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  • What do you do for a living and do you enjoy it?
  • Premier Icon weeksy

    IT nerd…

    It’s better than digging holes.

    Premier Icon northshoreniall

    Nurse – not really, bored of role and change to culture/ constant vilification of NHS staff by media. Looking for alternative to jump to seems be taking some time to locate 🙂


    Line Controller London Underground, hate it!

    Premier Icon NJA

    Self Employed Will Writer and Estate Planner, really interesting because of the people I deal with – Love it.


    Price tenders and proposals for an IT company.

    Bores me to death, but even 25 years out of school still have no idea what I really want to do

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Manager at a large pneumatic’s manufacturing Company.
    Basically yes.


    IT Security and ID Management.

    Hate it, would prefer something a bit more active involving moving around but no idea what.

    I suspect my sedentary desk job for several employers, although easy up until now, has right royally buggered my pancreas 🙁

    Premier Icon footflaps

    Design Telecoms Networks all over the world, very varied and really enjoy it.

    Mortgage Advisor. I’d love it if it wasn’t for the lenders, public, estate agents and solicitors 😉

    Joking aside I do actually enjoy it and am glad I stuck with it when times were tough in 2008-2010!

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    Same as weeksy and weasel albeit currently as a specialist in a sales team, although i suspect my career in this field will end in the next 18 months if not before. Im enjoying it less and less, but it pays well atm, and I can’t be ungrateful for what it has afforded me from an opportunity perspective over the many years.

    Premier Icon everyone

    Currently a test engineer for a hydrogen fuel cell company currently working on a low power 2 wheel application for a large Japanese automotive manufacturer but I’m moving to be a materials engineer for an external test house that are embedded within their primary customer.

    Insurance. Sigh.

    Premier Icon ton

    sit talking bollocks on here allday….and yes.

    Premier Icon stevied

    CNC programmer.
    Can get a bit dull if doing a large batch of components but that gives me time to design and make some stuff for myself.
    Yes, I do enjoy my job. I think it’s what I was supposed to be as I’m good with my hands, mechanically minded etc.
    Shame really as I had ‘secret agent’ as my preferred profession when I was about 7 😳


    Surplus civil servant. Double sigh.

    Premier Icon 40mpg

    Preconstruction Director for a regional construction company. Has its moments of excitement interspersed with regular bouts of tedious – negotiating costs and agreeing contracts, but get to go to some interesting places and meet up-their-own-arse people 😕

    Done it for nearly 30 years now, can see amid-life-crisis complete change of direction looming (once the kids are self supporting!)

    but even 25 years out of school still have no idea what I really want to do



    Project Manager for a defence company, would rather be digging holes these days


    Academic. I love it.

    store manager for Halfords,

    Yes i do despite the slating we consistently get and doing my best to change that in my store.

    Buy i cant help wondering whether im meant to be doing something else!

    Premier Icon tthew

    Reliability engineer in a power station.
    I think I have a fairly short span of attention, job wise and after a few years in this role, and all the management systems I run operating nicely, I’d like a change. Not necessarily of employer or location, just different work.

    Premier Icon binners

    It beats working for a living 🙂


    My Wife is an RAF Flight Nurse currently at QE Hospital, Renton. Had a few wobbles (cut backs in champagne and fine hotels not helping), but think she is now staying in for her half pension at least.

    Premier Icon ads678

    Civil/Infrastructure Engineer – Highways and drainage basically.

    I do like it, but we tend to get the shit from both ends of the spectrum i.e. developer/client want everything as quickly and cheaply as possible and approving bodies want to generally screw the developers to the wall for everything they can, so it can get pretty stressful at times.

    I would like to do something else, my own busyness, but can’t really afford to start again ATM!!


    Primary supply teacher. Beats real teaching and can’t see me doing anything else. Wouldn’t miss it though if something else cropped up.

    Currently a sharepoint developer. Going through a crappy restructure at the moment so everything is a bit rubbish

    Just started developing a house full time to sell on when finished. I’m not from a construction background so I’m shit scared and excited all at the same time!


