What are the best (affordable) winter gloves ????

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  • What are the best (affordable) winter gloves ????
  • roadiesean

    Simple, fingers are bloody freezing. No gloves seem to work.

    Anyone got any experience of gloves that work that aren’t going to require me to sell a part of my body, or a bike to pay for them ?

    I am thinking under £30, under £20 even better !!

    Any suggestions ??

    Premier Icon Tiboy

    I’ve got some sealskins ones, not sure which model, but they are merino lined and awesome! My hands were toasty warm on new years day ride, and it was -3degrees! and there about £25ish


    If you want cheap, try decathlon – I got some for £9 last week reduced from £18, they seem pretty good quality and have been warm enough for me

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Probably not available any more, but I’ve been using the £3.99 gloves from Aldi for the last few rides and they are just right for the current just above or below freezing temperatures.

    Also have Sealskiz technical MTB gloves, probably cost £25-£30, which are too hot above about 2 degrees – but which I’ve never felt cold in.


    I have a pair of endura tundra gloves like these:


    They’re too hot for anything much over 7 or 8 degrees but they’re perfect in this weather and I’ve never had cold fingers with them. They are quite big but I can’t say that I’ve every really noticed it when on the bike.


    I’ve got the sealskinz mtb gloves and as already said – are too warm above 2-3 deg. C.
    But they do keep your hands nice and toasty and have the added bonus of being waterproof. Some people complain about the liner coming out when you take the glove off making them a bit of a pain, but mine don’t seem to be too bad in this respect.


    I like Endura Dexters and, even better, PearlIzumi Gavias with Pittards leather.

    However, I’ve found the most important factor is keeping your core and your arms warm. If your body and/or arms are cold, your hands will almost certainly be cold, whatever gloves you wear.

    Thermal jersey and gilet: I feel warm but hands are freezing. If I swap the gilet for a windproof top with windproof sleeves, my hands are fine as well.

    Premier Icon whyter

    Wear a hat or a buff? I agree with gingerflash – I find that once the rest of my body is warmed up, my hands warm up quite quickly and I don’t need such thick gloves.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Chain Reaction have got the Cannondale Winter Plus gloves for £15.99
    I’ve got some Cannondale ones (not the same model) bought in Evans sale for £12 about 2 years ago – bloody brilliant they are.


    I’ve had a revelation, with some silk liner gloves, from Decathlon, for £4.95. Use with standard Autumn/Spring gloves, and it is the most effective solution I’ve tried.


    Any cheap gloves with do just wear silk gloves underneath.

    Did 2 hours Monday night and 2 last night,my hands kept warm with £3 Aldi MTB gloves with the silk ones underneath 😉


    agreed – liners under any winter glove generally keep you toasty fingered.

    I’ve just ordered some from groundeffect – will be interested to see how good they are – on the basis of their other products, I’m hoping brilliant!


    I use Black Diamond Windweight gloves.

    Lovely and toasty with being too restrictive:



    Had this chat at work a few weeks back with the other commuter riders… Some swear by silk liners, or expensive motorbike gloves. I used to ride in neoprene wetsuit gloves but they rub when i’m riding my road bike, so now i’m wearing a pair of £2.99 thinsulate fleece gloves. These are perfect, keep my fingers nice and warm, keep thewind and water out and are comfy. I also have a set of PlanetX ones which are just as good, but a bit thinner (and look better!)

    I don’t think you need to spend a lot of money (I know, how dare i say such a thing on this forum!) if its for a commute, cheap ski gloves would be toasty, if its all day riding, something like the planet x ones would be ideal.

    remember, keep wiggling those fingers, a good flow of blood will keep them warmest!

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