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  • What cheap bike helmet?
  • Premier Icon jonba
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    And sunglasses. Also anyone got any make up tips as I’ve a black eye and start a new job tomorrow 🙁

    Broke my Carnac helmet yesterday. They don’t do the model I had but I liked it and so was thinking of getting another. I’ve got a posh roadie helmet and an aero one. I tend to use a cheaper one for mountain bike and commuting.

    Is there anything out there to rival the Planet X Carnac offerings? They punched above their weight for performance but seem to have gone up in price recently.

    Premier Icon n0b0dy0ftheg0at
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    I wish more of the PX range fitted me, but at 62cm and an Alien head, very few do. The £40 Kronus TT does just about fit, thinking about the £30 Carnac XC Retroflective for commutes, could be handy for my 0600 starts in winter.

    There’s a new full face arriving soon for £25, but sizing way too small for me.

    https://www.halfords.com/cycling/bike-helmets/adult-bike-helmets/mongoose-urban-helmet-659908.html were a nice snug fit 3years back, nearly got one, could collect it this afternoon.

    Premier Icon hooli
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    If it fits you, the on one enduro helmet is brilliant for £15 – it is brilliant for 3 times that. I have 2 and the kids all have one. We obviously have planet x shaped heads.

    Premier Icon spacey
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    I got one of the on-one “enduro” helmets when they were £10, doesn’t fit me. You can have it for price of postage if you want as it’s getting the way. email should be in profile if you’re interested.

    Premier Icon trumpton
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    The bell ones in halfords are good.or just get a pissport from sports direct to ride you over.

    Premier Icon andrewreay
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    Declathon ones are OK.

    Declathon helmets £18

    DHB is great too, but ‘expensive’ compared to the Carnac and BTWIN ones.

    DHB Crossover £40

    Or just get a previous season one…

    Met Crossover £28

    Premier Icon ads678
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    I can vouch for DHB helmets, I’ve got a road one and its really nice. Just replaced a Carnac one that I’ll carry on using for commuting (if I ever need to again) and that fit nicely as well.

    Premier Icon lunge
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    I like the Carnac helmets, got a few, they fit and they look OK too.
    For the price I think they’re very good value.

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