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    Looking for a compact camera.

    Key requirements are:
    1. size, must be compact! (I currently have a G9 and its just too big)
    2. must have minimal shutter lag (G9 is sloooow)
    3. looking to have RAW and easy-ish manual controls.

    Narrowed to down to a Canon S100 (small and cheap, dunno about lag) or a Sony RX100 (gets good reviews by bot cheap!) and finally Fuji XF1 (bit of an outsider, bigger, and more gimmicy perhaps?)

    Anybody got some real world experience to sway me one way or another?


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    Canon S95 or 100

    I have an S95 and an RX100. The RX100 is bigger enough that it’s noticeable. It’s slightly less pocketable and it does take fantastic shots. The last time I looked, there wasn’t an RX100 RAW plugin for Lightroom, but there might be by now.

    Both have great control and virtually no shutter lag. They’re both quick-on too, but the RX100 is definitely slower to turn off and retract. The RX100 takes great photos in all conditions (and annoyingly good shots on green square and gold square modes too. The S100 is great too, and the only thing that would put me off is the mechanical flash pop-up. It’s right where your left forefinger usually is and you can break it easily if you’re gripping the camera there when the flash auto pops up (this killed the flash on my S90) The RX100 flash is sprung loaded (and bounce-able too!) so that’s not an issue.

    Unless you really, really have to have the Sony, you’ll love the Canon S100. If you plump for the RX100, you won’t regret it either.

    Hope that helps

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    Shutter lag would be the deal breaker for me. I’ve lost (climbing) shots because of it on the G9…

    If they were pretty much of a muchness I’d rather save some cash. Plus I already ahve a decent-ish class 10 card I can use in it.

    Looks like the S100…

    Cheers Chips!

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    I’ve had a G9 too. The S100 would be a (pocketable) speed-machine breath of fresh air to use in comparison.

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    You’ve sold it me…

    Reckon that the S100 is the one for me!

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