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  • What are your favourite inexpensive purchases?
  • A proper butter knife.

    Don’t think you can buy them, you have to wait for an old person to die.


    Webber chimney starter, best £19 I’ve spent this year for quickly and easily lighting charcoal for the BBQ.

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    Webber chimney


    This has to be a winner,for the price of a haircut,my very own haircut set!! Free haircuts for me!! Check em out!.. You know it makes sense #jusneed2mirrorssocanseebackofhead


    Chimney starter has to be up there. Although I am sure ther will be some homegrown onea on here to prive we has wasted our money.

    Ikea shelves. Industrial looking things but cost 20quid new and have done the first 10years heavily laden with the slightest deformation.


    my top 5:

    1) our £400 Y reg ford focus that we’ve had 4 years and never missed a beat
    2) moka stove top coffee maker i got for 10p in a charity shop
    3) fox closing down sale polo shirts and gloves
    4) my budget wilko tools i used to build our sheds out of reclaimed wood
    5) and after last nights ride – on one chunky monkey for £15!


    oh nearly forgot this:

    £3 off here


    A £20 coffee machine off groupon, far better than I expected for the money

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    Hydrapak Plug and Play Adaptor – 5 quid

    I can use a hydrapak bladder with a camelbak hose and bite valve

    best of both worlds!

Viewing 9 posts - 81 through 89 (of 89 total)

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