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  • What ‘attainable’ dream bike would you have if you had a few quid spare
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    The linkage on that Coal bike up there ruins it for me. Needs some holes in it, it seems to big for the rest of the tubing. Other than that it’s lovely and would be on my list. Along with a Cotic FlareMax or something like that.

    That said, I’d be happy with some fancy wheels, Lyrik Ulitimates or Fox 36’s, Hope cranks, XTR gears and Magura MT7 brakes on my Nukeproof Reactor.

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    I would want 2 bikes. I would want a 120mm full suspension bike for trails and a 160mm bike for big days and holidays. I used to do this but then I went middle ground at 140mm for everything an Im not sure that was the right thing to do in hind sight

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    I pretty much have the pedal bikes I want, but I might change my Orange Stage 4 for a Stage Evo, just to get a couple of minor geometry benefits.

    My Starling is the closest thing to a “dream bike” I’ve had for years. It’s lovely.

    So if I had (more than) a few quid spare, I’d probably get an eeb. The Kenevo SL and Trek EXE both look like they’d suit my riding.

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    My Banshee Rune is pretty much sorted.
    A Zerode Taniwha would be on the cards if they updated it. Looks a little bit old now in mountain bike years.

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    I do really want one of these though. This would be fun!

    I’ve done a full day on one of those about 6 months ago and yes, it was amazing. I’ve been thinking about trials bikes every day since.

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    As a few others, I probably already have it/them. A Starling Murmur and Cotic Solaris.

    I’d like to upgrade the bouncy bits of the Starling and may well do at some point but wouldn’t change the frame (unless it was for the SS version).

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    As others I’m lucky enough to own one of my dream bikes – 2022 Nukeproof Mega 290 Carbon Elite.
    Also have a V1 Nukeproof Scout 275 – but would probably upgrade that if I had the cash to something steel – Cotic, Stanton etc.

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    @dudeofdoom you have a PM.

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    I honestly don’t care these days. I’ve moved on from studying various details of brands and bikes. They’re all good these days.

    I would (and do) have several bikes of different types, and if I were rich I’d by fancy ones – in no particular order

    – Aggressive trail
    – Downcountry
    – XC race
    – Rigid adventure
    – Endurance road
    – Fast road*
    – TT*
    – Track bike
    – Fat bike
    – Gravel bike

    * I may not race these, I’d just be curious as to what they were like to ride.

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    I’d probably go with a fearless warlock or mone el continente.

    Both currently attainable but I’m happy with my lot* 😉

    *wife currently not open to new bikes, wait till she wants a new horse 🙃

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    For me the Spur would be an additional bike, no way I’d have one instead of my Geometron.

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    For sure a Contra:

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    Well, I kinda had them.

    27.5 Lynskey Ti full susser
    26″ Zaskar LE with full xtr and SID Race

    both nicked from my house on the same night. Unbelievably gutting. 2 quite rare and unique bikes here in Western Aus and very annoyed they both went.

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    I would want 2 bikes. I would want a 120mm full suspension bike for trails and a 160mm bike for big days and holidays. I used to do this but then I went middle ground at 140mm for everything an Im not sure that was the right thing to do in hind sight

    Pretty much my thinking too. I bought my dream-yet-attainable bike last year (Transition Spur) and it fits 90% of the type of riding I enjoy (XC/Trail) but if money and space weren’t a problem then I would love some sort of rare and beautiful long travel enduro bike like that Contra MC above, a Curtis XR29, Nikolai Saturn 16 etc for that one week a year when I get to ride big mountains.

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    I have a custom steel FS frame from Morph which has been amazing so far. 140mm/140mm Mullet, its a blast. If I had more money I would go the route of Actofive and their CNC’d Ptrain and just maybe the Voima as my side ebike.

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    RM Element is still perfect for me. But I’d probably get some motorised contraption (not like those shitty irrelevant petrol things on the previous page) in reality. Cos I is old and shagged.

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    Fairlight Strael to replace the perfectly adequate Defy I have. BTR Ranger hardtail before he rage quits and stops making them. Full suss is trickier as I havnt really ridden one for ages but would love to try a tricked out Cotic, Mojo Geometron or a Starling to see what the fuss is about.

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    I’d have three or four

    A pinion ti fat bike – Smokestone ti-pin to my geo, fully rigid.

    A 130/150mm travel ‘downcountry’ bike, possibly carbon wasp or more likely a Huhn

    And then an ebike of some kind, possibly a propane Ekano.

    Finally a Sturdy cycles gravel bike complete with ti fork, bar and cranks.

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    BTDT. I bought my dream bike a couple of years ago, top of the range S-Works Epic.

    Sold it after a year. It felt uncomfortable using something so expensive, and got a lot of judgemental looks and comments at events.

    Now I just have a reasonably well-equipped but discreet road bike and get a lot more enjoyment out of riding.

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    Attainable dream bike for me would be a decent road bike – carbon, Endurance geometry but pretty sporty/aero, 50mm carbon wheels, Ultegra Di2, etc.
    Basso Diamante SV appeals to me at the moment…

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    Very fortunate to have mine already 😀 The Spur is perfect for me, it’s fast, fun and it’s been rock solid in 2 and a bit years of ownership. I’d like it to have the SRAM UDH for ease and futureproofing though. XX1 rather than GX AXS would be nice, as would a Reverb AXS, but otherwise, it’s all there already 😎

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    Probably a custom sized Sarto Road bike – either a Seta or Asola please, with a custom green/blue/purple flip paint job, and full Campag obviously. Then preferably a house in Tuscany or the South of France and the warm weather to ride it in.

    Oh, you mean MTB’s? Probably a Transition Spur or a SC Blurr TR

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    Would prob start with the commuter tbh – bike I ride every day, love the headspace of the ride. Just that dream bike doesn’t easily square with the workmanlike aspects of an urban commute. I do at least keep the bike in my office though, so whatever the awesome version of a dolan precursa is would be nice – with a very strong, very light, very expensive wheelset.

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    Wouldn’t change from the three I’ve got, fancier wheels to drop a bit of rotational weight.
    -Kenevo SL
    -Geometron G1
    -Stumpy (one with flex stays)

    I look at new bikes being released and nothing will come close.

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    Some thing road and either English or Feather. In reality I might just be buying my dream road bike as a Ti fixed wheel instead.

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    Actually, my choices of super-expensive lightweight eebs are among the most expensive bikes on the market, do they count as “attainable”?

    They’re not for me, but they obviously are for some on this forum.

    Have we defined what we’re classing as “unattainable”? Or does it just mean something you could maybe justify buying, and afford to do so, if you really wanted?

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    I always wanted a nice clean raw finished Ti road/gravel bike like a Moots or something, so one of them maybe.

    For MTB again it would be something clean and raw like this

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    I’d really like a Enigma Excel with oil slick logos and some of my own designed 3D printed dropouts. It’s on the list.

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    Adult sized Raleigh Grifter

    ^ end of thread.

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    Colnago Master, a plastic bike: road, mtb or cx is never going to be a “dream bike”

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