What bike to replace my Dialled Love/Hate?

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  • What bike to replace my Dialled Love/Hate?
  • Premier Icon sl2000

    I’ve loved this bike. Have ridden it way more than any other bike I’ve owned; and it’s still my most ridden bike today.

    However my riding has progressed in the last few years and the 100mm Rebas can’t cope. They’ve needed servicing more regularly and don’t feel anywhere near as nice as the Fox 34s on my other bike. There are no new straight steerer forks so if I buy new forks I need a new frame.

    The head angle is too steep so I can’t ride things on this that I can on my full suss bike. Although I worry a little that what I like about this bike is the steep HA.

    What I think I want next time…

    – Hardtail
    – Light
    – Strong enough to case jumps and mess up drops
    – Singlespeed-able
    – Around 67 degree head angle
    – Around 120mm fork
    – 27.5 wheels (I’m only 5’6″ and would ideally have stuck with 26″)

    I don’t mind a low BB so think I can run a 29er or 27.5+ designed-frame with 27.5 wheels as long as the BB isn’t too low. Looking at BB drops on various frame’s geo charts it looks like 50mm is fine and many 29ers have this drop. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    It’s almost like I’ve described the SC Chameleon there. Can’t afford the carbon one but the alloy looks to be light enough. A Stanton Slackline looks to match everything apart from the weight. I’ve also thought about a Sonder Transmitter Carbon or Saracen Zenith Carbon but would need a chain tensioner.

    I could test ride a Chameleon (in Peaslake – I’m in Brighton) but not the others – but I’m not sure about the value of a test ride anyway. I think it takes me a while to get used to a new bike.

    Anything else I should have in the mix?

    Premier Icon dropoff

    That Onza Jackpot seems to tick most of those boxes


    Dialed Prince Albert. Stay retro.


    Get a set of used forks. Think you’ll be fine at 120/ 130mm.

    Clockwork evo?


    Orange, Clockwork / Clockwork EVO.

    Premier Icon djflexure

    That Bird 29er (dont know about ss though)

    Premier Icon Paceman

    Simon, I have an Orange P7 in 27.5 flavour which apart from weight pretty much matches your wants list (it’s a steel hardtail). Maybe take a look at the Clockwork EVO which is the alloy alternative.

    That said, the SC Chameleon looks lush.

    Premier Icon ajantom

    DMR Trailstar. Easily singlespeeded with the DMR swopouts, slackish, not too heavy, 27.5/27.5+ compatible.

    I’ve got a Love/Hate and a Trailstar, love both, but the TS is a lot more confidence inspiring.


    you can still get 100mm straight forks. Suntour do good ones, and you can get softer or harder springs for them. think they are rebas.

    edit – you already have rebas.

    surely you’d need to replace more than just the frame on a new bike build. Might as well just a complete new bike.

    The Slackline does sound exactly what you’re after, I wouldn’t discount it on weight as I doubt there’s much difference compared to the Love/Hate, which isn’t a featherweight as you know (also a Love/Hate owner).

    Premier Icon sl2000

    Thanks for the replies all.

    Have had a closer look at the slackline and I’m not convinced by the single speed dropouts. They look like simple horizontal dropouts for QR. How does that work with disk brake caliper positioning?

    I’ve also spotted the pipedream sirrius. Both this and the chameleon have proper sliding dropouts.

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