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  • What Baby/Small Child Backpack Carrier?
  • JEngledow

    I appreciate that there have been a few of these threads recently, but all that’s been recommended are £100+ and we just want a simple backpack type carrier for dog walks etc (generally less than an hour)!

    Please recommend something cheap and cheerful that does the job and isn’t the size of a small house (we won’t be taking spare nappies so don’t need storage pockets). Thanks

    Premier Icon plumslikerocks

    Ebay second hand? MacPac are as good as anything, but hold their value a bit too well. Like the islabikes of the baby carrier world. We got a little life for about 80 quid. Comfy enough for an hour.

    Or one of those sling things?


    My small child weighs a ton and can become stroppy when uncofortable i am old and can do my back in when carrying weights slung casually on my back . If a good one is too expensive new buy it second hand. i would suggest cheap would not be cheerfull for either you or yours.

    Premier Icon allfankledup

    We have a vaude baby carrier – used it twice, back in 2005 when we bought it ahead of a holiday in Harris

    We also have a baby jogger pram – bought for 40 quid back in 2005
    Goes anywhere, carries Tonnes of stuff, bulletproof

    Backpack thing didn’t work for us. Only our first kid (of 3) went in the vaude… The rest went in the pram everywhere….


    opposite of the above, since our first was a few months old we haven’t even had a pram, much less hassle next to no space in car, don’t have to use lifts etc. Used various different carriers and the missus uses wraps (I can’t get on with them) don’t really need a big backpack based thing for short works.

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