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  • What bike do you keep coming back to?
  • Premier Icon ajantom

    I’ve got an original Krampus, coming up to 8 years old now.
    It’s been upgraded somewhat – though it was a frame, forks, and wheels deal, so everything is sort of an upgrade 😉

    A few other bikes have come and gone, but it was still my go to MTB for most of that time.

    It had been languishing in bits since buying and building my Stooge Mk4, but I rebuilt it last week, and have done 3 lovely rides on it now, including bagging a couple of elusive KOMs.

    Just reminded me how much I love it. Surly defo hit a home run with their original design 😎

    Which of your bikes do you keep coming back to?

    2007 853 Inbred for me. It’s been built lots of different ways and now a 27.5/26 mullet. Going 1x soon

    What dropper is that on your Krampus?

    [url=]82036412_10221933100656407_8547554212660117504_o[/url] by Shawn McFarlane, on Flickr

    [url=]92818360_10222900665844932_5756341897127788544_o[/url] by Shawn McFarlane, on Flickr

    Premier Icon ajantom

    It’s a KS Eten, 27.2 with 100mm drop.
    Heavy but simple and reliable (bit like me!)

    Premier Icon kayak23

    My Calibre Dune Fatbike

    I don’t know what it is about it, If it wasn’t for the ‘wow! Those tyres are massive! Or  Daddy, look at that mans tyres’ comments I get several times each ride, I wouldn’t even remember that it’s a fatbike.

    I’ve got 3 other mtbs. A Cotic Rocket, Production Privee hardtail and a Marin Pine Mountain rigid plus bike, and yet this ‘cheap outdoors superstore’ bike is just so nice to ride and I definitely ride it the most..locally anyway.

    You still get a lot of sneering from mtbers about fatbikes, but meh, you’re all missing out 🖕😉


    That Lava Dome is great. My friend had one, I used to love swapping bikes.

    The bike I’d like to go back to is my old Orange Aluminium O – I loved that bike. I have it to the same friend when his Lava Dome was stolen, and he passed it on to someone else years later. I’ve always regretted not getting it back then.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    My Trek Remedy 29. Used to belong to Singlespeedstu’s missus… I’ve replaced everything except the frame, and got that anodised a different colour, squeezed every bit of geometry adjustment I can into it… I’m a total tart and bike swapper but it’s just so good, literally the second I get on it it feels like putting on comfy slippers. Best suspension I’ve ever had.

    Premier Icon hardtailonly

    On one 45650b.

    Bought one new back in 2013, my first ‘proper’ trail MTB after a succession of Carrera’s / Boardmans. It allowed me to significantly up my MTB game and was confident and fun on all my local stuff, and coped with big mountain days out too.

    Sold it a couple of years ago to part fund a Ti gravel bike, and made do with a 26er Inbred. Always missed the 45650b.

    But a 45650b frame came up earlier this year at a ridiculous cheap price, so decided to get it and build it back up again. Currently running SS and reminded why I loved it so much in the first place.

    Ultimately, it’s perhaps not as capable as more modern long HT’s, but it’s a load of fun!

    Premier Icon inbred853

    My Salsa El Mariachi, rocking 25c slicks and singlespeed at the mo, great for blasts around the lanes in my neck o’ the woods.
    Looking at either 8/9 “speed Box drive train in the near future, don’t see the need for more.

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    2010 456 in bright pink, pair of 2007 Fox Vanilla Rs and a 1×10 drivetrain.

    It is my most ridden bike, winter hack, riding with the kids, going for a potter and a pint.

    The Camber Evo I treated myself to a few years back is a more capable machine but it’s a mud magnet, a pain to clean and needs way more servicing. Always find I’m time poor and if it’s shitty out it doesn’t get a look in. The 456 is very much built up as ride and forget (aka neglect).

    Reminds me I ought to take the posh bike for a spin!

    Premier Icon swamp_boy

    Surly 1×1 rigid SS on 26 x 2.75 dirt wizards for summer or 3″ Duro leopards which deal with wet clay/mud better than anything else.

    Close second is the Cotic Simple rigid SS on skinny tyres, on the face of it similar to the 1×1 but ride is completely different, lighter and more nimble, good for quick blasts. Bought from a classified on here, thanks again Sean, it’s doing well in its new home.


