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  • What bmx did you have back in the day?
  • As above, I had a black raleigh burner with gold wheels, brakes and hubs. Was a beauty, I got it when I was around 8 years old and only got rid of it when I snapped the frame about 6 or 7 years later. It really took some abuse and all it ever got was new tyres and brake blocks every year or so.
    Anyone else have a burner?


    Kuwahara Nova & would love another one ..


    not mine but I had a Chrome Burner like this one..

    mine also lasted years and years


    Raleigh burner for me but my mate had a mongoose that was awesome


    A Super Tuff Burner. Gold with black Skyway Mag wheels. Awesome bike (or so I thought at the time anyway).

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    A chrome DP Freestyler with white mags and red kit, much like this.

    Hmm, I miss that bike! (nearly 30 years later)

    Also started off with a Super Tuff Burner.

    Skyways! AWESOME!


    S E Racing Quadangle in red.

    I’ve just bought a mk1 mini burner as a project. Hopefully will keep me busy in the man cave because the more time I spend in the house, the more silly jobs I get given by the other half


    mini mongoose then onto a Skyway TA. wish I still had it now!!


    White and red Raleigh Styler.

    Many years later I met a girl with a mixed up bunch of random parts with blue mx brakes, yellow tyres and skyway mags. Married her too! 8)


    Another Kuwahara here looking on the web it was a kz – 1 with the gusset. Also had a Silver Fox with skinny wheels which was nice.

    Brother had a SE PK Ripper and recently bought a Quadangle 24″ to relive his youth, shame he’s pushing forty and never rides it

    Great thread

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    Yay! I started with a chrome burner too. Then worked my arse off doing paper rounds, saturday and holiday jobs to build up a Wilson Reynolds 501 frame with Landing Gear, pro class rims and lots of other goodies. I bloody loved that bike!!!!

    And it got me in the habit I still have now of indulgent ‘Triggers Broom’ style bikes, built up as finances allow.

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    I had a Tange Hot Heart… Looking back, it was a brilliant bit of kit but I never liked it much, partly because it was built to race, partly because it wasn’t a brand my mates had heard of- I thought it wasn’t a “proper bmx” (it was all stickered up Scotia BMX as it was an ex team bike). I wanted a raleigh 😳


    Falcon Pro Beta. Not this exact one (the pic is a random internet find), but the exact model and colour, I think


    A Skyway. I later found out it was nicked and sold to me by a schoolmate.


    Tuff Burner, then a Meteor-lite frame, then swapped to an Ammaco Mongoose.

    CW bars, Odi Mushroom grips, Skyway Tuff IIs, layback post, Shimano DX pedals, two-finger levers, quick release brakes.

    I also had a tange. Not sure on the model but I used it as a commuter for my first job for nearly a year. Ten mile round trip on a bmx and loved every mile


    A Super Tuff Burner. Gold with black Skyway Mag wheels. Awesome bike (or so I thought at the time anyway).

    I snagged one of these from gumtree recently

    Jamie 38yo


    Mine cost me £40 second hand, as a kid worked all summer picking oats out of a wheat field to pay for it!

    Great bike 🙂


    Who remembers Redline Flight cranks. They were the dogs. Cheaper now than back in the day.


    Not quite as old skool as some.
    Broke and replaced every part on it bar the frame and seat.
    Would go to the lbs so often for parts it was getting ridiculous.
    Brilliant fun grinding benches for hours upon hours when it did work though.

    Edit… Pic of this one is not mine, though same frame.


    Vincent Airzone in sky blue with white tyres


    The latest twin pinchbolt versions retail around 85 quid but the old single pinch bolt versions are so much nicer and worth a hell of a lot more. I still have a pair on my S&M. They were bought from Rockville bmx around 88. Another pair I had are on a bike I sold to mate but I’ve heard it’s just laying around in a loft. I plan to buy that back if and when possible…

    I started with a Mk 1 night burner with the round tubeset. Then an MRD expert (local bike shop wouldn’t sell my father the ‘pro’ which I asked for. Good on him, I thought the pro was the best model at the time, but he knew better for a small chap and got the expert version in. Great service from the LBS! I then bought a raleigh team issue frameset and I think I sanded it down to respray/get AD990 mounts welded onto the stays not long after. Wish I kept that one original. Then I got a 1990 Elf pro.. followed by S&M’s.


    Robinson something-or-other. Soooo wish I still had it.


    i had a murray cruiser and a haro sport. Always wanted a kuwahara cuz of clint hill andd et……
    I remember a friend who was quite good got a ‘co factory’ ride with diamond back and got a diamond back harry leary free.

    I always did want an se pk ripper awesome looking thing in powder blue.


    I had one of these:

    I saved up for it for 9 months by doing car washing, odd jobs, gardening etc.

    I’ve old it twice and bought it back twice and it now hangs (highly modified – only really the frame left) in my garage.

    That pic is not mine by the way


    Mag burner white and black.
    Mag burner yellow and blue.
    DP firebird freestyle white black.
    Free agent Race bike chrome.
    Diamondback viper chrome, OP I vaguely recollect you having a go on my Viper, I think you sold me a Swiss Army knife with a bit broken off the big blade for a quid that day, outside the park over the road from your mums?


    Curtis expert. Beautiful brazing.
    And my mum took it to the tip when i left home


    Had a falcon pro that i put redline stickers on and loads of upgrades. Still see it about town nearly 30 years later ridden by some young lad. Then got a yellow gt pro performer after saving for about 2 years. Can’t believe i sold it to buy a commodore amiga a500!

    Raleigh Super Burner then a Torker 280 with landing gear forks, me in action circa 1984.


    My first bmx was a Giant 250, blue with coaster brake in 1983.
    Have had about 25 others until i stoppede 5 years ago.

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    First BMX was a cheapy Atomic Star which was constantly upgraded until just the frame remained and I started getting serious about racing. I then got a Skyway TA, followed by 2 GHP’s,1 for racing and 1 for riding around on also had a DP Freestyler and finally the first candy red Hutch Judge in the country. Some great memories of racing in the 80s, wish I still had the bikes!!

    This thread NEEDS this picture…


    mongoose supergoose. I am mates with a ex bmx star called simon lawther so used to get bits off him back in the day !! sold the goose to his mate “Teddy the real Shooter Edwardes” and had his old race frame off him !

    I used to live about 500 metres from stoke prior bmx track

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    This isn’t the bike I had (mine had chrome Araya rims) but it was such a sweet machine and it had everything, Fork lifter bars, Flite cranks, etc. I qualified for the World Champs on this back in 1989 but didn’t go due to eldest son packing in racing and youngest son being born and expensive.


    Ahh an Elina Seat..
    I still have a shimano dx post like that..

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    Back in 1985 i had a cheapie £70 BMX from the Jolly Giant toystore in Glasgow, i dunno what make it was but it had blue decals and i snapped the headtube from the front end within a month, my dad bent the headtube back into position and welded a couple of metal plates either side of the headtube to strengthen it, thankfully it lasted a few more years but the head angle was rather sharp and you couldn’t take your hands off the bars as it dived to the side but i loved it anyway.

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