What chain for my singlespeed?

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  • What chain for my singlespeed?
  • naffrider

    Need a new chain for my singlespeed.

    Nothing fancy, just durable and functional.

    Any recommendations?


    I’ve always liked the SRAM PC1, the nickel plated version, not standard as it rusts quick in the British muck.

    I’ve tried a few others including a cheap shimano and a posh KMC which was awful.

    So £10 for the SRAM is where my money goes.


    +1 for the PC1.

    I use them on my singlespeed and fixed.

    Nickel PC1 also for me. Also join without using the quick link, means I have an emergency link, but yet to use one in years.

    Premier Icon cp

    PC1 here too. Nickel version only £8 at CRC at the mo.


    KMC Rustbuster…whichever model/size to match the chainrings.



    kmc z610rb


    KMC Z610RB is for 3/32″ chainrings (typically 6-10 speed).

    KMC also do a Rustbuster for 1/8th heavy-duty chainrings.

    CRC do these but their site seems unresponsive at present.


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    KMC Z510 HX CHAIN 1/8″

    Available here…

    Makes the PC-1 seem very poor quality, I’ve previously always used pc-1 and this has lasted 3 times longer and is still going strong.

    bent udder

    PC-1 nickel plated here. Going to try the KMC above at some point, but 3 PC-1s for £22 is hard to turn down. 😉


    Kmc for 4.99 from crc, been good for me.

    I replaced mine recently after trashing it with a cheep clarks chain which stretched beyond the point it would sit on the sprockets in 5 rides.

    I was told that the KMC chains are wayyyy longer lasting than PC1, and there’s a lot of SSers in the club.

    I was also told to avoid 1/8″ unless youre running BMX sprockets and chainrings as they’re too wide and dont sit straight on the chainrings. someone in the club apparently had one jump off repeatedly as a result (I tried it out and there’s quite a lot fo ‘play’ in those chains on normal sprockets!) so I went back and bought a 2nd new chain. Everyone now used Z610’s on propper 3/32 sprockets like groove armada (not the thin pressed steel ones).

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