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  • what car do you have?
  • Premier Icon DezB

    Just picked up a nice BMW 335d m sport. Really cheap. Not that it’s of any interest to STW.

    Premier Icon Trekster

    ’96 Polo which is going to the big rusty grave yard to be recycled today. 🙁
    Polo good for 2 bikes…..


    commodore SV6 sportwagon. massive.


    Facel Vega HK500


    I really like my Ford Astra

    Premier Icon richmtb

    A SEAT Leon, one of the faster ones.

    Bikes go on the roof. Its a decent car, faster than a Golf GTI for less money (with a slightly shit interior and lower resale value as the payoff) and no one expects a SEAT to be that fast.


    murdered out 2.5ltr LWB T5 with bed in the back behind the second row of seats and a poweder coated VW bike rack… seats five, rack carries four plus one down the side of the bed. no wheels off. 7.5l/100km yesterday on a trip down south… 6.8l/100km when grandaddying it up to berlin… 60mph, cruise control on.


    Fiat Doblo mk2 MPV, two bikes fully built go in upright, does 45-50mpg on a run, and drives well for what it is. Only issue is that the sump sits pretty low, so susceptible to grounding out on forest tracks.
    A Toyota Previa taxi I caught the other night felt like a tin can with endemic body roll in comparison.

    Premier Icon dukeduvet

    I used to own a Lancia Beta coupe, getting a bike in the back seats was a bit of a challenge but managed it just.

    ’96 Polo which is going to the big rusty grave yard to be recycled today.
    Polo good for 2 bikes…..

    Same here Trekster! 96 Polo just gone the scrappy, great for just chucking a dirty bike in the back although small. Good wee car but now replaced with… Skoda Octvia estate (series 1). Not huge but just needs front wheel and seat post off. Ill get roof bars when funds allow. Comfy and tdi makes it quick and cheap. Was a bargain to buy too.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    one of those cheap Zafiras on offer earlier this year

    its huuuge

    got 2 adult bikes, 2 kids bikes, 2 adults,2 kids a double kid trailer, a buggy, carry cot all my racing kit and spares plus a million other things for a family 10 days in scotland while I ‘raced’ ews and ukge

    It had to be well packed but it all worked rather well

    ISUZU D-Max, Hi-Lander.

    A massive 4 door pick up with a full canopy. Bikes slide in the back. I slide in the front and grin like a loon every time I put my foot down (3.0Tdi with a modified turbo).

    I can’t think of a better mtb’ers ‘car’. I can literally hose the mud out of the boot, sit on the tail gate to change, spanner, rest. Never worried about getting stuck in muddy car parks and mpg doesn’t change if I’ve got a truck full of men and bikes or if it’s a single driver.

Viewing 11 posts - 81 through 91 (of 91 total)

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