what are your favourite movies that not a lot of people have heard of?

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  • what are your favourite movies that not a lot of people have heard of?
  • a few that i liked (although you might have seen them?) the cube,death machine,dust devils,hardware (by the same guy who directed dust devils),from beyond,demons 1&2,trauma,best of the best,american ninja.i could go on… over to you.


    Not sure how unkown it is, but Ping Pong is just a lovely movie 🙂


    The fall is great.

    Wristcutters is fantastic, don't be put off by the title.

    +1 for The Fall. Although if 3/5 of us have suggested it, maybe it's not that unheard of…
    Seriously though, watch it.


    unheard or not

    into the wild
    the big blue
    angels with dirty faces


    Brick – teen crime movie set in modern california but the dialect is 30's gangster
    Down By Law – prison movie staring Tom Waits and the guy from beautiful life – totally love it.


    Clerks. There used to be a time when nobody had heard of it. Then Kevin Smith hit the big time and I imagine most are aware of it now.

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    Grand Slam – awesome film, legendary in Wales 😛


    the train
    bad day at black rock
    the hit
    throne of blood
    going places
    and my favorite 'cube'

    I quite liked Titanic…not sure if many others saw it. The juxtaposition of the cheeky poor Irish scoundrels below decks with the posh folk on the uppers was extraordinary. Watch it.

    9 Souls. incredibly moving in places.


    deadly, i've not heard of that, can i buy it on VHS?

    Tribal, it's a job to come across it. You kinda have to "know" someone who has it. It's like very secret squirrel though. I'll make some enquiries for you 😉

    The Taking of Pelham 123 (original – no idea what the new one's like).

    Stealing Beauty – bit of Liv Tyler in her youth…. Lovely stuff.

    Eraserhead is well known amongst my generation, but the younguns may not have seen it.


    another vote for the fall.

    tisoti is good
    brotherhood of the wolf
    ravenous from a few years ago
    the devils backbone (great ghost story)
    primer( more of a mindf**k than momento)

    ron jeremy

    Boondocks Saints, best watched with the documentary Overnight, which is the story of how the film got made and about the writer, a former New Orleans barman (and what a knob he is), Willeam DaFoe is excellant in it as is Billy Connelly


    The Warrior; Korea vs the mongols in choppy choppy action. go buy it now.

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    Two Lane Blacktop
    I`m sure Clarkson saw the GTO driver and invented himself!


    The Gods Must be Crazy


    Eat Drink Man Woman


    oh I forgot

    Tempopo (I think that is spelt correctly)


    City Lights by Charlie Chaplin

    He wrote the screenplay, music, directed, edited, cast and stared in it. A fantastic film and still worth seeing.

    I like.
    Brassed off
    Taxi (french version)

    Love, Honour & Obey

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    Run Lola Run. Fantastic soundtrack and visuals. Clever storyline, but not showy. Oh, and Franka Potente.


    Big Wednesday

    Premier Icon LeeW

    Black book

    I like that new movie that's out at the moment in a few select cinemas, Avatar.


    I watch a lot of independent film…or at least lesser known movies. My all time favourite is PI, superb film about a mathematician that tries to solve pi whilst trying to work out patterns in the stiock market…sounds very dull but its amazing, the cinematography is lush (and in black and white) and the soundtrack is equally as good (featuring the likes of Autehcre, Orbital, Aphex Twin etc…). The same guy who made PI also directed Requiem for a Dream, which is a very, very harsh film to watch, but very good as well. Lost Highway by David Lynch is another firm fave as well as any Troma movies (Cannibal the Musical, The Toxic Avenger, Poultrygesit etc) just for over the top gore and laughs with political satire thrown in for good measure (some of the time)…

    Premier Icon Beagleboy

    Doc Savage – Man of Bronze

    I might have to dig them out again tonight 8)

    Requiem for a dream.
    Y tu mama tabiem
    Devil rejects (cool soundtrack)
    Love Honour and Obey

    anyone seen Belleville Rendevous.

    Animation about a french cyclist

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    Human Traffic


    OK. How about Argent Content like the best bits of the french connection compressed into a 10 minute film and all on rollerskates. Lovely punchline.


    ghost world
    american splendour
    24 hour party people

    Premier Icon MSP

    another vote for run lola run

    Thank you for not smoking
    earthed 5 (ok you might have heard of that one)


    Just Another Saturday

    La Cabina

    Two Way Stretch

    Just a few that spring to mind…

    Les Visiteurs [Jean Reno. Comedy. Time travelling medieval knight in contemporary France]

    Aguirre, The wrath of God. [Werner Herzog dir, Klaus Kinski. Intense study of a Spanish Conquistador's descent into mad-eyed insanity.]

    Anything by Jacques Tati. Sublime and hillarious.

    Casablanca. Really does need to be seen on the big screen. Amazing.

    el Gato Negro, I thought Belleville Rendezvous was fantastic.

    Carts of Darkness – watch it here


    187 – Samuel L Jackson, gritty as hell about a teacher in a rough school in the US – probably my favourite film.

    SFW – early 90's hostage film, has some great lines.

    -1 Brick, I hated that!

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    My Name is Nobody.

    Great minor spgahetti western with Henry Fonda that has a lovely sense of humour and a wonderful soundtrack.

    At least I think nobody else has heard of it.

    An Australian comedy called "the castle" . A big hit over there, I don't think you can get it on DVD here, I used to have a VHS . It's very funny if you ever see it on late night tv


    dust devils,hardware

    Got them on a double header VHS tape, not watched them in ages. Harware feautres Carl McCoy of Fields of the Nephilim and Lemmy from Motorhead, I seem to recall

    Les Visiteurs

    Yep, but not the american remake (also starring Jean Reno)

    Nikita, the original french version not the american shot-for-shot remake "the assassin" starring Bridget Fonda

    Oh, and a couple of early Peter Jackson films, Bad Taste and Braindead.

    Not watched any of the above in ages, time to break out the video methinks!


    Brazil – 1985 Terry Gilliam somehow gets Robert De Niro at the pinnacle of his acting career, and then sticks him in a balaclava so he is unrecognisable for 95% of the movie.. genius 😀

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