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  • konabunny

    Surely you want the ZS-700c as the ZS-650b is just a compromise?

    I think if you were a vegan household and didn’t have a lot of animal enzymes to break down, the ZS-700c would be excellent, but we eat a lot of meat, so our dishes are usually smeared with both animal and vegetable fat after use, and that meant the compromise was okay – it means the machine does well with both types, but isn’t excellent with only one type.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Don’t forget you need a fat dishwasher for winter dishes and the slim line for summer. Gets a better grip on the dirt.


    I had a Bosch one a few years ago, Circa £250 at the time I think. Got rid when we had our kitchen done and got a built in one and got a. Electrolux or something. I really never thought I could get excited about dishwashers, I mean all they do is clean your dishes. Well this one is crap compared with the Bosch. Just doesn’t work as well, is a bit more sensitive to the way you load it. Also the Bosch one had a feature where you could do a light load, so if you filled up the top tray it would only clean the top tray and use half the water. Getting an extension done next year and a Bosch one will be going back in.

    On plumbing you don’t even get a hot feed now, I didn’t on the last two dishwashers as it clearly stated it is more efficient for the dishwasher to heat the water. They only use a small amount of water anyway and it’s recycled within the machine rather than taking more and more hot water.


    Geoffj on solar i agree but on oil combi i call crap on it being cheaper.

    I dont heat water i dont need , my dishwasher does cool rinse so isnt heating all the water it uses, where as my combi would be

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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