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  • tails

    I learnt that I should buy a bike the right size for me.

    Premier Icon Bregante

    I learnt that Chester Zoo is nowhere near as much fun as the peaks – unless you're aged 3


    That its all in the mind and I can ride most techy stuff fine.

    Premier Icon firestarter

    i learnt the after 8 weeks off due to surgery on both feet that a 20 something off road ride on the ss cx is quite tough. but enjoyable 😉

    Premier Icon ton

    that is is nicer talking to people over the phone, than sending them emails.

    Premier Icon mboy

    Cricket balls are VERY hard, and if they're hit at you VERY VERY hard, try to absorb the energy as you take the catch.

    I caught it, but my god my left hand is bruised right now!!!


    how to operate an overhead crane competently (that is not the ability to operate it but the associated paper work needed to do it legally at work)

    Premier Icon Rusty Mac

    Working on your CV at work is best left for when the boss is not in the department (wonders if that will count as advanced notice)


    that I have a lot do if I am going to make the first checkpoint let alone the finish at the Kielder 100


    that an almond is not a nut. It's a legume.

    Premier Icon househusband

    That there is even more off-road cycling on offer than I thought (Midlothian core path network) and all from the door!


    that driving a car with 525hp on the road is an exercise in restraint

    Premier Icon alexpalacefan

    The difference between global warming and global dimming. Thanks Joe for the GCSE science homework 🙂



    That the trail in my head from the local woods probably doesn't exist 🙁 Was it all a dream? Who knows…..

    Premier Icon valleydaddy

    That my 2 year old has decided that she doesn't want to wear nappies anymore and will use her potty!! Brilliant!!

    After weeks of trying to get her to do it, she just said today "no nappies me use potty"

    So subliminal brainwashing of the female gender is possible!!!

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    my kids learned that a long descent is followed by a long climb (little un has the right idea though – "why can't we just ride right to the bottom and you go back for the car, then pick us up?")

    never trust what a pc repair shop tells u


    That rotating my bars back only 5mm makes a big difference.


    This evening I decided to try the "pump them to 120psi" method to seat my tyres properly. Trouble is, my track pump hasn't got a pressure gauge. Never mind – my car tyres are pretty solid at 30psi, so I thought I'd just pump them that hard, then add four times as much. Easy peasy.
    So I'm stood in the garage, pumping for a good 5 mins, when my wife comes in to get some peas out of the fridge/freezer.
    "What are you doing?" Pfft, pfft, pfft.
    "Getting my tyres to fit properly" pfft, pfft, pfft
    "Dinner will be 20 minutes" pfft, pfft pfft, pfft
    "Great" pffffft, pffffffffft, pffffffffffffft
    The handle is needing my full weight behind it now to push down on the pump. Pffffffffffffft
    Wife's rummaging around the freezer drawer at floor level with fridge door open above and all is well with the world. Pffffffffffffffffffffft.
    "Are you going out on your bi…"….BANG!!!!!!!!
    THE-FRIGHT-OF-MY-LIFE. My wife jumps up, hits her head on the open fridge door, bottles of lager and vegetables roll out and crash on the floor. Meanwhile, the dog has run into the wall, yelping, and has limped ever since. My wife, wobbling from head to foot and eyeballs oscillating, then gives me a right ear bashing (wasted on me though because I can't hear anything through the tinnitus) and has been speaking in loud tones ever since. Through the window, the neighbours are all out, shrugging quizzically at each other and looking to the sky. Now I've got a tremor so bad that I can't put a cuppa to my thick lip and my wife's suddenly wearing a different pair of jeans (which I hope is a result of spilled lager but I daren't ask in case not)
    My brother says I've got it all wrong and that I should learn how to spray lighter fluid on the rim and set it alight, because they self inflate and snap on the rim nicely that way. I learned to buy a track pump with a pressure gauge instead of relying on guesswork and that soapy water/GT85 probably works better.


    The difference between a high bypass and low bypass turbofan – was bored at waiting for rain to stop so I started reading


    that is costs 900 quid for a new false tooth. Expensive considering the first set where both real and free. Poor guy!


    I learned how to track stand.


    nice one andy.

    I learnt that riding with someone else's spd shoes is a nightmare.

    Premier Icon valleydaddy

    Tinners – that made me laugh out loud!!!!

    brilliant 😆


    tinners lol


    I learnt how to do no footers today! Well chuffed! Plus I can noW nearly do tyre taps! What about all of you? 🙂


    Thanks, today I've learnt never to do that!


    Most car drivers I encountered today…. were a bit mental and wanted to kill me 🙁


    To look forward to Tinners' next learning experience 🙂

    And never, ever to go to Cannock on a bank holiday again.


    that the reddish glow of a setting sun on a red brick wall on a local trail makes me glow inside and make life wonderful



    That you only have to turn your back for a few seconds for your 3 year old to climb on the side of your shopping trolley, trying to look at the brand new baby strapped on top, and pull it over on top of himself.


    When your pedaling along and the back end of the bike won't stay in a straight line that Maxxis Ardent's probably don't work that well in mud.

    And never to guess what 120psi is.


    Trouble is, my track pump hasn't got a pressure gauge. Never mind – my car tyres are pretty solid at 30psi, so I thought I'd just pump them that hard, then add four times as much. Easy peasy.

    If you add four times as much that would be 150psi.. 😀


    That gravel pits are a product of glaciation.


    That when you leave a bike in the shed for four months it becomes quite expensive to get it working again.

    The pistons are seized on my ancient Juicys due to corrosion, so replacing them with Juicy 3s (repair cost plus a set of pads makes it a comparable swap).

    I also discovered that B&Q don't make all of their kitchen door handles the same, even when they come in the same packet.


    Biking in hail isn't fun.


    I learnt that, abandoning the car last night and drinking, thinking i'll hop on the road bike today to go and collect it was a bad idea. A 20 mile ride, in the heat, hungover and trying not to puke was not what I had in mind last nite whilst getting the drinks in. never mind. its a bank holiday wk end, have to make the most of it.


    i learned that filling the gap in a step down drop doesnt make it easier for a mate . it changes the context


    Today I learnt that a bicycle frame can be made almost entirely out of wood. I don't know if this helps performance or if it just seemed like a good idea at the time. You certainly meet some characters in my local bike shop.


    that turkish has uppercase and lowercase forms of both the dotted and undotted letter I … fascinating eh!

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