What classic / future classic car?

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  • What classic / future classic car?
  • my line of thought would suggest cars like stags etc are going to need a fair bit of tinkering to keep them good, even once restored. Something like an older BMW or a Jap car, I would have thought would be less aggro if that’s what you are after and probably more straight forward getting parts etc. IMHO May be proven wrong though.

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    If you can find one… Gorgeous cars.

    Ginetta G4


    Ford racing puma. Low numbers, largely not thrashed. Not expensive to run. Look at the price of cosworth, xr3 and xr4is, to see where these will go.also quite understated I’m everyday use.

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    From your list I too would say TR6. I would also agree not outside, not for any classic you are trying to “cherish”.

    The Lancis Fulvia crossed my mind too and I reckon the Z3 Coupe is definitely a contender for future classic. Unique looks and a boot big enough to carry lots of spares weekend luggage.


    Abarth 500… almost went for one of these last month that looked like a real bargain, but bottled it and got a standard 500. Kind of regretting it now!

    I’d be onto an M5 either E34 or E39, supercar performance, family saloon practicality. Nice noise too!


    Can’t see the Elise appreciating for quite a long time. They’re still considered track day toys, rather than cherished future classics (even the old ones).

    They are, however, utterly brilliant and if you’re considering another pointless pass-time they’re a complete hoot on a track day. If you do go down that route, it’ll cost a few quid to keep it running and you won’t get that back when you sell. They’re happy to live outside if used regularly but may need some farting about with the roof and seals to keep the inside dry. A new roof is about £400

    For a proper classic, the TR6 (or TR4 / 5) are really really really nice cars and quite sought after if they’re mint. It’ll rot in the rain tho

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    elises have already appreciated. i was looking a few years ago, and anything i would have considered ( S1 ) is now up by about 2-3k. bonkers. try and find a 111s…..
    similar story with cat 7s.
    have been looking at boxsters recently and reckon the earlier ones are about bottom of market now.
    out of your original list i wouldn’t touch any of them tbh. older classics have all the histrionics of proper sports cars without the performance, though undoubtedly have charm.
    i wouldn’t bother with a(nother) tvr. tubular steel chassis is vulnerable. unless you can find one that someone has spunked a load of cash on restoring, but even then expect ‘interim’ visits to the menders, to get the bits that fall off bolted back on.
    if you must then the griff/chimeara are probably the most ‘sensible’ option, as there’s lots of choice, and they’re pretty sorted, for tvrs. written as someone who’s done over 45k miles in one. great fun though. do not, under any circumstances, floor a 5L in second gear, in anything other than a straight line. then expect it not to be a straight line. 😀


    My other half’s grandad has a Stag. He had it shipped over from California about 10 years ago. While over there it had done about 3000 miles and then stood in a garage ever since. Since it came over here it has stood in a garage! Still only done a few thousand miles. Not normally my cup of tea but it’s lovely.

    I’ll keep hold of my ’07 325i if it’s going to up in value 😉

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    Can’t see the Elise appreciating for quite a long time. They’re still considered track day toys, rather than cherished future classics (even the old ones).

    Resold mine for what I paid for it after 4 years of ragging. I’d say it’s a good bet (Mk1 1998, bought @ 3 years old I think) – they are still seeling now for what I paid, and give it 10 years and most will be in bits from flipping into fields.

    Incredibly good fun regardless of appreciation whilst you have it 🙂

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    Defo the Elise – can’t think of anything else that would fit the bill given the circumstances and they’re definitely on the up. It’s not the best model but a Mk1 with MMC discs would be the one to go for for investment potential but then your situation even for a reasonably hardly (not rusty) car like the Elise isn’t ideal. You might stretch to a 111s which is apparently the best road option and I have to say I loved the 2 years I spent with mine. Was never tracked but never missed a beat and was always pushed.

    I’d go have a look at this one Rare MMC car – £12995

    or this if you could haggle/push the budget as it looks perfect – Black 111s – £16995

    Good luck wish I was in that position.



    Eh? 17 grand for an old 111S? That’s entirely bonkers, don’t care how shiny it is


    Carcoon is not a substitute for a garage jools , condensation and humidity will kill it worse than being out n the air.

    In conjunction wi a garage & dehumidifier they work well , lad i know keeps his classic parading porsche in one in his garage.


    Alfa Romeo GTV


    Peugeot 205 gti.


    Renault 5 turbo, nova gsi, sierra cosworth & xr4x4, subaru legacy.

    Z4M Coupe would be just about within budget I think…

    I purposely didn’t say a Z4M though 😉


    My car never had condensation in the carcoon

    It has constant air flow, that’s the whole idea

    Mazda RX8 I reckon will go down as a classic.

    If you’re going to gamble on a rotary, at least pick the sensible one. £15k will get you one minted 2002 FD3S RX7 Spirit R, rather than seven RX8s with hope that one of them has been maintained properly.

