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  • iolo

    Right, seeing as I am car less I need some mode of transportation.
    I don’t think my Demo 8 will be much fun as a 20 mile run to the hospital so need something light, that I can also use for longer rides when I get fit.
    Any suggestions?
    I’m not really sure what I want as I have never really looked at road/commuting bikes.
    I’m 5foot 6 with a 28 inch inside leg and am not too sure what size I need.
    I ride a small Demo and medium Enduro.

    Build one.?

    105 5800 = £320 (ish)
    Good pair of wheels = £300+
    Tyres and tubes = £60
    Bars, stem, seatpost and bar tape = £150.?

    and buy a frame with the change you have left out of the £1500. A crazy light Chinese one will set you back around £350.

    Your the same size as me so you can go down one of two roads. 50cm with plenty of seatpost and stem or a 52 with a less seatpost and a shorter stem. I prefer the first option as the smaller frame just feels right. With a 52 I end up having an inline post, my lack of height is down to my short femurs.


    Something like this?
    Rose bikes

    Premier Icon ampthill

    I think you’ll want rack and mud guards attachment points

    I’d keep it cheapish unless its secure both ends

    I’d look at the Genesis website

    Premier Icon funkrodent

    I’m assuming that as you’re commuting you will want something that comfortably takes guards and 25mm tyres (more grip, more comfort – some say less rolling resistance – than 23mm). Also you will want to be able to afix a nice, lightweight rack to the back, cause if you’re doing 20 miles each way (or even 10) you’ll not want to be carrying your gear in a backpack, gets awfully sweaty and that.

    But being a keen cyclist, you’ll also want something that whilst comfortable for those long, long rides, is also light and fast, so that in the summer you can whip the guards off and race it happily in a sportive or somesuch.

    Look no further than the Kinesis Racelight. It’s almost the default choice as a 2nd (read winter) bike for serious roadies. A very good, lightweight frame with superb build quality, strong as an ox, stiff in all the right places, yet compliant and comfortable enough. you can pick them up for £1,100 or so from Kinesis and you can use the change to upgrade the wheels should you feel the need.

    The other choice is the Cannondale Synapse which won the Cycling Plus 2014 bike of the year. But I’d go for the Kinesis, I’ve got one and wouldn’t swap it for anything

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