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  • What do we think is the best way to stream movies and TV now?
  • mcboo

    We’ve been using the Xbox to watch DVDs and stream from iPlayer and Lovefilm, apart from the noise of the fan it’s worked pretty well. It recently broke and needs replacing or an expensive service, as we arent gaming much/ever I want to think about alternatives.

    Someone recommended one of these


    Anyone any experience of this kind of thing? With the imminent demise of Blockbuster how are we all going to be accessing the latest films? Apple TV?

    Premier Icon nickdavies

    Depends what you want – I don’t think you can beat PS3 for a device to do it all for the money, unless you want to use it to record live TV.

    Bluray, lovefilm, netflix etc, plays movies and audio of the network for less than £200.

    For the best part of £400 the box you linked to is good but lots of money, if you need all that then it’s good but if you just want to stream movies etc you could get a whole smart tv for that price. Other options would be apple tv for netflix, or a small htpc.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    Personally I just download films / TV shows as torrentz and watch them on the iMac. At some point, when the TV equivalent of Spotify appears, I might move to that. Seems to have not got there yet as the range of stuff is too limited on Lovefilm / Netflix etc.

    same boat as the OP, only use the xbox for netflix, lovefilm 4od iplayer and streaming over the network. getting sick of the fan noise though and since i dont play games its stupid really.

    i have been looking at these- http://www.wdc.com/en/products/homeentertainment/mediaplayers/
    but im really not very tech savvy or rich so could do with some help.

    thing is i dont watch live tv so a smart tv is out since i dont have a licence (my current tv doesn’t have digi tv built in)


    Yeh I dont really want or need loads of storage, maybe another Xbox or PS3 is all we need. I use the Sky+ box to record TV series.

    How are we going to rent new films now? Is there anyone offering streaming of new releases? Apple looks fairly up to date but I cant see Mrs McBoo huddling round the iMac to watch a film on a 24″ screen.


    If you don’t need to record & aren’t bothered by gaming, also consider the Sony BDP S790. Richer Sounds have it for £200.


    Maybe this is what I need to get.


    Pay per view new release films, stream iPlayer, 4OD etc……..need to go HD though, which means a new TV.

    Why am I now browsing £1500 pound HD plasmas?

    Premier Icon Cougar

    You can use a Raspberry Pi as a media header to stream to. £25.

    I used to use the Xbox, migrated across to a blu-ray player now. Better quality than the Xbox and half the price of a PS3.



    Thanks Cougar, that Blue-ray player would do the trick for streaming and watching discs. Think the Sky On Demand package could be the future though if they have the content to back it up.


    Just built a Raspbery Pi with raspbmc to stream media from my NAS and run BBC iPlayer and ITV Player. Annoyingly the 4od plugin does not work at the moment due to changes with the 4od service.

    Very happy with it so far. If 4od starts working again (hopefully likely) and a NetFlix plug is developed (unlikely) it would be pretty much perfect. Took me less than two hours from unboxing the bits to having it all working and I an no Linux geek.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    The pi sounds good. There was a pc for tv thread a while back. Mine is a shuttle xpc (half height) and silent. Runs xbmc on windows so is very flexible especially for the vimeo bike films and redbull tv type stuff.

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