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  • What do you do during the day?
  • Premier Icon ononeorange

    IainFP – Jealous!


    House husband

    Full time single parent with a part time job.

    In reality I get up, get the nipper off to school, do a spot of house work then get the road bike out for a couple of hours then have a kip.

    It’s a hard life… 8)

    Premier Icon disben

    Disaster Manager

    I own and run a small bike shop so my presence here is quite seasonal.
    Over the next three or four months expect to see plenty of my opinions/wit/knowledge/drivel*. By mid February I’ll (hopefully) be far too busy fixing brakes, gears etc on Argos bikes to have time for idle chit chat.

    * Delete as appropriate.


    Official Secrets Act also prevents me saying too much; suffice it to say I deal with grievances and discipline. After 4 years I have seen and heard it all!!!

    Premier Icon beej

    Technology Innovation Manager for a mobile operator.

    I look at new tech coming from start-ups, smallish companies and big partners and try and find a commercial use for it.

    Lots of other stuff about getting other people involved in innovation too.

    Premier Icon stewartc

    Product Development and Key accounts Manager, from what I can gather it just involves flying around Asia and taking people out to lunch.
    I would like to do something useful with my life but lack any ambition, oh, and I do own and ride a mountain bike.


    “Operations” which in my company means I’m in charge of everything other than sales and finance.


    Like Felix Baumtner, I too have a 26 mile commute from work to home….


    Premier Icon irc

    Semi retired. Still working a couple of part time jobs so I can afford to go on two month tours every so often.

    One job is driving out of hours doctors to house calls*, the other involves driving a different type of passenger to and from various appointments across Scotland.

    * The area we cover a driver is needed so the car and equipment are still their after the house call is done and having a driver also lets the doc result the call on the laptop en route to the next call.


    Technician in a food factory. Improving the kit so it doesnt go wrong but fixing it if it does.

    On shift so during day, evening or night 🙁

    ron jeremy

    Sales and marketing consultant by day and work for an adult toy company in my spare time (until we get big enough so I can justify full time) hence the username


    safeguard animal health and welfare and public health, protect the economy and enhance food security through research, surveillance and inspection.

    according to our corporate website 😕


    Imperial Stormtropper.


    talk about stuff to undergrads while they pretend to listen, complete stupid forms management think are useful, research stuff the rest of the time

    Premier Icon andrewy

    Stay at home dad. *raises hi five to yunki and neilsonwheels*


    Aerospace Engineering: we provide the turnkey capability to design, simulate, instrument, embody, certificate and evaluate aircraft and equipment for government and private sector customers – from US Army helicopters to NASA deep space operations

    From my corporate website.

    Premier Icon simmy

    Driving Instructor.

    I also sometimes help my mate who has a property maintenance firm when he needs another pair of hands.

    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    I fix things for Special Circumstances.

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    Lawyer. Currently for a telecoms company.


    I fix things for Special Circumstances

    Mr Bond I presume?


    Technical Operator at a TV studio. Sounds more exciting than it is, but it is a fun job and really relaxed. I basically sit with an EVS or a sound desk for 8-10 hours.

    Premier Icon Hells

    Civil Engineer specialising in bridges and highway structures!!


    Mechanical Design Engineer for a company that makes equipment for the semi-conductor industry.
    Been there 6 months so still on a steep learning curve, having spent the previous 11 or so years working on industrial digital inkjet.

    Premier Icon miketually

    For 13 weeks of the year, I do nothing.

    For the other 39 weeks, I spend 9 to 3 instructing others in how to do something that I can’t do, while also brainwashing them with my lefty propaganda. Unless it snows. Or rains. Or we have a training day.


    i work with violent men…

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Chief instructor at outdoor centre.


    I am a data analyst/programmer.


    Hells – Member
    Civil Engineer specialising in bridges and highway structures!!

    yay a target maker!

    Premier Icon mugsys_m8

    Freelance Engineering Geologist. Went freelance 4 years ago after moving to France. My sole client to date is my former employer…. Last 24 months have seen me supervising drilling 800m deep inclined holes for a prospective gold mine in Mauritania and supervising poxy shallow holes for oil pipelines across Georgia and Azerbaijan. Also do home office based geotechnical design (foundations, earthworks, slope stabilisation) etc.

    Looks like I’ve niched into international work given my hands on experience, which is great, but also rubbish as away from home a lot without seeing the little monsters. Overseas day rates are quite good though…


    implant manager………… worst job title ever

    in reality I sell and fit tyres within a car dealership


    I’ve been running a small landscape maintenance business around Glasgow for the past 3 years. Finally found the one thing that makes me feel satisfied after years working for someone else.

    The hours are whatever I want them to be, I answer only to myself and just knowing there is potential to grow as big or keep as small as I want is immensely enjoyable.


    I am a Business Domain Architect for a well known airline. I guess it is is a bit like a grown up over paid business analyst!


    Minimum wage typist (C#)

    Premier Icon Mike59

    I have my own small business, designing and building all-weather sports facilities. Mainly tennis, but also AstroTurf type pitches and multi sports courts. Private tennis courts is our core business, so get to meet a lot of famous and/or very wealthy people!

    Lots of school and council work too, just to keep things in perspective.

    Been going 20 years and live it, despite these difficult times.


    I work for mechanical maintenance at a uni, ie .. heating and water pumps etc ….. but at the moment i seem to be checking water for legionella more than anything else !!


    Local Man of Obvious.

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    Head of underwriting for one of the biggest American private health insurers AKA “satan”

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