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  • What does a holiday for you mean ?
  • unfitgeezer
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    Doing sweet FA ?
    Sight seeing ?
    Activities ?
    All this depends on your age with or without children etc.
    Currently away for another week in the Loire valley ( been here a week) can’t look at another chateau seen one seen them all !
    Boys want constant entertainment (both with ASD/ADHD)
    Swimming pool boring now -though eye candy is always good…

    All I want to do is sit and do nothing !

    How do you spend your holidays ?

    * my only respite so far has been driving 5-6 miles out to wait for my son to complete his daily training (running.

    Oh and the bikes have been great !

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    Sunshine, Pool or Sea, Books and lots of walking or cycling. Just me and my wife. We don’t need to talk to anyone else or make ‘friends’ we enjoy our own company.

    1 weekend a month away in the motorhome, and a decent 2 week summer holiday some where nice (Croatia this year).

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    Got to be a mix, erring on the slightly active side. Bit of a late rise, go for a walk, pub, trip out to somewhere interesting, hire a boat if suitable, bike ride that kind of stuff.

    No point in sitting doing nowt, you may as well just sit at home and do that.

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    It’s all action for us – I can’t sit still for more than 15 mins!! A day lying on the beach sounds dreadful to me! We’re just back from 2 weeks in Pembrokeshire, full of Paddleboarding, coasteering, surfing riding and all sorts, came back knackered but very fulfilled

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    kids no comment.

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    Forgot to add, that’s with 2 teenagers and an add on girlfriend. It’s better now they’re older, but was also fun wished they were small

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    Only had 3 foreign holidays and they’ve all been active/touring about trips for 6 months at a time – Zimbabwe/Turkey/India. Only holidays I’ve had in this country have been with my folks up at Aviemore in a chalet/caravan (late 80’s through to 2017) and always took my bike so I guess you could say active.

    I can handle lying on a beach for a few hours but very soon get bored. Never done a lads holiday or beach holiday.

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    With kids, the only genuinely relaxing and really enjoyable holiday is all inclusive with a pool and sunshine for me.
    Myself and the wife, we can spend an inordinate amount of time pottering around just leisurely riding around organising eating and drinking. Beyond that becomes a bit of a hassle. We enjoy each others company just knocking around.

    With mates, it’s all biking, sometimes rad, sometimes bike packing and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every one.

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    Just the wife and I, we normally have a mixture of activities (walking / cycling) and days off where we don’t do much eg read a book, bit of sight seeing etc.

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    Haven’t been abroad for 7 years so al based in UK.

    Activities for us – cycling, surfing, fishing, swimming etc. might sit in the beach for a bit if the kids are in swimming but I’d rather join them.

    Occasional city stuff too.

    A week or two soaking in the sun on a beach doing nothing sounds horrific!

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    Walking, cycling, paddling. Active. New places.
    Maybe some nice coffee and cake.

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    A bit like going out, or going out out; some holidays are just holidays from work but are spent getting stuff done (DIY mostly) with occasional fun stuff on the odd morning. Holiday holidays are mostly spent going nice places, doing good things. That’ll be outdoor things in pretty places. Ideally with minimum other people and maximum landscape.

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    TBH my last one was a few days in Benidorm,wandering around and generally enjoy the weirdness of the place 🙂

    But tbh I sorta live/work in Spain so it’s a funny one as every weekend can be a holiday and ill take the odd day off and do a nice long ride down to and along the coast and grab coffees/beer whatever.

    Mrs DoD likes lounging around the pool with a book as she’s usually doing daddy day care.

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    Cottage with parking and Wi-Fi, in a not too big town, within walking distance of a few facilities (pub, restaurant, shops etc), usually near bimble cycling, walking routes, ‘attractions we like’ (views, history, architecture, museum etc, guided walk etc etc ), in an area we fancy trying /want to revisit.
    Also do 3-4 day city trips as well in a hotel, but we get ‘peopled out’, after a few days

    E.g. Fowey, Dartmouth, wirksworth etc

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    Different things at different times of year. I generally do 2 trips without the kids each year, one surfing or biking (generally whistler but Alps this year), one travelling to a new country (Saudi last year, Sao Tome this), and then the rest of my PTO is used with the wife and 2 small kids, a mix of beach time (kids love it), some sight seeing, some activities for them. Something on every day to keep busy

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    It usually means an argument between me & the wife. She wants to go abroad and spend £££. I’d rather stay in the U.K, spend half the money, have half the hassle and have a more enjoyable holiday. But apparently I’m a miserable sod for thinking so.

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    Depends on where we go. I can laze around in the sun, reading & people watching if It’s hot, or walking & discovering stuff. Bit of bird/wildlife spotting too.
    Mrs doesn’t cycle but she’s happy enough doing naff all anyway so If I’ve got the bike I’ll go exploring for a few hours a day.
    One thing I couldn’t do is go on an adventure holiday where you have a fixed itinerary each day.
    I think I’m easily pleased.

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    We went to Mallorca at Easter for a week did a load of road riding with Mrs and 11 year old boy ate a load of nice food. First real holiday we’ve been on as a family

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    Mainly getting away from work and recharge my batteries.
    This year it’s a week in a cottage right on the coast in a small village in Dumfries & Galloway, cycling may be involved, as might beach wandering, a bit of photography and whatever else takes my fancy, but no hard fast rules as I only have to please myself 😀

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    Be flexible.

