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  • What bmx did you have back in the day?
  • Premier Icon timmys

    I never did discover what my BMX was. It was bought off a local guy who’s son had left it behind when he went off to join the army. All I cared about was that it had skyway mag wheels so was a cool as ****.


    The gold burner is a super burner. With tuff wheel 2’s it’s a super tuff burner.

    Premier Icon sillyoldman

    Giant GMX 175
    Raleigh Tuff Burner
    Raleigh Aero Pro
    MRD Badlander
    Skyway TA
    Hutch Trickstar
    Haro Master
    Haro Sport
    Mongoose Hooligan
    Hoffman Condor
    Hoffman Taj
    Dragonfly DFX – unfortunately I’ve still got that.


    I don’t remember the order, but owned loads. sold my last one at the age of 17 for ยฃ25 to go to the pub. it was worth ยฃ500!

    Raleigh Burner, at least 3
    Gt Frestyler
    Skyway TA x2
    Pk Ripper
    Redline x2
    Haro, a racy one

    Even got some lavender skyway Mag wheels imported from America. i must have looked ridiculous imitating paperboy on my full lavender blue freestyler. ๐Ÿ˜€


    Great thread! I had a second hand Tange Exploder – red with yellow Skyway Tuff 2 wheels, i loved that bike! Frame snapped so I was bought a Huffy Pro Thunder chrome frame and swapped all the bits over and had it for years…..never went anywhere without my bike! My dad made me sell it when i was 17 to “get it out of the shed” as i was joining the army so i sold it to a mate who destroyed it …..

    Don’t speak to my mate anymore – or my dad for that matter!


    Raleigh aero-pro, swapped the frame/fork with a mate for a dp freestyler. Black skyway mags, sold it for ยฃ40. ๐Ÿ™


    i had a Puch Inveder like the one below….except mine was bright yellow..


    Patterson Pro imported from the ‘States. Really wish I hadnt sold it ;0(


    I’d love to find some old photos of me on mine. Need to go round my old mans and go through them some time!
    I had a Silverfox like this:

    Tangerine coloured Puch Murray with black Skyway mags. Can’t remember the model but jeez how I loved that bike…

    Raced for the first time at the old Southport BMX track when I was probably no more than about 8. Wearing a motorbike helmet which I was glad of the first time someone ran over my head!

    Premier Icon johnny

    Raleigh Ultra Burner. My first ever brand-new bike. I still remember going to Geoff Hall’s Toys in Coalville to buy it….

    Premier Icon johnny

    damn you, work web security! it was black with gold bits, you get the idea, burner owners…


    A Raleigh Super Burner, black and gold. Never really used it as a BMX, it was my combined school/paper round commuter and my mountain bike before I knew mountain bikes existed.

    1983 – Puch Murray. 2nd hand thing I bought off a mate. Coaster brake!
    1984 – Firebird Freestyler. In Chrome, not white. Saved hard from a paper round and built it up. Arayas (and then Skyways), GT bars, tioga one-piece crank, dia compe brakes, kashimax aero saddle… all in tasteful yellow and blue.

    Happy days.


    Team Murray with Lester mags
    DP Firebird
    DP Firebird Delta 2
    Robinson Pro kept just for racing.


    Chrome Falcon Pro with yellow Skyways


    Moto One
    Supergoose II
    PK Ripper
    Skyway TA


    S&M Holmes
    Standard Bicycle Moto Cross
    Kastan Cruiser


    I had a raleigh night burner, which i ‘modified’. Had acorn freestylers (wheels) which were just cheap skyways, but looked cool. Bought a bmx last week, and feel like I am 15 again ๐Ÿ™‚

    I had one of these, I guess it was the US Raleigh version of a Pro Burner at the time. My Dad pimped it out with a Suntour stem and 3 piece chainset plus a selection of chainrings so I could change gears dependent on the track; he even made me ‘train’ by riding up the local hill 10 times every day after school then spent his weekends driving me all over to race.

    He was/is a proper good dad.


