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  • What Are You Dreading About Christmas?
  • For me it’ll be the couple of hours in the morning round at the chain-smoking in-laws.

    And four hours of Strictly and Downton Abbey in the evening!

    Should get a ride in with my son in the afternoon though, so not all bad.


    Making smalltalk with family members I dont like. The mountain of washing up.

    Premier Icon martymac

    the 4hrs of driving required to get to the inlaws and back.
    inlaws are fine, its just the driving, i do 50hrs a week on a bus as my day job, thats enough.


    being called away from the family by work.


    Being away from home. Being away from my friends, girlfriend. The weather – it’s meant to be raining and crap tomorrow. Seeing people I don’t want to see. Crap Christmas food. Not doing anything remotely fun, interesting, productive or memorable.

    Merry Christmas.

    b r

    The mountain of washing up.

    What, people don’t have Dishwashers and/or servants?


    Well my mrs had our twins last monday so its down to me to cook.

    after the last 4 years we have had people over but not this year so why did i order a 14lbs turkey.

    not only that im not a very good cook


    The hangover.


    trying to seem exited by it all, getn toys great, 1 hr later its like “wheres my bike “i need a ride , sad i know

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    Not drinking when we go to the inlaws, as I’m driving.

    Not being able to relax fully until Boxing Day.

    Receiving gifts.


    “What are you dreading about christmas” is like asking “what are you dreading about AIDS”, surely? I dread the AIDS, end of.


    I’m dreading that this hangover that I picked up last Friday night still won’t have shifted in time for me to wholeheartedly enjoy the feasting..


    Premier Icon djflexure

    When its all over for another year 🙂
    Love Christmas


    Nothing this year. Just the three of us. No visiting or visitors, and a veritable smorgasbord of carefully selected food and drinks to get through. Might even manage an hour on the bike but not really bothered either way.


    The Christmas shopping.

    I haven’t misunderstood the tense of the question.


    The small talk to gf’s family who I never see normally.

    Premier Icon Andy

    The bit between 6pm Christmas Eve and 6pm Boxing day. The rest is great.


    I’m dreading the inevitable “secret” farts that seem to pop up unannounced.

    Premier Icon franksinatra

    Watching people drinking during the day, I may be in the minority but I think it is really naf.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Nothing, I’m off and as that’s rare I’ll be dreading nothing. And as I’ll be drinking from fairly early I can’t even be persuaded to go in.

    Premier Icon shortcut

    The trails not drying out between now and Thursday.

    Everything. Also the fact that we have to do it all again on the 27th for some reason. I love my family dearly but can I deal with them on my own terms please – not have them forced upon me just because it’s Christmas??


    Absolutely **** all, Christmas is good fun.

    Premier Icon lunge

    This bit, now. All the other halfs friends round talking crap when all I really want is some quiet time before the madness that is the 25th starts. At the moment I have avoided it by saying I’m tired and am currently in bed. I intend to stay here until they go and/it’s the right time to meet my friends in the pub.

    The hangover.

    This ^

    Nothing this year very simple.No rushing here there and everywhere for a change.Sure it will happen again one day 😆

    I hate christmas.


    Dreading that shite week between tomorrow and Hogmanay.

    Can never decide whether to party full tilt or wait for the epic exaggeration and disaster that is ALWAYS New Year.

    This rum’ll sort out the melancholy.

    Although, Mrs. C is super excited and I’m really enjoying myself wrapping presents n shiz so… less Bah. More Braw.


    My mums cooking – its like school dinners without the finesse and worse service.

    What worse is my Brothers a chef but she wont let him cook

    I hate it it is all false commercialised and there is so much pressure put on you to see family. I like to see my family at various times throughout the year not just on one day.

    The trails will be deserted, its a day off, and i get to spend the day eating and drinking nice stuff, whats not to like!

    Happy Xmas!!

    Premier Icon Stiggy

    The credit card bill in January….

    Something I used to dread was going to the wife’s mother and step dads. We fell out a few years back and will never have to put up with christmas at theirs ever again. Small mercies I suppose.

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