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  • flockofffish

    Went out for a ride to day. Started at Maryburgh roundabout up to Contin, down to end of Straffconon then on back roads to Muir of Ord, across to Avoch, then onto Cromarty and then back on lower road to Maryburgh. Got back in dark with my new lights. Funny that the weather was reported to be bad, but i found it ok.


    Cannock chase! V busy but riding was great, weather good and only one minor crash ๐Ÿ™‚

    Got up early to repair road bike after snagging jeans and killing the mech and hanger.
    40 road miles.
    All the honesty boxes have gone for the winter so no fresh veg or homemade cake.
    Square and compass for pint and pasty, and music, and chickens running around.
    A good nap.
    Watched riding giants the surf documentary
    Now a beach boys documentary.
    Might make some real soup for lunch tomorrow.


    Did my back in fitting my new bathroom. Having a medicinal vodka before bed to ensure a good nights sleep…. A few weeks off the bike bike the lok of it ๐Ÿ™


    Charlie, Riding Giants; good isn’t it.

    I polished my new bike a popped a Fender Bender 2.1 on the front. Sunday week can’t come round fast enough…


    Big breakfast, rode mmmm bop, blue pig x2, pint at midge hole then rode chipps b day pressie followed by huge Sunday roast with the family. Pretty damn good


    Thinking it would be too wet and muddy in the fells we decided to go Kirroughtree…Excellent, forgot just how good it is! ๐Ÿ˜€


    bacon sandwich
    helped the wife out with some work
    grand prix
    broke laptop
    pulled laptop to bits
    fixed laptop
    changed waste pipe on toilet


    Ate loads of bacon and drank loads of tea. Biked a longish route back to my mates house to pick my car up. Topped up washer fluid and pumped up tyres. Had a massive steak + ale pie with chips and peas for tea ๐Ÿ™‚

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Late start (absolutely knackered), excellent drive to Glentress via a diversion and a load of random singletrack roads (and ditches, and verges, and a field at one point to dodge a cattle truck), then a nice lap of red-and-black-bits. One walking wounded, so we cut slightly short, at which point I managed to have an over-the-bars crash on the climb in Falla Brae and smack the crap out of my leg.

    And then, ice cream! And since then, vegging. Not a bad sunday.


    rode yesterday so today cut grass to clear leaves, built model railway layout base by making girders out of 5mm ply and blocks of wood light and strong once tops are on, split logs ready for winter, loaded car for work tomorrow. I had an action packed subday.

    Premier Icon alexpalacefan

    Took son to play rugby. They won.
    Cooked Sunday dinner. Slow roast lamb shoulder.
    Watched football on telly. Liverpool 1 – Man City 1.
    Helped son with maths. x = -1.
    Wasted a small portion of my life on internet. Here and FB.

    Should go to bed really.



    Got up at 06.00 and still dark but a nice comfortable 26deg (I live in Bangkok).

    Headed out on the bike and decided to head over towards the east of the city so rode from my place, up to Sukhumvit Road and followed this to the Bang Na BTS station. Headed right (no idea where this would end up) and rode along a nice quiet soi with loads of streetfood vendors. Ended up at the river so talked to a few locals (who wanted to know what I was doing and where I was going) whilst a guy showed his son my bike and explained about the brakes, shox and lights etc.

    Headed off from there roughly in the right direction around the port and through s few slum areas before picking up the main road and then the back streets back to my place.

    About 30deg when I got back, 35km, and time for breakfast by then!

    Great fun riding in Bangkok but can get “interesting” when the traffic begins to build.

    I ride a full sus’ as a) its the only one I could bring out b) the roads are terrible in places and c) still recovering from broken leg so try and avoid too many shock loadings and I find this eases the situation.

    Matt (just starting the day at work)

    Dropped a hire car off
    Three external meetings
    One internal meeting (To come)
    Then lunch, then off to the airport to spend 8 or 9 hours comatose/asleep with my friends at BA.

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