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  • What do you think of this little edit?
  • I had nothing to do with the filming or editing, just thought I’d share the result of half a day’s mucking about in the Sidlaws with the Uni MTB club.
    I thought this ended up looking pretty good – what do you reckon?


    Edit? It’s not an “edit”, it’s a film.

    God I hate that! It makes me feel old. And like CFH – grumpy! 😉

    Seriously – Top marks!


    I like that.

    The term ‘edit’ annoys me too, but I thought ‘film’ sounded a bit grandiose…


    How about “video” ?

    So teh kidz are riding around with an extra helmet? I can’t keep up with mtb fashion.

    Cool vid.

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    Can only be called an edit if it involves fixies, v-neck t-shirts and chest/neck tattoos.

    I like that, but; I didn’t see any knee pads 😯 must be mental

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    great video, lush riding too

    also enjoyed the fact it was 100% hardtail 🙂

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    Nice! I liked that, well done. Good choice of music. What/who was it?

    40secs good effort losing the front going up hill! watched that a couple of times to figure out what was going on. Still not quite sure!


    Good effort! Good riding too, well done!


    Calling a short video an ‘edit’ is indeed odd and in some ways very wrong. 🙂 But I hope none of the people complaining about it are the same trend mongers who ‘source’ their wood / christmas lights / vegetables or anything else that a sensible human would buy, find or simply get.


    did i see saxo bank kit on a mountain bike!? nicely done!

    The track is ‘Wannabe in L.A.’ by The Eagles Of Death Metal.

    I also have no idea what Harrison was playing at when he fell off on a climb. Pretty good effort…

Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)

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