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  • Premier Icon steveoath

    We’re off to Walking with dinosaurs today 🙂

    Then laying turf and planting bamboo tomorrow.


    I am taking my oldest son to watch a football match today.
    I don’t like football, but he does. The joys of having sons eh.

    (we went to walking with dinosaurs a few years ago, was very good)


    Getting over a tummy bug 😥

    Photo shoot for the teams sponsor Sunday 🙂

    At least I’ve lost a few pounds for the piccys 😀

    ron jeremy

    Lounging at present after meeting riding buddies for beers and banter last night,

    About to wander down the road to meet a few of them at Afan Bike Park for a play on bouncy bikes, then more beers

    Weather dependant tomorrow I think an early morning surf will be in order……

    (weekends like this is why I moved to South Wales)


    Helpin the deeside team at womans road race in garelochhead

    Just been fir a spin roond the course and watched finish

    Off to mcmoonter towers shortly

    Tomorrow is turriff sprint tri for me


    Did a 20 mile road ride this morning. Seeing my mum this afternoon then off to a mates in Leicester for a suit-up drinking night 😀 Tomorrow will be recovering, eating a massive roast dinner and maybe an afternoon ride.

    Premier Icon granny_ring

    Sat on me ass watching house sitter, beers later. Life in the fast lane. 🙂


    Just come back from meeting my mate for breakfast (well, practically lunch) and now putting off a 17mile run 😕

    Going for beers afterwards so really need to get a shift on.


    Mrs Blobby away so it’s a boys weekend here with Blobby Jr. Sampled the delights of the supermarket this morning, just made some blueberry muffins, then it’s dog walking this afternoon. Tomorrow, who knows, the fun never stops here!

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I have just decided to do nowt this afternoon. Might shoot some paint at my boxxers. Might plant some plants. But basically nowt, I am knackered. Off to glasgow to see Trail of Dead tonight, tomorrow a social-sounding ride at glentress, and perhaps more nowt tomorrow night.


    I’m at work today. Then tomorrow will watch F1 then hopefully off to pub to wet babies head and collect some suspension forks for OH’s bike. Then getting ready for Jnr to arrive Monday.

    Premier Icon breadcrumb

    Just pottering about today, giving the garage a spring clean.

    Whinlatter challenge tomorrow, followed by beer and take away.


    just had first mud and puncture free sun covered ride of the year, loved it, bridleways, Thames path, diversion over a floating bridge and finished at the local cafe – bacon sarnie and mug of tea, truly glorious.


    Getting over a cold, just been shopping and to a local model show, building up my Fargo now, chilling out later, job applications tomorrow

    Might shoot some paint at my boxxers

    I had to read that twice.


    Been busy this morning running about and tidying up.
    A bad case of cramp this morning seems to have caused some damage to my calf so I’m staying off the bike today (I have ridden the last 3 days to be fair), so I’m drawing an ald fellah.

    Wip by Jon Wyatt, on Flickr

    Premier Icon Northwind

    cynic-al – Member

    I had to read that twice.

    White paint, too. Took lots of rubbing down to get ready


    I have no idea what you look like but I still have a disturbing mental image.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    The more disturbing your image, the more likely it is to be accurate.

    Premier Icon Flaperon

    I’m due into work at 6pm. :-/

    Premier Icon joat

    Just done the Rutland sportive, only the ‘short’ 59 miler mind. I don’t think there was a single flat bit of road on it though. Knackered now! Meal out with friends tonight washed down with a beer or two.

    Fixed my fence, cut my lawn, hung some washing out, painted part of the fence ( til I got bored)

    Finally put the last few nails in the coffin of a relationship I’ve been having for three and a half years. Gutted but I guess some things don’t last forever.

    Now to tidy my house like a manic woman to keep mind occupied – then out tonight for a curry and a few drinks with the girls

    Been on the wagon but feel like leaping off said wagon and drowning myself in a vat of cuba libre

    Premier Icon transporter13

    Worked last night. Finished this morning at 0830. Not been bed yet and back in tonight at 2330. Been building a trampoline for the kids and enjoying the sun. Currently killing goons on black ops


    Washed my work van then cleaned the cab out. Washed the wife’s car and cleaned the inside seeing as she hasn’t done it for ages. Cut the grass looked at a new house were moving into next month now sat watching Kung fu panda with the kids whilst the wife’s out at some baby shower thing. Tomorrow is an early ride come home clean up for our littlest bday gathering ( more of an excuse to have a few beers) then roast beef for tea. Hectic weekend but I don’t do sitting round much

    This morning was shopping & housework…
    Now I’m sat in a hospital ward, looking out at the sunshine, visiting my wife 🙁

    Tomorrow is a day of riding and drinking 🙂

    The wife may be lonely… 😳


    Nursing my broken wrist back to full health and dreaming about sick dusty trail shredding…….. 😉


    Going here tomorrow to drool over things I will never be able to afford

    Top Marques



    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    Went out in Blackpool last night/this morning.

