what bands still around would you queue to see?

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  • what bands still around would you queue to see?
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    I managed to see Queen in 1979 in a little club in Purley, sarf London of all places. They basically played Live Killers plus a bit of new stuff. Amazing. Nowadays I’d queue to see Richard Thompson doing his acoustic set.


    Crippled Black Phoenix
    Godspeed You Black Emperor


    Metallica, on at sonisphere, very tempted


    Slayer – particularly playing early 90s sets. New Model Army around impurity. NIN \ TOOL \Iron Maiden any time really. Love to see Prodigy \ Chemical Bros in a 1000 capacity place again.

    tomtomthepipersson I pretty much lived in the Tiv in my teen years. biohazard and Bomb Everything (2nd time) still some of the most mental pits I ever entered. Also saw Oasis, Mansun and I think the charlatans on indie nights too

    BTW the Tiv is back again, just checked their website – Saxon, Magnum both on soon, bit far for me from South Wales now though…


    Tool. Only band I like that I’ve never managed to see or that I’m prepared to spend more than £20 for a ticket

    You owe it to yourself to see them live (just don’t expect much crowd interaction from MJK). Incredible live performances. Who else would have naked people hanging by their feet with ropes tied to the rafters 😀
    Danny Carey on the drums is a sight to behold.

    Seen them a few times now, and I’d queue to see them again.

    The Proclaimers – surprisingly excellent live

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Loads tbh, live music’s ace and if a band’s worth paying £20 for it’s worth queuing for!

    Top of the list probably that Biffy Clyro, only band I’ve ever seen that could make a show at the SECC work properly. Obviously massively supported by the terrifying obsessed cult-member fans, of which I am blatantly one.

    (ps not to be slaggy but when I saw Tool live they might as well have just put on a CD and stuck up a cardboard cutout of Maynard (facing away from the audience of course). The music was brilliant mind but the performance was… er, nonexistant)


Viewing 8 posts - 41 through 48 (of 48 total)

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