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  • What do you think about while riding ?
  • Premier Icon DaRC_L

    Downhill when it’s raining a litany of “Just flow like the water” which beats a series of expletives and sphincter clenching

    uphill “I will not walk, I will not walk” although if I’m riding well and get into a rhythm it’s Sesame Street’s the Count “I am the count and I love to climb…one…two…three”

    On the flat an ear-worm of the chorus to Ladykillers by Lush (I wish I knew why) πŸ‘Ώ
    sometimes from Bowie’s ‘The Motel’
    “There is no hell, like an old hell”
    although occasionally my internal juke box will throw in some great stuff.


    Why’s this so hard today
    Why am I so slow today
    Why are the others so fast today
    Have I got a puncture
    Is my suspension set up correctly

    When it’s good my mind generally goes blank

    Premier Icon mrblobby

    On the road bike, usually just thinking about breathing, cadence, power, heart rate, being in the right training zones, position, etc. Doesn’t that sound fun πŸ™‚

    Edit… oh and definitely not thinking about pain in legs!

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Another vote for boobs.

    Premier Icon buck53

    Usually one of these –

    Mountain Bike:

    “This is **** brilliant!” or “How am I not at the top yet?”

    Road Bike commuting:

    “Which of these drivers is thinking up a new and imaginative way to kill me and what will that involve?” or “But it was a headwind on the way in, how can it be on the way home as well”

    Road Bike training/lanes:

    “Keep going” or “I wonder where that road goes”


    At the minute loads of driving test theory questions. And I’m changing gear ( clutch in ease off, change…) and checking imaginary mirrors. Other times I mull over work stuff, or what I’m going to have for my tea, or ring mum, or sort out washing, mud and stuff, and then BAM …sex πŸ˜†

    Weird how your brain works


    Very little other than “don’t screw this one up; phew; now make sure you get this right…”.

    I think that’s partly why I find it so great for relaxation: the process of focusing on the trail means there’s little opportunity to mull over other things like work and the meaning of life. It’s a good few hours of relative mental calm.

    My biggest problem is I get an earworm and have a 2 second loop of some song going round and round and round in my head until I get back to the car…


    “What’s he been putting on his cornflakes? I’ll sit here on his wheel a bit longer then go for it when we reach that downhill stretch…..”

    Premier Icon Suggsey

    MTB mind on the trail looking for that next bit I have never ridden or thinking wow nearly hit that tree/rock/spat myself over the top of a berm/ what an adrenaline rush.
    Road bike…breath…cadence…..breath…..cadence…drink…..breath…..cadence…….I’ll take that turn/route today…..how come I’m still in a headwind? πŸ˜†

    Premier Icon bigjim

    What to call my ride on Strava

    this, its the only reason I ride.


    I normally think about what it would be like to bump into a group of sex hungry women /girls /mature women /latino girls ? you get the picture ? that or if work is a drama then work ?

    Premier Icon eddiebaby

    Nothing, wow!! or women.


    MTB – try to be in the moment/zone/whatever, anything to avoid thinking about ‘real life’. Concentrating on the corners makes everything else take care of itself.

    Road – either headwind πŸ™ or losing 2 stone has really helped on the hills πŸ™‚

    Premier Icon pictonroad

    What to call my ride on Strava

    its the only reason I ride.

    Not just me then. It’s either this looping round my head, dreaming of junk food or whatever song was on the radio as I left the door.

    I’m not a great intellect.


    i once solved a complicated problem with a database i’d been stuck on all day while rolling down the hill back home knackered in the dark, that was pretty good.


    Well boobs, sex and girls generally get a good showing here as do nothing, zoning out and the eternal headwind. I’d love to know the age split among the answers here though I suspect I have a fair idea !!


    As above, the headwind thing and it always seems that no matter where I ride, there always seems to be more uphill than downhill πŸ™‚


    “This would be much more fun on a 650b bike, instead of 26 inch.”

    Nah, that’s not true.

    On either bike my mind goes blank or I’m thinking thoughts about the trail, bike or my fitness. I’m sometimes conscious before a ride that I can use the ride to have a good think about xyz problem. But never do.

    That said, if I’m pissed off I ride faster. Will try the Tony Gallopin girlfriend thing to see if feeling horny makes me faster too.


    My Specialized Body Geometry (TM) saddle has up to a 100% improved penile blood flow. And my lycra shorts make it very difficult to hide anything. So, I try very hard not to think of women when I ride.


    Road riding I do with a club so I tend to spend the time chatting rather than thinking.
    Mountain biking – like most others ^^ I’m focussing too much on the present to think too much – it’s very meditative – which is why I suspect we love it so much


    I start of thinking of where I’m aiming to get to, then through a series of daydreams (3 usually) I get to the beginning of the trail


    Loads of random stuff such as work related things, guitar riffs I’ve been working on, what to have for dinner and all that boring stuff. Very rarely switch off even on the descents sometimes. Same on road bike, I have too much stuff on the go right now so switching off would be nice but I can’t seem to!

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