    Now back at home eating a pot noodle.

    I’m trash.

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    Just under 44 miles on the hard tail mostly off-road with a bit of cheekiness. No bluebells yet and lost a pump on the way 🙁

    Hung out some washing, just about to put the bike kit on the line.

    Premier Icon aidanoggy

    Long walk in Dalby forest with my good lady today, 100 miler on the road bike to see my sister tomorrow . A totally sorted weekend


    Glorious road ride this morning (Bethesda, Capel Curig, Pen y Pass and back to Bethesda); poached eggs on nice bread (with dedicated egg poaching pan); off to work to present at an open day; back for a walk up on the Carneddi with the missus; steak and chips for dinner to be eaten outside.
    Tomorrow, mtb! Happy Days!



    Untitled by lemony2012, on Flickr

    Untitled by lemony2012, on Flickr

    Untitled by lemony2012, on Flickr


    staying indoors to keep out of this accursed sunshine.. it’s so hot out there..

    I want the cold and rain back.. 😆


    Kids were sailing this morning, I then chopped some wood, changed a bottom bracket, then went for my first bike ride of the year (20miles road), to numb the pain I then drank some wine and will shortly be having tea and, hopefully, more wine.
    Tomorrow I shall eat kippers then chop more wood before flopping in front of telly box if it starts raining.


    Late brekkie and cartoons for us all this morning. Then a trip to a farm out in the salt marshes and a large slap up dinner. Kids are now snoring their heads off. Was supposed to be heading out to a party tonight with my missus but I have a filthy cold so will look after the dustbin lids instead. A bit of early morning beachcombing followed by a walk in the woods and then swimming is on the cards for tomorrow. No riding but actually quite pleased for once as I feel shit.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    Spent today vising potential wedding venues and then bickering about the details!

    Today I’ve been over at Oswestry getting moulds made for both my bikes so some Rockguardz carbon down tube protectors can be made and collected some Mudguardz too.

    Tomorrow, I’m off on a 38 miles ride over the Peaks. Should be good.


    Went swimming first thing with eldest son, then off with his younger brother to buy a new bike (for me!) Bike well and truly christened at Gisburn as I managed to fall off a particularly easy bit of trail straight into a stream. Bike and rider both completely submerged briefly, bike ok but rider seriously bruised and now struggling to move!

    Tomorrow – probably stuffing pain killers down neck followed by watching elsest play footy.

    Premier Icon ononeorange

    This morning pre-rode the Trailbreak Chilterns 65 course which was beautiful in the early bright morning, had lunch at my mate’s house and now about to go and collect Mrs O from Heathrow – she’s nearly home, yay!

    Tomorrow meeting up with an Australian friend and taking her to the Trout and Tadpole Bridge – thanks for the recommendation, Singletrack.

    Mrs Toast

    Went riding over Cannock Chase, only my third or fourth ride this year. 🙁 Fortunately because I commute to work by bike my fitness hasn’t degraded too much. Unfortunately I hit a boardwalk with no enough oomph, and in too high a gear, and ended up coming off. -_-

    I managed to get my foot down on the ground (said boardwalk is only 6 inches high), but because I’m a hobbit, the height difference meant I couldn’t hold my balance and I fell gracelessly to the floor, legs in the air and entangled with my bike. Managed to shred my leg up quite impressively. :/

    Mr Toast was sympathetic and said, ‘at least it doesn’t look domestic violency’.

    Tonight I will be mostly sulking.


    Did a cracking 70 miler on the road bike down to Portencross on the Clyde coast. Sunny, mild and windy. Thankfully a tail wind back.

    Tomorrow, wait for the rain to bog off and then hit my local trails.


    Only second time out on the mtb this year. Went to Loch Ordie at Dunkeld including a push/carry up Deuchary Hill


    Just arrived in Nairobi from Lagos, am looking forward to doing absolutely NOTHING tomorrow, while gaining weight fast from all the excellent lager and food.

    brewing a batch of American IPA tomorrow for a mate

    recipe (approx) for 21 litres
    4kg pale malt
    500g Munich malt
    330g caramalt
    200g each of Carahell and Wheat malt
    100g torrefied wheat

    20g Chinook hops for bittering
    3x lots of 17g each of Cascade, Centennial & Amarillo at various stages of the boil for aroma
    Chico yeast as used in Sierra Nevada pale ale

    Cycle mechanics course. Should have taken some trainers to change out of my cleated shoes. Feet are killing me.

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