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    We try if possible to have two famaily holidays a year with our two kids. In recent years the summer holiday has been two weeks around Morzine. Road and MTB for me and the wife, mixed with riding with the kids, trips to the pool and lake etc. Pretty active. On the go all day.

    Then a second trip for one week in October or Feb. This has generally been all inc chilled one in Fuertaventura or similar. Mostly just chilling by the beach or pool with kids flitting between joining us or at kids club making friends. This will have the odd bit of activity like a cultural trip, the odd run/ride, but mostly relaxing.

    I like both but the second one is a week max. I could do a month in Morzine.

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    im normally quite happy to get horizontal by the pool for a week, but decided to leave that for october HT this year and to spend a few days at the inlaws on the Lyyn Peninsular over the school holidays. ive never been for more than 3 or four nights before, its one of them places that is great if the weathers good but super booooooring in the rain – and its always rained at some point.

    not last week though!! we stayed 10 days. 10 days wall to wall sunshine. was in the sea every day. did wakeboarding, sailing, coasteering, riding, kayaking, went to Anglesey for a few days too.

    honestly better than any foreign holiday ive been on! couldnt sit still but loved it!

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    Much more fun when sprogs were small (Infant school age) – beach, pool, outdoor play. Riding – has to be in European mountains.

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    @unfitgeezer – I’ve been to the Loire Valley a few times as partners folks have had a house out there for years. It’s in a small hamlet way out of the way. Road riding is great but little mountain biking or indeed anything else. Not into wine or castles.

    I can recommend the talk museum in Saumur if WWII and tanks is your thing. Area is a big military area, particularly cavalry. Worth half a day to visit.

    This zoo – Bioparc de Doué-la-Fontaine, was also worth a visit last time we went to the house.

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    Used to mean. Used to mean snowboarding. But I can’t afford that anymore so it now means a weekend in Wales or Cornwall max. Walking, drinking, eating, hopefully riding. Not really inspired to do much more these days.
    I really **** hate all the bollocks around airports and flying to different countries anyway – one of the reasons I don’t let myself waste money on it.

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    Self-catering cottage near a range of good walking routes is our idea of a good holiday. Both of us have done a lot of travelling around the world in the past, now much prefer to stay in the UK.
    Both of us have at different times tried a sitting by the beach/pool holiday. Never again.

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    Activities and chilling. Beaches are ideal, I can swim/sup/kayak/surf which I don’t do at home, and still bike/walk/run with sea views later in the day. Washed down with lots of ice cream and the odd barbecue. But that may change – pretty much anywhere with beautiful scenery is fine for me.

    Oh but I also like big adventures with lots of travelling and seeing new places – preferably with activities as well.

    I like doing nothing, but I can do nothing at home, more effectively than I can away – so why waste money and opportunity going somewhere?

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    Biking, it’s the only reason I go on holiday.

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    Just got back from two weeks camping in Brittany – up and ride to the boulangerie for bread, ride back, breakfast and make lunch, then ride to a different beach every day, reading, snoozing, swimming, snorkling, walking in the surf, then ride home as the sun sets for tea and wine. If the lottery numbers come good, we’ll be doing that a LOT. 🙂

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    I refer to holidays as “spending time with the family”.

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    This zoo – Bioparc de Doué-la-Fontaine, was also worth a visit last time we went to the house.

    This is a good call in the Loire.

    For us, since we had the boys, Les Gets winter snow and summer dust. As often as possible.
    Elder boy leaves us for dead on the slopes now, and the younger one is not far off. But we know where the best cafés and bars are.

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    The kids are happy to spend all day in a pool and the wife is happy sat around the pool. I enjoy this for a couple of days but then need to get out either walking or cycling for an hour or two to break up the day.

    I also do either a weekend city break or a weeks cycle touring with a few mates.

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    Bit of exploring. We often pick a city and just spend several days mooching around it, taking loads of photos, eating at cafes, looking at art, going out for dinner, finding bakeries and wine shops, staying in bed late, maybe a hike in the hills if there are any suitable candidates.

    Since I’ve had long COVID, most of that stuff is completely out of the question, and sitting on a beach is a reasonable alternative. Never really saw the appeal until I was too ill to do otherwise!

    But either way, it certainly doesn’t involve driving a car every day! (Coast road content)

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    A change to my routine.

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    20 years ago i’d said backpacking somewhere excotic or raving for a week now just chilling somewhere warm and in europe.

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    @fatoldgit where abouts?

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    Haven’t been on holiday for about six or seven years, last time I went away was camping in South Devon, just me with my tent and a bunch of books, a small wood stove with a simmering kettle for regular mugs of tea. I was away for nine days, and I loved every minute.

    Joey and I discussed a number of ideas for a holiday together, but costs were horrendous with just us two, and anything that involved a long drive was problematic because she would have panic attacks in the car, so the only thing that we were working towards was going to New York to stay with her sister, but that sadly never happened. ☹️

    The nearest I’m getting this year is four days at End Of The Road Festival, but maybe next year I might get to New York finally, but it won’t be the same without Joey to show me around the city – she lived and worked there for a time.

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    The idea of an all inclusive sit by the pool holiday is my idea of hell. Sit around killing time, get given 3 meals a day and don’t leave the compound. Actually more like prison than hell, and people pay for the privilege.

    I want to be doing something. Right now, I’m very happy for that something to be biking or skiing for a week.

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    Adventures. Has to be adventures.
    With the kids on bikes or on foot.

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    where abouts?

    Port William,
    Never been before but meets my needs so fingers crossed

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