    AndyF1 wrote I had this untill a few years ago. I got an offer i couldnt refuse.
    Mk1 Raleigh Pro Burner.

    Can I ask how much you let it go for?

    a black Kuwahara frame ( well the cheapo version of the E.T. edition) with red rims, crank, a red elina saddle with integrated post (no clamp), red AME grips, White Aero padset and graphite X flat pedals. Used to have some funky black and white gear cable covers too. Had a red SR stem and I loved it ๐Ÿ™‚ Sold it to get an ATB. Wish I hadn’t. I put landing gear stickers on the forks and a JT racing sticker on my Full Facer ๐Ÿ˜€

    Friends at the time had Aero Burners, Burners, a Saxon, DP firebird and one of my all time faves – Diamond Back Silver Streaks.

    This is a great book for those who love bmx.

    rad rides


    [quoteI had a raleigh night burner, which i ‘modified’. Had acorn freestylers (wheels) which were just cheap skyways, but looked cool. Bought a bmx last week, and feel like I am 15 again [/quote]

    Had pictures of the night burner on my bedroom wall (next to Sam fox :wink:) adored the colour scheme on that bike. Bert an original is worth a mint now…


    Raleigh Tuff Burner, blue frame with yellow Skyways.Then bought a Montesa chrome framed bmx and put best bits of Raleigh on to frame and gave swapped result to my sister. Bought MX levers, CW bars, lay back seat post and bear trap pedals(the ones that cut and dent shins if trick fails). Still swear by flat pedals on MTB.

    Premier Icon sturmey

    Capital Typhoon from Ellis Briggs snapped 3 piece crank on numerous occasions eventually told them I wanted a replacement cos riding to the bike shop every other week with your trainer tied to the pedal by its lace to have it repaired was not on. Then got a Peugeot something or other. Always hankered after a DP Firebird Freestyler and been looking for 1 recently. The other year a guy was walking an immaculate Skyway TA through the park with his missus when I started talking to him about it his misses’ eyes just rolled round the back of her head ๐Ÿ˜†

    Premier Icon nim

    I had a Raleigh Extra Burner which must have been 1984. Then did a morning paper round (ยฃ9 a week back then!) to save up for a Rickman Freestyler which I loved. Sadly it was stolen a couple of years later.
    Last year I bought a Haro Sport 2006 re-issue on ebay due to to nostalgia and the hope I would have have time to learn the tricks I used to do as kid. However sold it recently as only ever rode it once!


    1982 I got a black and gold Ultra Burner.
    2 years later I got a chrome CW Pistol Pete. I loved that bike and my dad gave it away when I was at uni. They made so few of them finding one has prove difficult and there are a few fakes / wannabees out there.


    My “back in the day” isn’t the same as most of you but I used to ride a Federal Division like this, and it was awesome.

    Still miss it a bit, wish I’d never sold it!


    Skyway TA with white skyway tuffs ๐Ÿ™‚ ….. one of only a handful of TA`s in the country at the time :)…
    Real CW bars, Suntour stem,Redline cranks….. awesome bikes
    No pics im afraid ๐Ÿ™


    Looking a bit sorry for its self but one day I’ll get some time to sort it out

    I had a grifter……they were heavy as sin i could “Knightrider” them for about 40 metres…ahaha

    Premier Icon tenfoot

    Ultra Burner for me with Renthal bars and Aero 5 spoke mags.

    Loved it but always felt like it was just a pseudo bmx. Really wanted a Harry Leary

    Premier Icon bumps

    Huffy Pro Thunder in yellow and blue – 1982. Heavy as a ba5tard. Desperately wanted a PK Ripper in black and gold with Skyway Tuffs or an ET Kuwahara.


    Awesome thread! ,,, i had a few bikes back in early 80’s,first was puch murray (sat on board ont left!)

    Then kuwahara,curtis,rebel freestyler…. Its in the blood from birth till this very day..
    Live to ride…ride to live…;)

    that Curtis is amazing!!

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