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    I bought a set of the original SLXs 4 years ago and wished I’d gone for XTs. There was no difference in power, but the XTs (M775) were finished better, more adjustment and you didn’t need pliers to change pads (This really irritated me with the SLXs). All minor points but I reckon it’s worth spending the extra for that bit of extra class.

    I haven’t properly compared the new SLX vs new XT but they both seem like a great deal via Rose. I decided to spend the extra and go for XTs. Mind you, it has to be said that although the new M875 XTs look bling, they do feel a bit plasticky… Hopefully they’ll last another 4 years and it’ll be money well spent.


    hope v2 for me since they 1st came out and still going strong. tried elixirs but they were shit due to lever feel/rotor center/and me being a tard and not tightening the caliper up enhough


    If you like Formula R1 and TheONE I suggest picking up some RX.

    I ran Hope for years and loved them… but tried some Formula RX as I wasn’t loving the V2 lever feel, and I am now a Formula convert 😳

    I loved the RX lever feel but outright stopping power was not as good as the V2… so I upgraded to TheONE on my big bike and moved the RX to my hardtail. Brilliant solution as TheONE are amazing brakes… and the RX are damn good too… until I next have money burning a hole and the hardtail gets R1 or TheONE upgrade 8)


    All my brakes work. From expensive Formulas to cheerful low-end Avids and Hayes and even cable Tektros.

    The Ones are pretty impressive and are the least tiring to use and have the most stopping power but I like the crappy Avid/Hayes as they have a larger ‘slow me down a little’ window which is generally what I want in a brake.

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    I was a died in the wool Hope user for years till my new bike came with SLX. They are frankly brilliant. They just “work”.


    Another vote here for the M785 XTs from Rose. Stupidly powerful.
    I’m starting to think that the M775 XTs on my two other bikes are going to have to be upgraded now, ‘cos if I jump on the bike with the M785s after riding the others I think I’ll be going OTB 😯


    I’m on the 2010 xt’s, still love them. Didn’t get on with superstar pads in them (less power, more noise) but that could be to do with sintered v’s organics to be honest. Also better with OE rotors.
    Tempted by the new ones but as I can lock the front and back in litrally any situation and have to really work hard (like try like mad) to over heat them, I can’t justify the upgrade


    Save yourself a wad of cash and spend 10 mins bleeding your elixirs properly, or take the bike to someone who knows what they’re doing. Got 2 sets and they’ve never missed a beat in 2 years.


    Yeh, that never occured to me ! 3 sets in 3 years and all had various issues, sticking cylinders, bleeds lasting a week or two, uneven pad ware.. there just finiky.

    Do the Finned pads on SLX’s make much difference to normal pads ?


    I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say Giant MPH

    😆 good one, made me laugh 🙂

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