    Now obviously I’m biased, being a fan of all things RX7, but I get that not everyone wants to be so involved in the maintenance of their classic. An easier £15k would be spent on one of the original S30 Nissan/Datsun Z cars:

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    mrbelowski – Member
    Eh? 17 grand for an old 111S? That’s entirely bonkers, don’t care how shiny it is

    You’re not wrong – it’s what I paid for my 2 year old 5000 mile one back in 2001 but that’s the market for you. Think they bottomed out at about 11-12 and it can only go up from there.


    Citroen c6 is a good bet for a future Classic IMO . Would need a lot of ‘tinkering’ to keep it running smoothly though being a big complicated citroen. Very cool car I reckon and becoming ‘affordable’ nowadays compared to their original price.

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    My tuppence would be that an actual classic would be a better investment, but expect to be tinkering. My problem with anything new is the tolerances in tge engine are so tight that when they start to wear it writes the car off as only higger end places can re build them, your average engineering shop wont be able to put an engine in something like an S2000 back to new. And thats the critical thing, no one wants a ropey one with a 150,000 mile engine.

    An MGB V8 will still put a smile on your face, but is fixable by anyone, and likely appreciate.


    If you’re after a modern or future classic, consider the cars that young people want and will have money for on say 10 years. As a 30 year old now who is less guided by insurance group/mpg I was looking at r32, Cupra r, focus rs etc. easy money as an investment… An older, interesting vw. Maybe a 4×4 golf from the continent?

    Sportier and different I have to second the Nissan/Datsun z cars. Lush

    Yeh, I was going to say an early Z car too. Prices of those had risen in recent years and I can’t imagine they’d ever drop. Right age, stunning looks and right kind of rarity…


    70s Skyline GT-R?


    I’ve thought of another… Renault Clio V6.
    That is going two ways, either backwards through a hedge or up in value.

    Reliant Scimitar GTE, its one that I wish to own someday.

    If you want to hold onto your money and eventually have it grow again, get a Morgan (V8 preferably!), they are beautiful if you get the right one and you couldn’t get anything more british.


    VW Corrado VR6 storm, or a Campaign edition if you can find one. Good ones are getting harder to find, and only 500 storms were made.

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    You can pick up a low mileage Roller for the cost of a new hatchback. Drop a diesel in it and you’re good to go. 🙂

    Morris Marinas are going to be worth money purely because those that didn’t rust away were destroyed by falling pianos, so rarity value will be high, and you’ll be able to hire it out for movies.

    I think any of the low volume British cars that had fibreglass bodies would be a good buy. Usually there’s an owners club, so body parts are easily sourced, and their consumable mechanical parts are from mass production cars, so also easily sourced.

    A car I would consider is the Smart Roadsters. In 10 years time we may have to sell a kidney for fuel, so small engines will be in greater demand, and the mechanical parts are still being made for the normal Smart cars.


    Golf mk4 R32


    Glad a couple of folk mentioned r32s as that is what I have invested in as my appreciating classic of the future, fingers crossed, but even if it doesn’t it makes me my smile every time I drive it!

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    blastit – Member
    just over budget at 16.5k but worth it

    Went straight to the site all excited, but no car.

    Did you buy it? How many bikes can you get in the back?


    No didn’t buy saw it on http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C369912e
    they must of forgot to update it, was placed on 6 feb so quite fresh.

    or this one

    here http://www.scottishmotorservices.co.uk/used-cars/aston-martin-db7-fh-2dr-auto-glasgow-201311189987125

    Early 2 door metal grill RangeRover – although prices are already firm.

    Nice 80″ Series1 land rover or a Safari roofed Series2 109 CSW?


    Plenty of ideas here Formy money it’d be more bikes. A vintage hetchins like this one: http://www.theoldbicycleshowroom.co.uk/1967-hetchins-vade-mecum-2-hellenic-4138-p.asp

    And a pashley apb.

    Then I’d go on lots of holidays with the remaining 10K


    blastit, the photo of that car is taken at the bottom of the steps outside my house. SMS take all their pics there.

    They often have some nice cars in, worth keeping an eye out.

    Worldclassaccident what is that? It looks like a Z3 but with a modified body.


    Some interesting ideas on here, just one made me suck through my teeth, the Clio V6. It’s a short car with a 13m turning circle which means it’s sporting credentials are zero, nul, nix. Our current rather long people carrier thingy has an 11m turning circle.

    Madame wanted a 2CV but then, thank you God, saw a rather long people carrier thingy which requires a once-a-year service by somebody other than me.

    Whatever you buy, let the love of your life choose, your life will become better I promise.


    Edukator – Troll
    Some interesting ideas on here, just one made me suck through my teeth, the Clio V6. It’s a short car with a 13m turning circle which means it’s sporting credentials are zero, nul, nix.

    classic does not, necessarily, equal good. Desirable, low numbers, different, etc, does.

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