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    another good thing about BB7 is being able to lock the wheels when you park up outside a shop – stops bike rolling/falling and maybe even stop someone nicking it

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    It’s worth getting the BB7s over BB5s then?


    If the BB5’s are the road version, (can’t remember which is which), then the ones I have on my Kona Sutra work just dandy, I used them both with the Shimano 105 flippy levers, and also with bar-end and Crosstop levers on my current Profile Aerobar set-up. The original brake and lever set-up were in use with the same cables for two years, with no issues at all, apart from being noisy when they got wet, then they’d sing! Power-wise, they are easily on a par with the hydros I have on my other three bikes; a pair of Juicy 7’s, a pair of Hope M4’s and a pair of M4 Monos, bearing in mind the 160mm rotors. Setting them up was a bit of a faff originally, but I truly can’t see why anyone needs to fiddle with them continually. I NEVER had to, the bike got used right through two crappy winters and never got touched, the same this winter, after I singlespeeded it and changed the levers, the current filthy state of it will attest to that. Then again, my Hopes don’t squeal all the time, either, like lots of other people’s seem to, so maybe I’m just doing something right.


    It doesn’t matter if they are road specific or mtb.

    BB5 – Has one pad adjuster, meaning you have to fiddle around a lot as the pad wears down.

    BB7 – Has 2 pad adjusters which means you don’t have to play with cables/pad housing. A little turn each side and you are done.

    It’s well worth spending the little extra to get the bb7, all the complaints on here are talking about the bb5.

    Mine that I find fiddly are BB5s

    Disk brake experience:

    Shimano Deore hydro – reliable, very modulated and powerful enough
    Shimano Deore cable (2nd hand) – reliable, needs occasional pad adjustment and about 70% of the power of the hydros
    Hayes Stroker Trail hydro – reliable, OK modulation, 20% more powerful than Shimano hydros

    These % are just guestimates and totally unscientific. The cable brakes were a cheap and useful upgrade from Vs because there were combine brake/gear lever units I didn’t feel like replacing.

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)

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