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  • What comfortable steel road/audax/light tourer frameset
  • stooo

    I’m a big fan of steel bikes … In fact I’m now an all steel stable.

    I’ll +1 for the equilibrium… And just because I’m selling mine (gratuitous plug … It’s in the classifieds, your size too) fantastic bike, just not as nice as my enigma ethos.

    The enigma is wonderful, but probably over budget.

    Singular do make great bikes for a sensible price and the osprey looks beautiful. I’ve got a swift and love it to bits.

    The surly pacer is super practical, tough and rides well. Have a look at Sumo frames too… Very like singular, but from across the pond. Lovely bikes, good prices, well thought out and they look pretty too.

    In STW recommend what you’ve got style, may I recommend a Bob Jackson.
    (no connection with nerd btw, they are just lovely frames).

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    Salsa Vaya… Manages to be both practical and also a little bit special at the same time

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    I love my Surly Pacer.

    Had it about 4 years, replaced it with a Specialized Diverge and then decided I liked the Pacer better.

    [url=]Surly Pacer[/url]


    Clearly, you guys got the memo about photos of your steel bike requiring a body of water in the background.

    surly pacer, singular osprey, Hewitt all going on the list – along with Bob Jackson (sent you an email nerd).
    Just need to think more about sizes and face the reality that i may be getting too old for classic geometry…


    Surly Pacer again … I built this up last weekend for the same purpose. It will be getting mudguards and maybe a rack. Haven’t used it extensively yet but it is an unbelievably smooth ride for sure.

    [/url]WP_20150430_001 by urshofmannhelfer, on Flickr[/img]

    Pacer certainly is a lovely looking bike – interested to know how any of you find the fit.
    The pretty short head tube makes it look like it feels a little racy?


    Well, compared to the toptube, the headtube is rather short. Or at least shorter than you expect it after you’ve read Surlys pacer-promo. That’s probably why most of the pacers I’ve seen are equipped with an upwards facing stem and some spacers. But then it’s more versatile. You can built it racey or make it a touring bike or whatever you like. Mine is certainly comfortable like that.


    OCB aren’t your 2 steel rides very similar?

    The spa audax gets good write ups and I thought the singulars were being sold at a discount as they are no longer made. Maybe worth a call to Sam

    I do love my Vaya, so would always advise on buying one..

    plus one

    I concur that you can’t beat a nice BJ 😉

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    Linksey Sportive. I know it’s not steel but I’ve seen a couple and they look perfect for what you describe. Disc version with shimano 685 if they do triple left shifter or Spyres and 105/touring gearing would be

    If that’s in budget, you owe it to yourself to look at a Tripster.

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    Van Nicholas Amazon


    I can do a great price on remaining Osprey stock!

    In which case i’ll drop you an email Sam!

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