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  • pants

    What bike have you been riding this weekend?

    Where have you been riding this weekend?

    A nice week in N Wales on a Felt Virtue One at Penmachno 1 & 2, Marin trail twice final descent 4 times!, The beast and Llandegla which was the best of em all… Can’t wait for some more!!

    And my legs are aching!


    I was on my Kona Caldera riding north east of Casares.

    Got a great pic of Gibraltar popping up from the low cloud, with Morocco behind

    And yeah, my legs are a bit more wobbly than they should be after my gear cable went, leaving me with just 4th gear.

    I am looking forward to riding Penmacho but no idea when I will be there.

    Premier Icon piedi di formaggio

    Round town for a couple of hours on the Xtracycle load lugging, including 22lbs of chicken poo 😀


    Nothing so glamorous !

    Friday – Malham, hardtail
    Saturday – rest & chores
    Sunday – Gisburn DH lines, SX trail.

    A good weekend 😀

    Premier Icon Nick

    35 mile local ride (for local people), lots of playing in the woods stuff linked with some scenic lanes and bridleways, cruising, best ride this year.

    Simon is modelling a Cotic Soul with Magura Menja forks.


    just got back from a fantastic race put on by west drayton mbc, weather was lovely and i was feeling fast 🙂


    Saturday on the local trails (Woburn) riding my Nicolai s/s.

    Sunday on the road doing intervals and timed climbs, I am totally ****ed, bike heavily customised Alez Elite.


    What: kinesis maxlight xc pro
    Where: soggy bottom round 3 Newnham Park. It was ace. Mostly dry.


    just up and down the hill outside my house after bleeding my brakes, with a very painful tooth abscess and full of painkillers/anti inflammatory & antibiotics 🙁


    Litespeed Niota Ally, too large for me I’ve decided.
    Quantocks yesterday, towards Leigh Woods today.


    Fairfax, Marin County. Pine Mt Trail, Tamarancho and yes Repack 😉 on my Ti HT.

    Premier Icon nickc

    Chilterns, nice trails; drying. 40ish miles on the Chameleon



    Just came back from a superb ride at Dalbeattie, it was like a summers day, it was roasting (well compared to the last 6 months) trails were dusty dry.
    I was riding my new Tracer which seems to be getting better with every ride. I was hoplessly slow though, think I did too much on the road bike yesyerday.
    Long live the good weather!!!!!

    Yesterday – Orange Clockwork (Singlespeed) – Up the Leeds – Liverpool Canal & a quick loop round Shipley Glen (would have been longer but for a wobbly headset)

    Today – Focus road bike – upto Beamsley – Langbar – back to Otley up the Chevin and back home


    Marin Trail

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    Nant-y-Arian, glorious weather, no wind just warm and sunny


    MrFC Stumpy
    Me Indy
    Yesterday Whinlatter…blowing a hoolie and not much fun! 🙁
    Today Tilberthwaite…great trails, sun shining, swift half in the pub, and time to just play about on bikes! 😆

    It wasn’t til the end of the ride that we realised Little Miss FC’s forks has flipped round when we had to adjust the bars to ge it on the rack!! 😳

    And a headless MrFC! 😉



    Blinging my shizzle down da King’s Road innit? Chelsea Styleeeee on my Enduro.

    To be honest, 6″ of travel is a bare minimum for the mean streats of SW London.

    To Barnes, for a decent spot of lunch in the sun.

    Premier Icon rockitman

    Yeti 575 – Been out round the peaks today, classic loop of Mam Tor etc, 30km’s approx. It’s been a top, top day. Perfect weather, great company and a fabulous loop. Couldn’t actually think of anywhere else I’d rather have been today.

