What does FSR stand for?

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  • What does FSR stand for?
  • theocb

    Future shock rear
    active suspension ride / race or summink I think

    Premier Icon richen987

    I thought it was originally for : full suspension rig


    Fully suspended rear


    As in Specialized suspension. Also ASR (Yeti)?


    Floaty soggy rear

    esher shore

    I spent some time, years ago, talking to Horst Leitner of AMP Research just after he’d done his licence deal with Specialized – I was one of his customers buying Amp rear suspension ‘kits’ to build my frames, and he was polite enough to give me the news first hand because it was going to directly affect my business.

    FSR was ‘future shock rear’ in his understanding’ which made sense as specialized was already selling rockshox co-designed ‘future shock’ forks by that time ( i had a pair on my KHS Montana team titanium )

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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