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  • what are your favourite motorsport events?
  • racefaceec90

    for me it would have to be either the isle of man tt,or world rally championships.

    both are amazing to watch especially the onboard cameras. and both events have competitors that are blinking nuts/brave/skilled 😀 it’s just awesome to watch.

    i would like to see le mans 24 hour and paris dakar rally at some point,as i would enjoy watching those too.


    Junior Kickstart


    Premier Icon Stoner

    Shelsley Walsh hill climb on a sunny weekend afternoon with my boys. A pint at the lower S. A mooch around the open paddock to get up close and personal with the cars and their owners (and friends competing)

    Premier Icon santacruzsi

    Been to a few European Grand Prix, get a general admission ticket. Spa is a,good weekend.

    Would like to get to Le Mans and maybe Spa 24 hour too.

    Go to a lot of British touring cars and British GT.

    IoM TT seems fun too !

    Premier Icon mick_r

    Attending WRC Wales in the flesh is spoilt by some of the “fans”. This year we got turned round at the top of the one-way overnight parking (fire road) as told it was a “bit wild” further on, especially as we had kids. Saw police trundle past shortly after….. Same old heaps of dumped rubbish on the walk out next day. Quite sad 🙁

    Quite fancy taking boys to FIA Rallycross but it is way down in Kent.

    Goodwood looks civilised!

    Premier Icon Davesport

    Similar to Stoner at Doune Hillclimb.


    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    Goodwood Festival of Speed is a good day out. Loads of different vehicles being ragged up the hill climb but you can get right up next to the cars and get a proper look too.

    Banger racing was great to watch as a kid.


    Le Mans. No better way to spend a weekend.

    MotoGP, Isle of Man TT, WRC, King Of The Hammers 😀

    Premier Icon santacruzsi

    Ah yes not sure how but I forgot I went to goodwood FoS last year….great day out, nice and mellow and civilised and lots to do. They’re looking for volunteers to marshal etc at the moment for their key events. No pay, but free entrance etc..


    I went this year (2015!) , it’s not 2016 yet!


    Ulster GP . Like the TT without all the nobheads,pissheads and thieves http://youtu.be/Py7g3lhL4JU Weather can be harsh though


    I am not a petrolhead, but have taken my son to see the BTCC at Knockhill a couple of times. Great days racing, and teriffic for spectators.


    BTCC at Knockhill when I can, Croft is next closest but is a fair trek.

    Fancy Goodwood at some point, either FOS or the Revival.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Wall Of Death Lion Racing

    Failing that, any sort of mad bastard irish road racing.

    For spectating in person I love speedway, nothing quite like the sound and smell and sheer daftness of it.

    Love the WoDLR! How long before Red Bull buys the event rights and spoils it all?


    Reno Air Races.

    500 mph jets and warbirds screaming around at low level .

    Fly Low, Fly Fast, Turn Left !


    MxdN is always great, this year it is at Maggiora which is a fantastic track, no idea where they will put the crowd or where they will park. It was crazy this year for the MxGP.

    Stoner is on the money with Shelsey, really fun day out and some fantastic home built cars.

    Everyman racing in Finland was great fun as well.


    We’re fortunate to still have an active road rallying scene here in West Wales. Good, cheap, fun motorsport. A night out watching is good.

    Premier Icon Andy R

    Sidecar trials – I’m quite tempted to do some trials riding again and I wish I could persuade my wife to passenger for me, if I could, I’d give chairs a go. Unfortunately she’s having non of it, which is a pity as I reckon she’d do ok.


    Hillclimbing for me too. Although slightly biased as I used to compete about 20 years ago in the South West Hillclimb champs. Never did Shelsey though, which I kinda wish I had.

    Great day out as either competitor or spectator, loads of different cars from slightly modded to full modded production cars, Caterham’s, Westfields etc to awesomely quick single seaters, one after the other, against the clock and never really understood why it’s never really televised.


    Le Mans. No better way to spend a weekendWEEK.

    FTFY 🙂

    Can’t be beaten

    Premier Icon stu170

    Speedway is great. The IOM TT was one of the best weeks I have spent anywhere, Monza for the f1 is very good, love the BTCC, me and dad normally do a weekend somewhere each season, done knockhill and oulten park, but one of my favourites was either the tour of lincs rally that used to pass through the farms near my mothers, or some club tin tops at Mallory park.

    Used to spend a lot of time as a youth skivving school at cadwell park watching all sorts including Honda testing, and track days.


    Race of champions was really good in November – seeing the top drivers that close up in a stadium, and being able to see the whole track was amazing (in the Olympic stadium). Vettel’s car control was unbelievable…


    I love Lemans – lots of stuff going on around the circuit, and with the Radio commentary its really easy to follow what’s going on.
    BTCC is normally pretty good with some good support races (Ginetta Juniors is the best!).
    Its also worth going to a big drag racing event – the speed/noise/violence of the top fuel and funny cars is amazing.
    I find the Goodwood FOS rather dull (often get free tickets), but the Goodwood revival is the best event of the year racing wise – loads of F1/BTCC/LMP drivers racing amazing/light/powerful/low grip cars really hard.


    I work in motorsport so have been a bit spoilt over the years. Wiscombe hillclimb is probably one of my favourite events as I’ve competed, marshalled, spectated and there is always a brilliant atmosphere in the paddock. Probably enjoy spectating more as when you’re driving you spend most your time waiting around then it’s all over before you know it.