    I’ve got a 2016 Foxy R which l’ve had 4 1/2 years.
    I love this bike, l’ve done 12,000 miles on/off road and it’s only had routine maintenance.
    I’m ashamed to say that the first fork/shock overhaul was done at, um, 7,000 miles.
    Although it was still working OK. The suspension was overhauled again at 10,000 along with new bearings in the various linkages.
    Other parts have just been routine replacement.
    It still rides great.

    Premier Icon colournoise

    Apart from the 2001 (I think) Trailstar I have on the turbo in the garage, the one bike I can’t let go of so far is my 2012 BFe. Been through many guises, and currently my back up / winter / dog ride bike in singlespeed short travel mode. It just gets on with whatever job it’s given no fuss. Can’t see it being retired until it actually falls apart (and given the way it’s put together, that’s not happening any time soon…).

    Current build…

    In its heyday…

    BFe Lonscale

    Original 2012 build….


    Premier Icon BillMC

    2004 (?) Maverick. It rides beautifully, my son described riding it as like being in a bespoke suit. Original inspiration for it came from one of the mods and I’ve been grateful for that. It won’t be replaced until it’s absolutely irreparable, too much fun.

    Premier Icon wombat

    MK1 Krampus for me too.
    Looks almost identical to the OPs but with a larger frame (even have the same dropper).
    Brilliant fun, comfy for a long day out and great for an evening hoon through the woods.

    Premier Icon andrewreay

    Nothing so fancy or prosaic, just a 2011 Spesh Rockhopper.

    It’s had some TLC, and is a bit Trigger’s Broom, but still runs the original saddle, stem and forks.

    It now has some slicks on the original wheels, and Racing Ralph / Rocket Ron on new Mavic wheels, so is swapped between on and off road duties.

    Rode it off road most of the winter because of the mud, and to be honest have only really swapped over to the FS more recently because the ground is now so hard and rutted.

    It’s done long distance road rides and trail centres and just seems to fit me like a glove.

    Maybe not s bespoke suit, but definitely some comfy old slippers.

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    I’m still loving my Ragley Ti. It got ridden a lot in original spec, then cracked at the top of the downtube. Then got repaired with a nasty looking, thin curved downtube under warranty. Cue much correspondence with Lynskey and eventually an oversized headtube and new, larger diameter curved downtube. Now runs a tapered steerer Pike and Light Bicycle carbon rims.

    It still has that weird ‘rightness’ thing going on and while my Sonder Transmitter is longer, slacker and better at just smashing through things, the Ragley feels more like, well, a bike really, More precise and connected and still very capable. And it’s the only one of its kind 🙂

    Someone mentioned comfy Slippers, this would be mine.
    Bought it here on the forum (the reason I got a Login, to be honest),
    Built it across several months of bread soup and tap water,
    and loved it ever since. Not the newest, not the fastest but I wouldn`t change one bit!

    (although last year I upgraded it with a ghetto dropper,
    lowered the Manitou Mattoc fork to 140mm,
    installed an IRC kit and some Hope cranks)

    Premier Icon iaingt

    I have a GT Peace 29er, its really a bit small for me, and since I bought it I have had 6 or 7 much more expensive ‘better’ bikes and I think its only the frame that is still original but I love that single speed steel feel for just get on and ride reliabilty.

    Premier Icon didnthurt

    26″ Soul. So good that when I broke my first one I replaced it with another one. I also sold my Orange 5 because the Soul was just more fun. Now riding it again whilst my Scalpel is in the process of having it’s (incredibly poor quality stock Cannondale) bearings replaced. It’s fun and fast (well feels fast) but I find I hurt myself more riding it as it’s just not as capable as my Scalpel but eggs me on all the same.

    Real fancy an all out xc 29er hardtail though, cycle to work scheme? 🤔


    Cotic Solaris MK1 – originally bought 2nd hand as rigid bike for winter season gravel dashing, but kept coming back as main bike in different guises. Most recently as 79er Mullet with 130mm forks. Ace!

    Bronson, 3 years old, keep looking at other bikes, but it literally does every kind of riding I want to do, really well, uplift days, munro hikeabikes, 50 mile xc rides up the local long distance path, trail centres, commute via local woods everything.

    3 years isn’t old to most on here, but my original mk1 soul Is the only bike I’ve ever had that long.

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