    After 20+ years working as a graphic designer (10 years running my own business), I’ve opened a picture framing shop. I was looking for something that could run alongside my existing work; utilised some of my knowledge, skills and experience; and was completely different to my sitting-at-a-desk usual work.

    I’m just over 6 months in and thoroughly enjoying it. I’m loving meeting a completely different type of person, whether it’s an old lady with a cross-stitch, local artists, or just families with kids’ photos. Makes such a refreshing change from whip-cracking deadline-pushing twunts!

    Really enjoyed the challenge of learning a new skill, setting up a new business and now having a profitable pipeline of work. And I can’t recommend enough how nice it is to be able to ‘down tools’ when one job gets too much and do something completely different for a couple of hours…

    The long term plan is to open a gallery and have business/career that will continue long after I’ve stopped wanting to design graphics.


    I used to really enjoy it but the longer I do it the more I find it shallow and meaningless and want to do something more intellectually stimulating. Quite honestly I learn more interesting stuff on STW than I do at work these days.

    Now I’m contracting it’s more satisfying as each new project presents new learning and a new challenge.

    I’m also adding an executive coaching qualification to my skills, which I think I’ll find much more satisfying, although the advice I’ve received is it’s hard to make a living from coaching alone…

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    Semi-retired. I now do bike hire and bike-taxiing for fun/pocket money/bike fund. I get to meet lots of nice, relaxed folks, set them off on adventures and to drive round Scotland. It’s only part time though and I get all winter off.

    Premier Icon DezB

    IT nerd…

    It’s better than digging holes.

    Is it though?!

    Also IT nerd, redundancy in 6 weeks and… probably back into the same old shite. So ‘no’ to the second question.
    Although working out my notice gives me even more time on here to get threads closed 🙂

    Environmental professional, hate it with a passion

    Should have been a stuntman, but am not very good at stunts.


    “customer experience engineer”, or web designer in less **** terms.

    It varies but overall yes.


    Co-owner of a little web & graphic design agency – love it. We’re very, VERY fortunate – our staff are awesome and MOST of our clients are great.


    Scamper…. The RAF is getting smaller and smaller and it seems all the good lads have left whilst all the ass lickers have stayed on !!

    Ive got 4 and a bit years left to my pension and it cant come quick enough however I have no idea what I want to do when I leave !!


    I help people.
    I was previously part of a crack team of soldiers that were wrongfully imprisoned for a crime we didn’t commit. Anyway if you need help…..


    Civil engineering technician

    I was hoping all the study would have landed me a better paid job

    Something more creative would suit me better


    email marketing/comms for a university. Could be pretty soul destroying if it was for a private company but i’ve been doing it 5 months now and it’s been fairly interesting so far. Lots to learn. And a huge boost in salary compared to….

    Before this i was a struggling musician/DJ/producer for 8 years. Some amazing/exciting/fun times, many stressful/difficult/ soul destroying times. Glad of the office job right now (makes it much easier to pay my studio rent!)

    Premier Icon nickc

    I work with imaging services within the NHS, anything from gigantic MIR scanners to AQP stuff with portable ultrasound in GP surgeries

    Interesting and varied work.


    Put together/negotiate infrastructure projects from a legal/financial perspective.

    I suppose I love it at times. Each deal lasts years so you establish close relationships with the banks, clients, contractors etc (which is usually a good thing IME) and the deals are about as complex, challenging and interesting as I’ve worked on.

    I love starting from absolutely nothing and then at the end I will be sat on one of our trains, stood in our airport, driving down our road, or wandering around our hospital etc. You forget about all the problems and countless arguments and stress, it can be hugely satisfying.

    It’s a very political sector though and that creates a great deal of uncertainty, delay and bureaucracy that I can’t stand.

    Decent office job IMO.

    Reliability Engineer here too, in pharma though.

    Good job, good place to work, mostly good people, home before 5, and before 3 on a friday.

    Quite happy.

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