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  • twohats

    Now I'm very open minded about music, but this could either be me suddenly getting old and not understanding the youth, or its shit!

    Ladies and gents I present you the screamo-crunk! act BrokeNCYDE

    Loving the quotes about them,

    Metal Edge magazine has called Brokencyde "f**king horrendous".

    "Thrash Magazine" has called them "a mockery to the world of music".

    British commentator Warren Ellis calls Brokencyde's "Freaxxx" music video "a near-perfect snapshot of everything that’s shit about this point in the culture"

    The New Musical Express stated in a review of I'm Not a Fan, But the Kids Like It!, that "even if I caught Prince Harry and Gary Glitter adorned in Nazi regalia defecating through my grandmother’s letterbox I would still consider making them listen to this album too severe a punishment.


    I have heard worse.

    One can only assume that is some sort of joke? It has to be, right?


    How about this from another sreamo-crunk band


    Premier Icon Pook

    crap parking. Lawn needs a trim.

    He also nearly coughs up when he drinks his jesus juice.


    We need a cull.

    It's awful. The other half will love it. 🙁

    How soon we forget the sins of the past;


    BC13 MOFO'SS! 😀 brokeNCYDE is aboslutely the most amazing screamo band noww 😀 i LOVEE themm! SE7EN I? LOVEE YEWHH! LETS GET FREAKY NOW LETS GET **** FREAKY NOWW! infinite starz! D: oh look its bree bree! brokeNCYDE rocks the universe <3

    I think that says all that needs to be said on the subject



    Ahhh! Sick Sick Sh1t Bag……them wear the daz…..

    I've heard FAR WORSE…

    Not sure what all the fuss is about, it's all a bit tame to me …

    So some kids lay down a bit of a Techno ( ish ) backing track,
    ( try to ) rap a bit of lame white rap on top of that.
    All topped with a bit of screaming now and again …

    hardly ground breaking, but if they can get a bit of free publicity then good luck to them if it earns them a bit of cash and 15 minutes of fame…

    At least they are not another X Factor wannabee


    Crikey that is bad. 🙁



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