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  • What can I get for my 40th and what to do on the day?
  • organic355

    40th is looming in February and the mrs is hounding me for present ideas and also for what I want to do?

    What did those of you that have reached this very young milestone get as a gift?

    I cant really think of anything, dont need a new bike as dont get out on the 2 ive got due to 20 month old.

    A watch? dont really need one, got a Suunto, but suppose I could get a nice dress watch?

    thinking maybe a full frame SLR as getting better at photography and always wanted full frame.

    Also what to do? We had just had my brother in laws 40th at Kenmore lodges which was nice, just family staying in a big house, nice dinner etc.

    Maybe something like that, but problem is, its in February, in Scotland, and its school holidays, we would also have to cater for my little one who will be 2+ by then and 2 5-6 year olds.

    Anything else similar to kenmore lodges in Scotland, or even considering centre parks at lake district?

    Anything nice around peebles? hydro?

    Sorry for waffle, but need some ideas.

    Premier Icon jekkyl

    your present needn’t be a material possession, your present could be time away to ride your bike without the responsibilities of marriage or fatherhood. That’s what I had…. & a bike frame.


    I did the trans-provence for my 40th. It was the most amazing week Ive had on a bike so far.

    Wife and kids flew out the week after for a relaxing time in a lovely house in the middle of nowhere.

    Did the trip in May, months away from the actual day, but I’ll remember it for ever 🙂

    Premier Icon jimdubleyou

    I hit that particular milestone on Thursday.

    I’m going to the Star Wars Secret Cinema. My wife (who hates Star Wars) is coming too. This is a once-in-a-lifetime type thing as I doubt she’ll ever watch a movie with me again after this.

    TBH, as I’ve got older I’m more interested in experiences than “stuff” and anything I actually want/need I’ll get myself if we’ve got the money.

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    Centre parks for your 40th birthday? In a pig’s arse, my friend.

    How about your missus holds the fort whilst you hit the road for an all-dayer on the mountain bike out in the wild country? Solo, facing the outer darkness to reflect on the great works of your life thus far.

    Missus then continues to hold said fort and you go out with your mates in the tweed valley for a couple of days riding and bevvying.

    Then have a family get-together at the weekend.

    Coke and hookers… Isn’t that usual singletrack answer ?


    A weekend in a log cabin (with jacuzzi) near kirroughtree would be what I’d do. We did this when our wee one was 8 months old. One day cycling on my own and the next with wife and wee one in trailer.
    Not for my 40th though as I was only 31 then, you might want more of a keepsake though.

    Peebles hyrdro is lovely though and comrie is nearby…

    Premier Icon YoKaiser

    As my 40th beckoned I always thought I’d get a really nice boutique custom made bike. The closer it got I realised that I chop and change bikes so much I didn’t want something I’d feel shackled too. Anyway to my point, ended up going to Molini and had a rare time, it has also had the added benefit of setting a holiday away with the lads precedent.

    Premier Icon jamiep

    your present needn’t be a material possession, your present could be time away to ride your bike without the responsibilities of marriage or fatherhood. That’s what I had…. & a bike frame.

    Experiences usually last longer than things. I had a skills day for my 40th. ….And bought myself a carbon CX bike

    Premier Icon mtbfix

    @ jimdubleyou, you and me both!

    I got a week away with BasqueMTB back in July. As mentioned elsewhere, it was an experience I will not forget and memories last longer than stuff generally.

    Then got a pass for 2 rides over last weekend and a surprise party.

    Premier Icon woody2000

    I had a skills day for my 40th (thanks to my brother), a weekend away in the lakes riding bikes and stuff and then a week in the Alps the following year courtesy of the missus. Stuff is just stuff – do[/u] something memorable, it’ll last longer. Either that or get a bad tattoo, you’ll never stop thinking about it 🙂

    Premier Icon franksinatra

    I planning to do a ride around Iceland. If for any reason that won’t happen then maybe the Highland 500. Just me, the bike and a tent.

    If you really don’t want anything materialistic – have an experience like others have suggested and also ask friends/family to donate some money to a charity of your choice….(if they insist on paying something for your birthday)..

    Premier Icon Mary Hinge

    I went skiing for a week for my February 40th.

    For my 50th I went to my brother in laws inquest!!


    We booked a camping barn in Devon for mine. Invited a bunch of friends, some with kids. The plan was to then do a 40 mile triathlon. Mix of walking, cycling and kayaking totalling 40 miles. The idea was for me and a few of the group to do everything and the rest to join us for bits of it. Worked pretty well with a bit of beach and pub thrown in. Didn’t quite hit the miles as we had to abandon the kayaking due to weather though. Don’t know how well it’d work in Scotland in feb


    My wife got me a pinarello dogma frame for my 40th……she regrets it now…as come Sunday’s …I’m gone!!…lol


    Centre parks for your 40th birthday? In a pig’s arse, my friend.

    you shouldn’t call another man’s wife a pig (or am I getting the wrong end of the stick with the centre parks reference?)

    Premier Icon jam bo

    I planning to do a ride around Iceland.

    I did that for my 39th, already planning a return trip for my 40th…

    Jambo -why not choose a different supermarket for a change? 😀

    Premier Icon IHN

    On the day, I went for a nice lunch with MrsIHN at Brasserie Blanc then went to the cinema in the afternoon to see the Muppets 🙂

    MrsIHN was determined that I should have a do, but I was determined that I wouldn’t. She did take me to Le Manoir, but we were both a bit underwhelmed to be honest.


    I Have three years to go but saving for this right now


    I got a chainsaw 😀

    I got a chainsaw

    now we’re talking. Dogmas…blah-de-blar


    what to do on the day?

    Two chicks at the same time.

    I intend to spend my 40th (April 2016) with my kids riding bikes and having fun.


    Lots of folks are advocating great experiences over material possessions.

    Trip to Hong Kong. Go to Wan-Chai. Enjoy


    I went to stuttgart beer festival/summer fete type thing.

    Premier Icon Stoner

    This thread is close to my interests. I turn 40 in November.

    Mrs S is a smart cookie and knows there’s nothing really I want that I wouldn’t get myself so long as I could justify it to myself. I can also pretty much go and do what I want within reason. And I get to spend so much time doing stuff with the kids already I should feel guilty.

    I probably haven’t helped much by just saying I’d like to go and hide somewhere for a while. I think she’s organising a drinkies, which is fine.

    Maybe I’ll ask for a Walls vienetta. That’s all I wanted when I was 11 and got moved up a set at school.

    I’ll probably go out for a nice dinner with Mrs S and make sure the babysitter is good till late.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    Time to jump out of a plane.

    rene59 – Member
    what to do on the day?
    Two chicks at the same time

    Premier Icon bikebouy

    I spent 2 amazing weeks at Rick Steins cookery school in Padstow.

    I’m underestimating the experience by 1000 here as it was amazing.

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    Its mine in 2 weeks.. Mrs cloudnine is getting me a posh exposure light and am going away for the week with my family to mid Wales. Hopefully going for an uplift day at Aunty’s stinkyhog and a few loops of nant yr Arian..

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