    Premier Icon domino

    Loads of chores at home after being away for last few weekends 🙁 but did manage to go out for a road ride 🙂 and I am getting better riding with skinny wheels.

    repacK wins so far (lucky baaassstd) 🙁

    me – fochabers / pitfichie / kirkhill……fri / sat / sun 🙂


    Welsh 3dayer






    Yesterday – Pineham BMX track, Milton Keynes, on the atomlab GI … had it all to ourselves all morning, nice n sunny. Lovely job. Great track, go check it out.
    Today – Nant Y Arian blue trail twice. Was on the 9 speed Trailstar, due to mechanicals on the other steeds. Not the bike i’d have chosen, but was all good in the end… maybe 9 is all i’ll ever need!. Arms knackered from day of pumping round bmx track!! Again nice n sunny..
    Spotted rOcKeTdOg munching in the visitor centre….
    Dude im not a stalker, just recognised ya from the piccie above. i was the big fella sporting the inappropriate green pisspot helmet, getting very bored waiting in the queue for food!
    What a grand weekend. Wish the Mrs would do nights more often! Dunno if she even realised i’d been out! Sweet.

    Premier Icon didmatt

    Yesturday: Nothing riding wise, too many Uni (Graphic design) projects to do!
    Today: Stainburn, finding out what the word Technical really means!
    My bike at Stainburn Forest

    What: Cotic simple ss
    Where: kirkhill this morning and a bit of tyrbagger woods thrown in for good measure. got shown some trails i hadn’t been on before. now drinking beer waiting for dinner to cook.
    Not a bad snday all in all.


    Guided ride in the Clwyds in the morning (cheers Colin,all round top banana bloke 😀 ),met some sound new people,Llandegla in the afternoon (when in Rome & all that) usual Llandegla phenomenon of loads of cars in the car park but didn’t see another soul on the trails ! (do you all sit in the cafe & purr over your new Santa Cruz without riding the thing ?) 😉

    dan – tyrebagger was fast and dry, eh ?


    Foxychick, I know that jump! I fell off and banged myself in a naughty place at the stream/bridge/crossing thing just downhill from there.

    Premier Icon iainc

    an early morning blast round GT black – dry, sunny almost dusty, and only 2 other riders -)…. didn’t quite beat the 2.5 hrs though !

    Premier Icon midlifecrashes

    Yesterday, roadie ride, just to get my legs going, Donny/Rotherham/Barnsley backroads on this.

    Today, up to the peak district, haven’t been up this year yet, my legs had forgotten what hills are with local riding and Sherwood Pines over the winter. On the 5spot. Nasty phone pic at Hope Cross.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    Spotted rOcKeTdOg munching in the visitor centre….
    Dude im not a stalker, just recognised ya from the piccie above.

    s’not a pic of me though 😉


    What bike: SC superlight

    Where, 2 laps of cwm carn yesterday

    Was the first ride since i’ve had my rp23 Pushed and all i can say is wow what a difference. That rear wheel was planted to the ground.. bike felt quicker

    First time i’ve done 2 laps.. 1st one 1hr15 2nd was 57 minutes and I lapped some beginners before the last descent 🙂

    We just stayed local,Hanchurch,Keele and Apedale on the 575( my only bike). Kev was out on his new mega-light Cube….There’ll be no living with him now!

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Saturday – Swinley Forest, without gears 🙁

    Today – introduced the MLC bike (geared ti hardtail) to the North Hampshire Downs in a desperate attempt to find some stamina for the forthcoming Quantocks ride 😯

    What gorgeous weather!

    Premier Icon clareymorris

    Yeti ASR
    Trek Fuel EX8
    Both at the demo weekend at Wheelbase in Stavely……….Morning ride over Garburn, afternoon tour of Kentmere.

    …………so which bike won????


    Amazing. I hiked up Ben Nevis yesterday and then this afternoon I went to Dunkeld with a few uni guys on my NS Surge bike. Amazing day on the DH track.


    Somewhere secret in South Wales…


    Premier Icon Nick

    scratch – doethie? which bothies?

    Oops soz about that rOcKeTdOg…Was nice up there today though wasn’t it?
    Loving that bridge spot in the photo. Came v.close to gobbing it there whilst trying to jump it. too much bmx track bravado from yesterday methinks… 🙄

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