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  • What do you do with your old helmet ?!?
  • matty456

    Bit of a personal question I know (oooh errrr), but just ordered a new one and trying to think of any use for my old giro xen? Hanging basket? Cat bed?

    Suggestions please!

    Bin fodder for mine, although a mate just puts another hook on his wall , like a racing driver has winning wreaths, he has helmets.


    stamp on it and bin it.

    Premier Icon nuke

    If you’ve got kids, hours minutes of fun letting them destroy it


    My old one has been hanging in the garage since being relegated to spare.
    I picked it up out of pity to festoon my bonce and realized the green stuff all over it wasn’t radioactive mud, but mold!
    Def time for the bin.


    If its undamaged I sell it on eBay,change it every year. Same with shoes but probably more often

    I put mine under the seat of the van as a spare for that inevitable ‘In a rush and forgot my helmet’ moment (me or friends!)


    If it’s not being replaced due to crash damage, I keep mine as a spare.

    Know a lass who turned old motorcycle helmets into flower pots in her garden. She was always on the hunt for people old helmets.


    Mine are usually posted to the importers on the crash replacement policy……… 😕

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    My old one got split (almost) in two so it’s hanging on the garage wall as a reminder to be more careful when it’s windy.. 😯

    stamp on it and bin it.

    Seconded, I now stamp on mine after seeing a few helmets being sold at the local tip :-/

    (edit- I now have a couple of catlikes these I will probably keep as they are a thing of beauty)


    It depends. I’m a tart when it comes to helmets and have six or seven on the go at any one time. A bit like tyres I find different conditions need different helmets.

    The last one I actually threw away was a few years ago – a Giro Exodus that had gone from cupboard A to cupboard B to garage to shed to bin. A THE is currently in garage and a Bell is in the shed so I guess these will be the next ones to go.


    Hanging basket.

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    Cut the straps off and bin.


    I just bought a new one to replace my Giro Animas. It was old and had to go. Set at it with a pick axe and binned it.


    i received my new Giro Hex yesterday….now i’m wondering the same about my old Giro Xen….
    normally if i’ve bashed the helmet i’d send it back under the crash replacement warranty, but this one still looks like its in reasonably good nick although its quite a few years old….so i guess it’ll have to serve as an emergency backup…

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    Cut off the straps and bin it, religiously every 3 years. Mind you by then the inside is pretty disgusting and a minor health hazard.


    fruit bowl, the vents keep the fruit fresher for longer, and the cushion helps prevent peach bruises.


    I use the old one for night riding, means I can leave the helmet light attached semi permanently.


    A local charity that teaches first aid has taken a few motorbike helmets off me over the years.
    I imagine that they may well appreciate mountin bike helmets too.

    polish it daily, why do you ask ?


    I only ever have two helmets, one road and one MTB. Neither gets replaced til the old one is broken so it goes in the bin. IIRC road helmet is about 6 years old (and taped up), MTB is about 4 (haven’t had a big off in a while, must be getting old!)

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