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  • What camera to replace a Olympus om d m10 with?
  • vondally
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    So as a family we have a old Olympus OM-D E-M10 mark 2, been great for travelling and wandering with for last 9 years. Daughter has used it most but it has started randomly jumping through the menu settings a common issue and one that seems to be expensive too fix.

    Looking at it has made a tad nostalgic for a small camera, I use my pixel phone for everything but would not mind revisiting a camera and re learning how to take a picture.

    So what would you recommend, priorities are

    Light weight, compact.

    Range of lenses…..a option to change

    Easy to use dials….limited feeling in my right hand due to nerve loss.

    Wireless transfer of photos.

    Reasonable price.

    Second hand ok if reputable dealer

    Oh where would you buy from.


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    I’ve bought from mpb and ffordes. I’d also buy from wex

    Any reason not to stay Olympus? I have an omd em5 mark ii. But that only really adds weather seals. My niece has the omd em 10 matk iv. It’s really fast at everything. An omd om1 mark ii gets you much better auto focus but is a bit bigger

    Fuji and sony also do great systems. But they all have strengths and weaknesses. Are you looking for anything in particular? Oh maybe not Sony. The A6x00 cameras aren’t as tactile as the Olympus, particularly the rear dial. Fuji dials are big but it’s generally a more expensive system

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    Do check the apps. Many seem to be hopeless

    I believe Fuji XT5 is the answer, or if you want more compact – X100V / IV

    You are north of £1500 for any of those options though

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    “STW Recommend what you’ve got”

    Olympus EM5-iii second hand or OM System OM-5 new, which is almost the same camera with some extra functions (handheld high-res, simulated neutral density filters).

    Sensor and autofocus are considerably better than the OM10, has all the features you ask for and is compatible with your existing m-Zuiko lenses from the EM10. Camera and certain lenses are weather resistant/splashproof. OM systems seem to be constantly releasing new lenses and have a great range; look at the 12-45 f4 pro for a nice small lens or the 17 or 25 1.8 primes for a really small setup.

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    I would probably say Sony A7C used from Amazon or MPB. I sell and buy a lot to MPB.

    It’s not the most intuitive menu but is probably the most fully featured compact full frame ‘proper’ camera. There are other good options if you’re okay with a non-interchangeab lens. Or as suggested you could get the APS-C a6xxx.

    The Panasonic S5 is probably better value but bigger.

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    Thanks for all the info, sticking with om d seems a good option as I can reuse the lens.

    Can I ask much difference between

    Olympus EM5-iii  approx £600 to700


    omd em 10 mark  iv. Top end £550

    Weatherproof is quite important as is robustness.

    Mainly landscapes and street photography that interest me ….all help appreciated.

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    Stick with whichever one in the Olympus lineup suits your budget. I sold my OMD-EM1ii and I regret it now my shoulders are complaining at the weight of my full frame kit.

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    The em5 iii gets weather sealing and phase detect af for better focusing on moving objects. Em 10 iv lacks both. Some people have complained about the base plate of the em5 iii so probably best not to carry it around on a strap screwed into the tripod socket. I think the omd em1 mark ii is the sameinternals but just a touch heavier and cheaper

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    May be useful but OM have 35% off their factory refurb outlet (may be today only?) And these come with warranty – code PN35%UK

    There were some Olympus (E-M) and OM Systems models available. I’m adding an E-M1 mk iii to my little PEN-F

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    I love my e-m1 mkii. Such a great tactile camera to use, main controls on rotary knobs always on your thumb and finger.

    I came from an e-m10 mkii, and I actually find the e-m1 easier to hold. It’s only slightly bigger but the grip helps massively and once you’ve got a lens on there’s not *that* much difference in size

    Both shown here with a 25mm lens.


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    Thanks so looks like the e-m1 mkii fits budget and requirements . Can I check I can use it with the lens from my old Olympus om d m10.

    I think yes but checking

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    I picked up a em-1 mk 3 last week for £629 from London Camera Exchange.  Pretty much the same as the mark 2 apart from improvements in image stabilisation and also a funky night sky feature that I haven’t tried yet.

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    I use the latest Pen (e-p7?) as my carry everywhere and travel camera. They had some deals, half-price with the tiny 14-42 zoom and a prime lens thrown in, but overpriced IMO if paying RRP as it’s not all metal like the OMDs but nice enough. No viewfinder though.

    But yes, def stick with OM System if you already have the lenses I reckon. I’ve always liked the em5

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