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  • What are your ambitions or just plans for 2010 on the bike?
  • tony_m

    Ride lots, get fitter / lose weight, build skills and confidence off-road, do the full Ride of the Falling Rain on Islay in August instead of missing bits out here and there.


    Learn to manual and jump doubles.

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    Want to do LEJOG offroad


    Do more than one F**kin ride without breaking something!!!

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Generally get better and fitter
    Stop sucking at berms
    Finally overcome my ridiculous mental block about the Wormhole at Glentress
    Break less bones than 2009
    Ride more, in more interesting places
    Get back to Fort William

    And I'm not sure about this one, but maybe the west highland way.


    Change job so I can work less and ride more!

    Premier Icon igm

    SSEC, SSUK, Keilder 100 – all for a finish, not a place.
    Plus some proper riding and some alpine riding.

    Just keeping the wheels turning really.

    Premier Icon oldfart

    I'm working in Whistler for 5 months ! 😀

    Premier Icon RichPenny

    SPAM Salisbury Plain Challenge
    First Sportive, plus ride there and back. 400 odd km in 3 days is a big challenge for me.
    Scottish road trip in August
    Commute much more, try and give up the car.
    Maybe a 12/24hr race

    edit: Hide in OF's suitcase 🙂 How goes it mate? Riding much over christmas?


    All 4 afan trails in one day.

    Not break any more bones.

    Premier Icon forge197

    Kielder 100, Scottish SXC Series maybe some Gorricks, exit 2010 fitter then 2009 and lighter would be a brilliant acheivement.

    Offroad- Rough Ride

    On road- White Horse Sportive and Dragon Ride with a view to seeing if I've got what it takes for the Etape in 2011

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    To stay injury free this year

    To finally get to 12 stone this year – would be the biggest and best thing I could do to improve my riding

    Managed 3 Sportives this year, none of them a century, so would like to do 4 and at least one century this year.

    If my new commute is as long as I think it will be, then I'll aim for 5000 miles this year

    Would like to get back into MTB rides again – missing the fun of a bigger group of like minded people, making the most of Cannock and the Pines only an hour away


    actually i might try and make new years resolution to get a ride in every week, i know samuri etc manage literally thousands of miles but i cant spare the time for such mileage and struggle to get out every week maybe a specific goal will help, cheers for the idea!

    Some good stuff here. Off the top of my head and in no specific order:

    Sarn Helen
    New red trail on Aonach Mor
    Overseas lift-assisted cycling holiday
    The rock in Holford Green car park
    The full line of Xmas Trees without bottling the steep rooty bit

    Want to ride more regularly and gain fitness so merida CRC Marathons can be enjoyed and have signed up for the Kielder 100 for something to endure.


    TMB or equivalent? I'd be up for that again. Enjoyed it more than Mega.. Let me know if you're gonna do some serious dh races cos I'd be keen to come along too!


    24 hour and perhaps a stage race. Baby coming though, so not sure if that will be realistic…

    Paul78 – Simpson Desert challenge is rough! But must admit to wanting to do it too… If you come in via Adelaide and want a local ride to stretch the legs out, let me know etc.


    hey oldfart – that sounds awesome. Just wondering what you are doing and what experience/qualifications you needed?

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    My brother did the 7 day race at Alice Springs (Simpson desert?) this year. Got 27 holes in his tyres – just as well he was tubeless 🙂

    Wouldn't mind doing it myself – don't know if I could handle the desert cold at night though. Apparently it dropped to 10 degrees 🙂

    Premier Icon allyharp

    I don't really set challenges, I just ride.

    But I'm moving to Surrey in June so I'll be doing a lot of riding in new areas. I'll think about joining an mtb for the first time ever.

    This year I did 2 multi-day tours on bike and I hope to do at least that again this year in different locations. I really fancy a (Scotland) coast to coast, and have also wanted to get to Skye or Harris for ages so can hopefully fit those into the summer.

    Knock an hour off last years time at Merida 100km marathon in Selkirk.
    Strathpuffer (well Jan 2011 as 4 weeks from now – that would be crazy).
    Do a course and learn wtf I'm supposed to be doing going down the hills 🙂


    @epicyclo – nah, thats the Alice Springs Enduro – know a few who did that and is by all accts awesome

    desert challenge is a whole different world of hurt…

    North south ride of the American Continent


    Montreal??? to Ushuaia starting next September. Jumping off place not yet sorted out. I will be 47 and if I dont do it now I will just get fatter and fatter.

    Premier Icon kennyp

    I'm hoping to do the Fred Whitton and Dragon Ride sportives.

    On the mountain bike my main ambition is just to ride around a lot, get lost a few times and have fun. I also plan to go biking out on Harris for the first time.

    A little less adventourous than some:
    – get out twice a week for solid effort 3 – 4 hour MTB rides
    – do the Mary Towneley Loop
    – visit Scotland and the 7stanes
    – maybe the Canaries for a week
    – more STW forum rides
    – keep injury free!

    Good luck to all!


    All 4 afan trails in one day.

    Nice ride that! I admittedly did July instead of Skyline – don't leave skyline till last as you will turn right and do July when the time comes lol

    I'd say, Skyline, W2 outbound (from whites), Penhydd, W2 inbound (from the wall).


    Last ditch attempt to do OK at road racing.
    I'll be fifty in two months time, and I always said I want to still be racing at 50, looks less likely now I'm actually here.
    Break nothing, both me or the bikes.
    Have a go at doing an Enduro fast, rather than just ride them.
    Be on the start line in October for the start of the cross season.

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    To get to as many STW Forum Rides as possible 8)

    Am hoping to be heading North in the Summer so if anyone is brave enough to show a solo Southern wuss around some natural trails, please post up!

    Aiming to at least one event a month leading up to kielder. A few sportives, TT's, Tri and enduro's to mix it up a bit. Fancy a summer epic and might ride over to France to catch some of the tour.

    Oh and I'd quite like a dabble at the girl next door…..


    Was looking at C2C but decided to go for the Ridgeway instead. Getting into trail riding is the main thing as it's totally new to me. I want to do my first century road ride as well (Oxford to Cambridge this year fell a few miles short). Mixed with as many different (x)athlon event here and there as I can. Keep fit, loose some more weight and see if I can get away without breaking anything…

    Premier Icon metalheart

    I mean to make the effort to just dick about on my bike all the time. I've been watching the art of trials and need to regain old skills and learn new ones.

    Definitely avoid any serious injury!

    Plus planning a US trip for the late summer. Looking forward to going back to Boulder, Leadville, Crested Butte and Fruita> Might even go do Porc Rim again…

    Aiming to ride a minimum of 100 miles every week all year, be interesting to see what kind of milage i can clock up in a year.


    Need to get some rehab after last year's Transverse Myelitis has left me with some residual co-ordination and proprioception problems, leading to two twisted / sprained ankles in the last eight week.

    But then want to slowly get back to fitness so I can look at doing some long distance events – slowly – in 2011, and get into bikepacking.

    Premier Icon oldfart

    Grumm lucky enough to get a chalet host job .Cleaning laundry etc etc !

    to take my 2 new bikes to the max


    Whistler for 5 weeks in july/august – might see you out there old fart?
    ride more with others


    I'm gonna race XC again (first time since 1997!), do a few road races and some TT's too. Started my training 6 weeks ago! 🙂


    South Downs Way
    Fort William to Blair Atholl
    London to Paris on the road bike
    A cross country run/MTB duathlon in January

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