what do you wear when wearing your winter boots?

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  • what do you wear when wearing your winter boots?
  • swoosh

    previously i have used normal shoes a size bigger than normal and worn seal skin socks but recently i have been getting cold tootsies so have got me some MW80s, but when using full on winter boots with a goretex liner, is there a need for seal skins or will a pair of nice wooly socks do the trick at keeping feet warm, even when the water does get in?


    woolie boolie socks and a pair of 5.10’s perfect combination in summer and winter!

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    I’m using some Costco own brand (Kirkland?) Merino Trail socks – lovely and warm. Cost about £8 at Costco for 4 pairs, lots on ebay in the £10-12 a pack range.


    I just wear two pairs of cycling socks, been fine all winter.


    I find thin summer socks more than enough inside winter boots. Too much of a thick sock then the toes can’t move resulting in cold feet.


    overshoes that are too small to go over shoes so I wear them inside, fills the gaps twixt sock and legging/trousers and keeps them toasty.

    Northwave celcius boots 1 size to big.
    Went nd bought a pack of 3 pairs of Karrimore (I Know they are just cheapy crp nowadays) walking socks for £4. Now i ride with two pairs of these socks on and the boots. Carry a backup pair in the camelback which i havent had to use yet. Toasty feet s far

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    By all means wear a thicker pair of socks, but the trick to not getting cold feet is to not restrict the flow of blood to them. Give your feet room to move inside the boot/shoe, and you’ll do a lot to alleviate the chilliness. try not to pull those Velcro straps too tight (or arch your foot when you do up your shoes) Makes a huge difference. Also try to get some socks that don’t have a mid arch compression (the stretchy bit on the foot that some running/sports socks have), and a not too tight cuff, that can make a difference too.


    Been wearing two thin pairs of Merino socks(the ones M&S sell)in all this recent cold weather,feet have been toasty too.When I think of all the years of using the thickest socks I could find,doubling them up & then still getting cold feet at the end of it………


    Usually 1 pair of thin socks (Endura coolmax) and a thicker wool pair (woolie boolies).


    I’m probably OTT but with my Shimano MW01’s I have short ankle socks plus Sealskins… never cold feet, any water gets in stay toastie warm.

    Mine were bought with enough room for walking socks. i have long socks that come up to my knees (Thorlo wool/silk mix) and they’re toasty-warm.

    Because of the combination of waterproof boots and waterproof-panelled tights, I very rarely get totally wet feet but they soon get warm again.


    Just use the same 5 year old shimano shoes which i use in summer and winter. Winter calls for an extra pair of socks though.

    I wear moonboots and thick socks when I cycle in this sort of weather! (Yes, I have flat pedals…although I’m sure there is a gap in the market for moonboots with cleats!) I definately value comfort and warmth before looking stylish!

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    I’m with Sheldona on this one – I wear the same thin Defeet/Sock Guy socks as I wear in the summer. Toes can wiggle and a thin sock dries quicker. Let the boot do the insulating…

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