ride down a fire road.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    At innerleithen it’s hard now to know what’s a proper line and what isn’t. It’s a good hill, good dirt mostly so the trails tend to wear in rather than wearing out, they’d stand more traffic without massive amounts of maintenance (they get bugger all as it is)

    I’m on the fence about Aimup, it’s certainly not impossible. I could wish for something better in the meantime though, a better uplift road that goes all the way to the top would be a start! But the big picture plan includes trails etc.

    As for FC, they’re all forests first and trails second. Though I gather the economic value of the central bit of forest is pretty minimal.

    Premier Icon Trekster

    Tally is looking at buying a new uplift bus therefore DH uplifts look sound for a while 😀

    The various tree diseases currently infesting our forest may have long term impacts on the forest industry 💡

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