What bit of your bike has broken and stopped you riding on?

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  • What bit of your bike has broken and stopped you riding on?
  • zangolin

    Snapped steerer tube on my Alan Super Cross back in the day – on top of the Snake Pass. Carried it back down onto the road and hitched a lift back into Glossop.
    Best improvised fix was a folded up crisp packet I found in a hedge to use as a tyre boot for a big rip in my road tyre. Ten pound notes also work well as tyre boots.
    Other good one from back in the day was using a tubular on a clincher rim to get me home.
    If you have a Reverb then it might be worth carrying the enduro collar to keep the post up if you have a failure.


    Gashed tyre: now I carry a piece cut from a toothpaste tube as a patch. A few cable ties and some self-bonding tape might do for bodges.

    Premier Icon D0NK

    Ooooh lots, ripped valve off inner tube and the spare (loose fitting rim/tyre) stuffing tyre with grass doesn’t work
    Snapped handlebar
    Snapped crank
    Snapped chain no chain tool pre power link days (zip tie on lower run and ratchet pedal home)
    Snapped saddle
    Mech stuffed into spokes (ss home)
    New wheel (second ride weirdly ) spokes all detensioned
    Free hub fell off, the hub threads stripped.
    Cracked chainstay
    Cracked top tube
    Snapped fork leg
    Snapped seatpost
    Very free freehub, pawls only intermittently engaged.

    Only the ripped inner tube involved a walk home, the others i gingerly rode home, very gingerly in one or two cases, but they still cut the ride short and so a fail in my book.

    Premier Icon midlifecrashes

    Wheel dropped into wheel sized slot covered by long grass, twisted a pair of triple clamp forks to about 20 degrees off straight, so the wheel rub was unfixable. Surprisingly the wheel was fine. My helmet, specs, forehead, nose, shoulder and dignity? Not so much…


    Ignoring breaking myself the only ride ending issue I’ve had has been a fairly new freehub mysteriously deciding to spin freely. It was tight, all pawls and springs fine but just span away, no idea why to this day! Any other issues I’ve had on the trail I’ve bodged with zip ties or a tyre boot.

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    I blew up a rear rim on my road bike once.
    I knew the rims were wearing out anyway but on a descent the brakes weren’t sounding right so I stopped and checked the bike over and the rim was paper thin.

    Let a load of air out to reduce pressure on it, turned round and carefully rode back up the hill. About 100m from my house, the rear wheel just exploded, blowing out a third of the rim section in metal, ripping the tyre and tube to shreds. Dread to think what the result of that would have been at speed or if I’d been 50 miles from home!

    Wrecked an ISIS BB on the MTB once (the whole shell cracked, bearings fell out and it left the axle rattling round with no support), again fortunately was near the car.

Viewing 6 posts - 46 through 51 (of 51 total)

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