    Others are the Irish round of the Wrc in 2007, went over for the Cork 20 prior to that too as a lot the Wrc teams were over testing. Would be good to see Ireland get back on the Wrc calender as i know there’s talk of it.

    First time at the British grand prix back in the early 2000’s stands out too. Previously I’d only watched it on Tv so the sound of an F1 car going past a few feet away at full chat is something I’ll never forget.

    Was allowed out of the factory this year for the Le mans 24hr and spent all week there. Was my first time at Le mans and I absolutely loved it 8) The highlight was being down in the pit garage during the race, as a massive petrol head that will always stick in my mind.

    Edited to add Goodwood festival of speed too, love the variety of cars going up the hill.

    Premier Icon leegee

    Rallycross, Lydden is a natural ampitheatre and the best place for it.
    I like Le mans but the Nurburgring 24 is better imo.
    Spa is the best spectator track I’ve been to.


    A big old motocross race is always good.

    Current favourite is rallycross at Croft Circuit. I’d love to get to a round of the new world RX championship in Barcelona or somewhere.


    Le Mans, 3 Am on the pit straight…

    Back in 2016 for for my 8th trip.

    250k Europeans having a laugh together, where else would this happen?


    Crystal Place in may – motorsport at the palace, a sprint/hillclimb type of event on part of the old motor racing circuit, the noise and atmosphere is fantastic.


    Santa Pod, the noise is truely biblical, the shockwave from the exhaust of the top fuel dragsters, @ 10,000 hp,when they open up the throttle has to be experienced. That and an open pit lane where each dragster has it’s engine rebuilt after every run is really interesting.


    this show how close you get in the pit lane



    The Roger Albert Clark rally is one of my favourite events, sadly cancelled this year due to lack of entries. Same thing at the Colin McRae stages, sign of the times I suppose.

    Feel for those who plan and volunteer for these events when the numbers to make it work aren’t there.

    Re the R.A.C. apparently the Yorkshire forests wouldn’t entertain the event again because of amongst other things spectators discarding rubbish. As a rally fan, I’m ashamed of them.

    I bloody hate littering.


    Le Mans. Ace way to spend a week.


    Well I am a rally fan at heart and love it, have tried and tried with other motor sports but they just don’t do it for me, went with my family to watch the Belgian GP at Spa a few years back and think I lasted about 2 laps before falling asleep only for my dad waking me up saying it was over! Been to touring cars, Porsche races, auto tests, sprints, time trials, etc etc just find it a bit boring at circuits really but not sure why.

    Personally my biggest achievement to date was finishing the Safari Rally earlier this year (and somehow we weren’t last!), then I also co-drove on Rally GB (and did finish last!) mick_r I do apologise if you waited around long enough for us to go past! 😳

    Luckily I film regularly for a rally tv show so get out to quite a few events in a year, just wish I could afford to compete a bit more, it’s not easy with no spare cash!

    Premier Icon mick_r

    j4mie – Yes we did wait for you to “blast” past (6 hours in Dyfi in the constant rain). I seem to remember it was quite a spectacular overall time gap between 1st and last…..

    Driving back to Deeside you went past on the road in the opposite direction (heading to Chirk I guess) – the Hyundai sweeper car looked to be going faster / chasing you hard 🙂

    Truck racing and Icelandic Formula Offroad also look good to watch.

    Caravan racing on a figure eight track 8)

    Reliant Robin racing on any short circuit.

    Premier Icon totalshell

    i only have two motorsports events eft on my bucket list.. one i could never afford but the other is just about do able..dakar obviously but the one i fancy having ago at any SCORE race in baja pref the 1000 but 5000 is certainly do able by a fat lad from rochdale..

    had a very good friend do La carrera pan americana this year for the first time.. i think he robbed two banks to get the cash..


    j4mie – Yes we did wait for you to “blast” past (6 hours in Dyfi in the constant rain). I seem to remember it was quite a spectacular overall time gap between 1st and last…..

    Driving back to Deeside you went past on the road in the opposite direction (heading to Chirk I guess) – the Hyundai sweeper car looked to be going faster / chasing you hard

    Ahem, yes *cough* and in the stages as well! If we didn’t hit you coming the other way then you must’ve got lucky – my driver wasn’t used to a LHD car and there were a few close calls and urgent shouts from my side!

    He was on a (very) steady run to the finish and that was his aim since entering, and as it cost a LOT of money he wasn’t taking any risks at all. We still had a few issues and lost a lot of time in the dark due to lights failing, intercom not working and windscreen steaming up….. And on the Sunday the car fell off the jack when we were changing a puncture on the way from Brenig to Alwen…fun fun fun.

    Premier Icon eddiebaby

    Silverstone Clasdic. In the garages under the Wing as they fire up half a dozen GT40s. Get to sit in a Ferrari 512 (the most beautiful car ever). What’s not to love.


    Being a rural chap for me it has to be Tractor Pulling. Who doesn’t want to see two rolls Royce griffon engines converted to run on methanol, strapped to a vaguely tractor-like chassis, attempting to pull a dead weight down a 100m track? Whilst competing with another local man with his 5 v8 Chevys doing the talking. Oh and the helicopter engines as well. Great engineering and the noise has to be heard to be believed. Love it!

    Old next door neighbour designed, made and let’s his son drive this, whilst he drives the other one.



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