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    One of the plastic cable guides in the headtube of my carbon road bike has come loose (photo below). As far as I can tell it was just an interference fit but it’s worn a bit so no longer stays in place (the one on the other side is still rock solid). Any suggestions that will be safe to use on carbon to stick it back in?

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    Bump for a second opinion…

    (Not that I’ve got anything against Araldite)

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    blu tack.

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    Any kind of epoxy such as araldite will do the job well. That’s pretty much what the layers of carbon are stuck together with anyway.


    Araldite , (commercial) will do it but is mostly padded out with various other ingredients like a filler so you can mix two equal parts together as opposed to having a ratio mix or weight mix

    araldite do a product called 2015 (industrial) which is the real stuff from the family of adhesives they use to stick bits of race cars planes bikes etc together as opposed to trying to tell the public its the same glue you can stick your grannies teapot together with is used by airbus..etc etc

    another popular adhesive for composites called dp420/460/490

    cleaning it to get a good bond is more important otherwise your pissing in the wind whichever way you do it


    just use cyano (superglue) works great on carbon

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    PTFE tape?

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