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  • What are your ambitions or just plans for 2010 on the bike?
  • Premier Icon jimmy

    I'm thinking I need some kind of target or challenge for 2010 to keep me motivated to get out on the bike more than 2009. Looking for ideas – from epic tours to DH races. Whatcha doing?


    enter the Kielder 100 then you have a target!

    Complete the SDW in a day…


    Just ride

    Premier Icon jimmy

    (tangent – i see you work for fgould… which bit / office? just done 3 months internship in London with Sean Lockie)


    To ride some places further a field (and for me that means outside calderdale!).
    Also fancy going to trail centre as never been to one.

    Premier Icon jimmy

    OK, Kielder sounds brutal. Once I have a job to pay for the entry (and a lighter bike) I'm in.

    Premier Icon miketually

    I'm doing Hit The North 1.5v2 and Kielder100. There's a NY Moors 100 mile route that I'd like a bash at doing in a day too, and thinking about the C2C in a day too.


    1. Complete 3 Enduros, each of 4hr-6hrs duration
    2. Usual Alps week's Downhilling (Morzine/Les Gets)

    1. Complete 4 Sportive's (1 Spring, 2 Summer, 1 Autumn)

    The above goals will be sufficient to ensure that I am riding at least each weekend plus the usual midweek night ride.


    Kielder 100 for me and something abroad spain/alps etc

    Premier Icon mtbfix

    I want to do a ride or two from where I am in Oxfordshire down to the seaside. Get out for some longer stuff whilst not abandoning the mrs. and baby too much. A balance has to be found, me thinks.

    Premier Icon D0NK

    Thinking about signing up for kielder not sure if I can get in enough training (don't wanna take up a place unless there's a resonable chance of me finishing)

    Ride more…dunno will have a think about aims over christmas.
    Def a good idea to list some tho, this years aims have pushed me out the door on several occassions when I wouldn't have bothered.


    4 Sportives
    Either Kielder 100 or the Tour de Cairngorms
    A 10-Under event

    And lots of touring/camping, both on- and off-road. I had lots of plans for 2009 but they didn't come to much as, despite "retirement", I ended up working more days than normal.


    Just to go out for a ride occasionally would be enough for me.


    Oh – and compleat the Munros (one to do)

    I'm easing off the gas a little. Spent the last couple of years taking it all too seriously (training and competing), so am looking forward to just enjoying my cycling more. At least for the first half of 2010.

    Can't wait 😀


    Just be able to ride would be nice. Not ridden for last 6 weeks due to back problems.


    The Tour Divide, Sarn Helen Trail, Teddington Lock DJs, and now that I know pro BMX rider… ride some BMX.


    kielder 100
    kielder marathon series
    hitthenorth 1.5
    cheshire cat, cyclone and tour of the peaks sportives
    some big rides on the road bike, would love to get in a double century…


    Do the whole enduro series

    Try and do well.

    Non bike I hopefully will do the Patrouilles Des Glaciers from Zermatt to Verbier in around 12-13 hrs.


    I'm setting up to do the hottest, coldest and highest races in the world… Arrowhead 135 in feb, then Yak Attack in March and then Simpson Desert Challenge Sept…

    Definately gonna be back to do Kielder 100 if its doesn't clash and try and break the top 10..

    …then in 2011 i will be mostly curled up in a ball recovering from 2010..


    Moab, Mega, Whistler all planned as much DH riding as I can squeeze in 🙂

    Premier Icon 13thfloormonk

    I've got a 20 day off road tour through the north-west highlands planned and booked, about 15 50km days with days off to climb hills etc. Still think I should be doing more distance each day but it would mean missing out on places I want to stop and see.

    Also want to make another attempt at the West Highland Way in a day, got mates interested this year and know that I should be leaving earlier than 5am (who'd have thought it!).


    I would like to do my 1st XC race, but not sure where to start (in Scotland).


    fort william world cup downhill route at least a full day of runs

    and to start commuting to work aswell its 21 km each way which isnt too bad but its a brutal constant hill climb on the return route

    also either the avalanche enduro at AE or the selkirk meridia


    Only one: Mega Avalanche on my Blur 4x

    Premier Icon ctznsmith

    Buy/build a moutain bike and ride it/improve my skills on one.

    RAB – which I'm in two minds about pros: a nice 'easy' supported entry to multiple day distance cycling/touring. cons: expensive and possibly sharing said journey with people I don't get on with.

    Maybe a late summer sportive as well.

    Got to get the hassle/expense of moving out of the way in the new year first though. 🙁


    plans are to actually ride a bit more! 2 kids under the age of three have seriously curtailed my riding this year and left me just doing an 80odd mile commute each week.

    Things are calming down at home now and my wide has started running and aikedo again so I should have a bit more time for riding too.

    Am getting a singular swift in the next few days (HURRY UP SAM!) and probably a cool bianchi road bike on the cycle to work scheme in the spring so new shiny things to ride should (hopefully) make 2010 a good year for riding!


    Tiny Tins is due in March, I will be restricted, am going to Morzine in July, and wouldnt mind another crack at D2D solo, and would like to better my local race series placing, but would think chances of riding a lot are slim so the racing will be impared, but looking forward to my little lad making an appearance more than anything…. 🙂

    Spookily will be calling the new arrival Jimmy as long as the scans were right or it might be Jimelina!


    I'm doing my first 24 hour solo – shoudl be enough to keep me busy.

    Premier Icon tootallpaul

    Get a bike out to Ethiopia and ride around a bit…

    Premier Icon Trekster

    Get BP sorted(Doc tomorrow)
    Get back sorted
    Maybe do a Lev 2 BC coach award
    Get some miles in

    Do not usually do events but this year;
    Some trailquests
    Hardrock Challenge
    Kirry 10
    Get out to more of the fanylion weekend rides

    Working weekends kinda restricts events a bit as does looking after 2 grand kids on the weekends I am off


    Would like to do a century on the road.


    i want to jump over a canal

    i did lands end to john o groats 3 years ago in june following a recovery in hospital and initial diagnosis. raised 20k for leukemia research at the time, took 8 days and was an amazing experience. since then had a bit of a struggle through some nasty chemo this year combined with the missus of 21 years calling it a day and taking my kids so all in all 2009 has been about as bad as it can get.
    point is therefore 2010, i have to make good, great if possible.
    after end to end difficult to find anything but am in and running london although will be tight as just now about able to start gentle training.
    would REALLY like to take my road bike from milan to munich tho, over the alps. i may be organising something for june along those lines, anyone else up fo it? i will be doing it for macmillan and my company may help by providing van, minibus, fuel and possibly driver etc be looking at 6-7 days i estimate, 680km only i think but obviously a bit lumpy!!

    I have entered HtN 1.5, Whinlatter Enduro, SSEC, and Keilder100 so they are defo's, think im going to do them all on a SS, i had hoped to return to cycle speedway again, but broke my ankle at the recent Indoor Champs in Manchester has put paid to that i think…. id also like to some Road races and some Track now i have a track bike again….but we shall see.

    Ride more. As simple as that.

    Being a single parent really fecks with your riding.


    Jimmy – do you mean me (fgould)?


    A skid…

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